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MW3 Top 5 Plays Week 6 (Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Countdown) by Whiteboy7thst

by whiteboy7thst • 561,394 views

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Hi whiteboy I love you man
does anyone still play this crap?
@Pan0sTheGreek how am i a fanboy wtf im the first person ever with msrkiller moron
Omfg the clan guy who gets online in the last clip I know.
Omg so fudging funny. "I dont even know I'm just thinkin about penises!" lmao
look the results in the riot shield clip 1300-100
was it just me or was there two Number 1's ??
Press 10 to see if ur stupid
@Zbouchenoir He said its just a BONUS cuz of the FAIL
Are you kidding me. play gears of war man and you'll really know hoe it takes skill to kill some one
Yet the MP7 isn't? The MP7 is retardedly overused and has the same feel of shooting a laser.
hey guys please check out my channel i have a few nice edits up and wanna keeep them please sub and if you need an editor message me!!
check my channel for a 250 wall bang no scope fakie!!!!
wtf there was two number 1 spots?!?! XD
Voice box transplant please. Your voice tears my eardrums in half!!
I know no one will see this so here goes........... I'm an average COD player looking to get known in the Youtube world, and I would appreciate it if you could check out my channel to see if my vids are good or not so far. THX -Cedric
@DickButtKiss707 dude most people dont even have that potato to record with that u see all over youtube. at least it was something who cares if its not HD
I have a multi kill (4 kills) with one sniper bullet :D don't know how to record it.
i think there was 2 number one spots.
Ive done the number 1 clip like 10 times its annoying
@Zbouchenoir if you watched the video u would see why
anyone know how i find out is my multi as50 feed made it? I uploaded it following the link but havent heard anything, plus cant seem to find febuary or march's edition...
Yur voice is annoying as hell
Number 4 is my friend Cedric Duncan... Sware
number 4 riot was nothing dont even put that on the top 5
LOL i have had the same thing happen to me with sticking someone and just getting hit markers! GOOOOOOOO COD!!!
@rohns09: Fanboy go suck him off somewhere else. I'm not into animal sex. Oh and btw, you should work on your grammar a little before you try to defend someone with your vocabulary... LMAO
If you think that was an epic play heat this playing s&d 1vs2 enemy planted bomb I throw Semtex semtex gets stuck to enemy enemy blows up I defuse the bomb with a little spin to show off after I defuse I find a guy staring at me with a rpg that would have been bad
did anyone else notice there was 2 top 1 plays
No he can't, he won't see your comment. Shut up and quit asking like some of us have done.
if you want a clip for top 5 go to ErAGamingz and watch ErA CoNtRoLz going to work. you will shit your pants
@ number 4: Enemy Toaster inbound!!!!
People still play this game? lol
you say that type-95 is gay...but what about mp7
dont you guys know it goes 5 4 3 2 1 1 duh
who touch that black thing on there screen when they saw it no homo
"he should get some domb for this" lmao !
Where are the rest u just stopped or no one is sending clips hmm
i love the way how you present the viedeos thu8mbs upXD
So who wants to go jousting later on?
@Raiders4LifeKAP haha im going to reply to myself but there was not two number on spots...... the other one was a fail
number 1 was a gypsy made gernade damn gypsys
Chek out a realy fast (primary) multi kill on dome!!!!!
white boy can u help me get to 50 subs by giving me a shoutout to the ozone division
That's the same thing that happened to me!!
was i the only one who didnt blink when he told me not to o_o
its because when you start a game its a 15 seconds explosive thing so you cant get a kill with a grenade or semtex for the first 15 seconds
what is the point of looking at the kill feed when he tells u the kill feed thats like going to a movie that ur friend has sen before and telling u every seen thats in the movie
"quickscope" = fag, taste my 95 bitches
Penis feed, i don't know i'm just thinking about penises :/ That was disturbing
i have a triple kill to start out a round of domination on Village in my videos and it wasn't a semtex!
the guy didn't get 6 kills, he got 5 0:15
No.5: If you wanna rape, TYPE 95 gotta upgrade.
Are you gay.. seriously you are the strangest man I have ever heard
@ZarathisXIII there's a 20 second timer where explosives don't do any damage in the start of the match :)
well today i got 5 kills with a riot sheid on hardcore search and destroy i nearly died for last kill
Guys, I'm not surprised there are 2 number 1s. Go back through all the top 5 plays, he can't get any of the numbers right :L
@TheOrllan he did it on purpose if u would actually pay attention
@AbeMyatt It's the exact same for me. That's because the riot shield is for noobs since it doesn't shoot bullets. The real gun for pros is the ACR, it kills in one shot when I'm host.
@MavWarriors Number 4 was my friend's friend. You might know him. Beronque
@killroy545 I don't think it's 20 seconds because I've killed people before in Search and Destroy with a frag off the start in like 10 seconds.
@o0IMAGIKZI0o: I fucking hate his voice. I watch in mute
@TheKuncussion probably to A juggernaut
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