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Yogscast Survival Games Highlights

by YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon • 1,822,224 views

Here are the Highlights of the Survival Games! :D Check out full viewpoints for part one of the event at the links below: Lewis and Simon: Duncan and...

Why is Sparkles* and Turps' POV private? Along with the Area 11 Crown Conquest?
because they turned their channel from games into a fully area 11 music channel
Ah the old days, where Sjin's MC skin was him in a loincloth. I feel old.
# toby and martin against the world
SPARKLEZ OMG you use 1 of each type of mushroom a brown one and red OMG you had a chance
There has to be another one to do, with the current yogscast family being about 30 (estimate) it would be the best survival games in history!
Such nostalgia...
marty is stupid cuz he have diamond sword and he uses like stone sword
there is no need for sir i work for living
i respect youre comment but still im right 
i didn't know turps played minecraft back then
what microphone did lewis back then?
they seriously NEED to do another one of these 
For those who want to know what the intro song is, it's simply called Yogscast Survival Games Intro and it was made by Sparkles* for this video only, ergo you won't find the music anywhere else but here.
Martyn couldn't be captain America
Do another ONe!  Plz!
Sacred the crap because I had water and watching a horror movie and when Simon screamed the monster killed someone
Roses are dead violets are poo everytime in the arena im trying to fresking kill you!
Favourite moment "COME BACK U FUCKER"😂😂
What song was hannah humming @ 10:05 
The intro song is simply called Yogscast Survival Games Intro. It was made by Sparkles*
Why can't they do this again
I really hate msrtyn so very much
Awesome Ending lol c:
panda always has really shit luck in things like this
Martyn is poo . I think you won
Those were the good old days. I still remember how much I laughed when Nilesy died straight away
Can we get the map anywhere?
The intro was like a movie trailer! :D btw i need to know whats the intro music! XD
Toby shouldn't of ran, he could of easily killed Martyn ( 18:54 )
let the yoggames begin!
Anyone know what mod Ridge was using? Or if it's just editing?
No need to be offensive...and hacks aren't good, ALL I was saying. I'm glad you felt that way about me <3
This was the first thing I ever watched of the other guys like Sjin and Nilesy and Martyn. Brings back good memories :)
Yogscast PvP is always awesome
13:29 when simon started jitting martyn,martyns face was like 'Umadbro?'
Watched this when it first came out. Now watching it again over a year later
Not to be offensive but Lewis was hosting the SERVER. Ridge hosting the GAME. As if you need deeper details, Lewis downloaded the map and plunked it in the server. Ridge was considered the "Gamemaker" (A term used in the hunger games.) Which is where he makes the games function such as letting the dead players free, randomly restocking chest, and starting the hunger games.
@tootinyuniverse Beside the fact they didnt exist in time of recording this. They let you see in dark
14:33 gawd that laugh melts my heart every time
Because you're not actually apart of the Yogscast. Dumbfuck.
Anyone know what the intro music was? At 0:15?
Do it again please!! Please Please Please Pretty Please!!!
No, Sips wasn't even a part of the survival games in the first place.
O.o? why does it matter if shes seen it or not, that was crown conquest, shes talking about survival games. :/
Martyn:Now the problem is, I've got a diamond sword, but you having the flaming sword, so we're pretty eq- Toby: Hooloolooolooooo
1. I know it says "13 June 2012" 2. Ever heard of a joke? 3. If so, /gamemode 1 (playername) 4. I have a sense of humor and no need to be mean... I am glad your thinking of me. 5. I see you replied to me because it says "In reply to THEMONSTOUSKING"
Simon could have killed Martyn if he wasn't so hesitant, and I really wanted that to happen
I WANT THAT INTRO!!!!!!!!!!!
I enjoyed Martyn and Toby's perspective for this survival games the most...
Sjin: Oh no, their coming for me! *runs* Duncan:whos that in the distance?
Thats like saying any minecraft pvp game is survival games with a 'twist'. Crown conquest = crown conquest, survival games = survival games.
Do this every year!!!! Please!!!! Like so they can see this
What is the song at the beginning?
Sparklez and the mushroom stew epidemic
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