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HermitCraft E19: Planning A Dual Blaze Farm [ft. Biffa]

by Hypnotizd • 14,692 views

HermitCraft is a white-list invite only server. The IP address is not available. twitter: facebook: I had mentioned on Skype that I...

Tell Biffa he had a chance to escape but instead he enters his inventory and looks for a potion while the lava is comsuming him.
How do you get your mob spawners to be so effective? mine cap out at like 40 at a time
will Battle Royale be every day or every other day?
Also prank xisuma. you cant op out of a server wide prank wars. ;)
@hypnotizd know any good super hostile maps to play:-)
you could move the blazes around with lava, like a substitute for water
It's not just you :-). I think we jokingly said something about that in my first hermitcraft vid lol
Hypno if you can get some ice into the nether it'll turn into a water source block when you break it. Good way to obsidianize a mess of that lava below your work area. Of course, this trick will only work until 1.3
The UK is on BST (British Summer Time) at the moment, BST is GMT+1.
Changelog: 12w17a Ice blocks can now be legitimately obtained in survival mode by harvesting them with a Silk Touch enchanted pickaxe. However, the ability for ice to spawn water in the Nether was removed.
Some people just don't understand the concept of a JOKE lol :)
hypno, you should do coding tutorials, for minecraft, or just how to do javascript and stuff. i think thats what you do, not sure but i wanna learn how to do that.
I presume the third spawner was out of range?
is it only me or sounds biffa a bit like wbaj?
Hey TFC, you can only get ice by hacking it in. They removed it from silktouch awhile ago before HermitCraft started. Sadly it isn't an option for us!
stop getting Butthurt, he calls them tea eaters as a inside joke between him and the other hermit crafters to refer to the english players on the server and they know about it and dont mind you shouldnt be offended if you had any sense of humor you would know not to take it so goddamn seriously.
I had some major brainfart issues when we recorded. I know its the direction where x and z get smaller but I was set on going by f-coords for some reason. Quite silly and we spent far too much time on it. Oh well all sorted now :-)
If you're using potions of fire resistance, lava lakes are your friends...
Hey hypno and all the hermits if you do splash potion of anything and you threw it underneath you and anyone stay close both (or more) of you get the abilities the potion does ;) btw AWESOME video :D :) and sry for my bad english hope you will understand what i mean :D
Playing those super hostile maps really improves your combat skills :-)
when people say they are going to eat tea it means dinner....
in 1.3 silk touch will collect ice. BUT if you break in in the nether, a source block wont appear :)
the reason Xisuma got involved is because GB was tricking the entire hermit craft server and all of the members viewers, by trying to make them believe he used/make them use, his troll bridge.
hey hypno there is a L on the cobble texture and those point at the sides of the spawner that are 4 long
Still have to watch this video, but when I do I know it's gonna be something good! :) Hypnotizd, your videos are just awesome! 285 videos of awesomeness.
It's not my deal. I wasn't apart of it. I do think Biffa will exact revenge though. He raged pretty hard at that and for good reason!
3 grinders now, have fun lol :P
I check the coords, it's in direction f: 1 and 2 =P
Thank you, Hypno! You saved me from boredom :D I'm expecting this video to be awesome ;)
well you can bet if you do that i will watch every episode and give feedback and stuff like that.
im a still n00b in minecraft what is F and Z coordinates
the uk is 5 hours ahead of the usa
what and making fun out of the English is a joke,some people including me find it offensive.
Dont prank xisuma! He wasnt pranking Biffa, he was trying to prank GB but Biffa fell for it.
FINALLLY... i have been starring at youtube for AGES
I'd love to play on Hermitcraft :D :( dreams.....
That's a pity. In my main world I mined up like 4.5 large chests full of the stuff back in 1.9pr4 when it still worked. I'm thinking of paving a large chunk of the nether.
The way i remember which direction has the extra block is that the spawner's position isn't a whole block, its just a point, and the game renders all the integers that use that value as the rendered spawner. The spawner can spawn four units away from the point, including the rendered block.
hehe thats funny, but i haven't watched your first episode YET. so i will watch it now.
u know u kinda sound like steve from the lets play minecraft series
Hypno you got some mad bow skills man...nice shootin!!
Interesting. I've thought about doing this on another channel. I wonder how well received it would be here.
Before the video: :) After the video: :D
Yeah Don't prank xisuma! I would have been mad too but, Biffa should have know better. It just looked like a bad accident. Believe me, I know how he feels but he wasn't the target, and still could have survived death so... Don't prank xisuma for this time, get him for something more worth it.
If you havnt played any before Spellbound Caves is a great first one. I played in order sea of flames ii, kaizo caverns, spellbound caves, lethamyr and now waking up. Legendary is also good but might be too much for a first timer like waking up would be.
Love you! I'm home alone all day (I'm 12) and you just made my day, or, ehm.. well, My thirty minutes?
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