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COD MW3 - Inconsistent Feelings

by Chris Smoove • 305,497 views

You won't believe what MW3 encouraged me to play.

Chris smoove. The only commentator on YouTube that can make me care about some mangos. lol.
For some reason idk y everyone hated mw3 so much. I really enjoyed the game myself I just liked it a lot I liked the guns, the perks, there were some good maps and some horrible maps but overall I liked it
MW3 was some shit smoove, MW2 the best...
help the mangoes sing with me ' fuck u thunder u can suck my dick
Chris Smoove inspires me to to be like him and get M.O.A.Bs. Truth is when we play we rage and turn off our XBOXs and go cry in a corner that we couldn't get a Reaper.
Lol everyone experiences the same feelings Chris
hey smoove u r very awesome could u plz add me on ps3 EddieGlez10
i was directing it towards you dickfuck :D (sp33dy reference)
minecraft is awasome smoove, but i still love your vids
Mr. Smoove I would like you 2 be my friend on the PS3.
And that was a180 not 360 plus cant no scope without a scope
Check out my new video called MW3 TeamDeathMatch.
Lol so i guess that makes me a nerd if I just started playing sounds stereotypical but it's actually good if your'e into 3d World gaming...try it out :)
Smoove infected is the best! Atleast try it once
what can I say people love them mangos
can i borrow your enimies? mine shoot back
i think i know what lab means lost about bitches
someone get that man a deathstreak
That's the problem though, all the noobs use stealth bomber and EMP and it allows people who like 18-27 to knock out AC-130s, Pavelows, Ospreys, and they can get mutlikills with their stupid stealth bomber. Stealth bomber should be an assault streak.
Please make Minecraft videos that would be amazing!
Alright bitch atleast most minecrafters don't 69!
I personally love face off it has goten me through about 4 prestiges :D and quite a few gold guns <3 Face Off
I thought of a comment... Actually there r still green guys, but they're called creepers :3
Add me now lol I tried delte a friend cuz im better
You're a moron -- most Smoove fans are (I mean they do idolize an objective ignoring killwhore after all). Support is for people who can play the game w/o letting KSRs dictate how they play. They're also so KSRs don't get out of control like they did in MW2. Too many fucking scrubs play this series solely for their KD & KSRs, Support counters that. Don't like it? Tough fucking shit. You can suck the 2-3 EMPs I drop every game (& I don't drop them till the enemy calls in something good...).
hey guys i love making videos but i only have 8 subs i make MW3 videos and intros so if you have the time check it out and subscribe im sorry for spam but spam is all ive got left thanks for reading :)
When dat minecraft gameplay comin out
kinda of a good game... ;D (gotta be kiding me)
yeaaa do a minecraft video smoove, r u good at minecraft!?
please watch my video please! :D
I was waiting for that splaa-aaa-aaa-aa-aaaassssshhhhh!
hey smoove me and my friends watched like every single one of your videos and personaly think wen your playing blackops you commentate the best. your blackops commentary is much more exciting and interesting so smoove ask your self what would the 2k smoove do? :)
Mw3 gets u into the way things were just remade
What's wrong with minecraft?
It says hes uploaded 870000 tht true or is my phone buggin
Lmao chris smoove is funny as a mutha fucka XD
Chris Smoove, ur a awesome gamer it would mean a lot to me if u can add me on ps3 my gamertag is EddieGlez10
I hear ya man! I miss my PC days... 16v16... NOTHING like it. 9v9 (groundwar) isn't even close. What's the deal? Can consoles just not handle it or do they think console players can't handle it? Getting a nice new PC with my taxes next year and jumping ship back to PC gaming I think...And yeah...the day to day. Yesterday I go 50-4, 36-3 w/ an osprey, 20-0 in a game I jump in half way through... today I can't fart without getting shot by some try-hard in last stand or a dead-man's hand. smh.
Chris you are a big inspiration to commentators and also congratulations for college. I also hope to be a commentator like you one day :D
It's for idiots who run around the map like a chicken with its head cut off and can't get a decent streak. Assault streaks benefit your team much more. The idiots who spam me with EMP flash, kill me with stealth bombers out of fucking nowhere when I'm on a high streak, and litter their maps with stupid SAM turrets are doing nothing for their team, and are fucking idiots that should stop playing.
Give that guy a 360 copy! cuz he went from noob to smoove
Yo Smoove, you gonna play Planetside 2?
i was playing aground today 2v2 and went 22 3 with a msr
im new to cod should i buy black ops, mw3, or another cod game
Really? I'm always shouting what the fuck
@actualasian u gay?? WTF, SILLY FAG.
Florida is on crazy watch. All kinds of things happening down there.
What if she's on those BATH SALTS!?! lmao
In one of his Batman videos from 2009 he did. I don't remember which one though
FFA is not full of noobs, the people on FFA are better than those on TDM, mercenary Dom,S&D. FFA has some of the better players, I do well against bad players and good players. I don't really care if you don't believe me since its true and youre just mad that youre an idiot rusher who never does good. I could choose user controlled streaks but theyre all bad. I can get kills just fine myself which is how I get pavelow almost every game; I choose to use assault so its easier.Dont cry noob rusher.
Because it would be kind of cool seein Smoove playing minecraft
Has smoove tried mw3some? I don't think he played when it came out, I'll bet he comes back if he played mw3some
People love to hate because they're not doing anything with their lives but watching videos
smoove give bf3 a second look you wont have to worry about those silly death/kill streaks
has chris smoove ever replied to any comment?
to be fair you are only looking at the bad parts of support. if they took out: 1.uav 2.stealth bomber 3. emp then it would be balanced
i gay when people use the type 95.but its cool when chris smoove uses it
this made me laugh so hard : "Oh and look at this cheese !!!"
Do BF3 Smoove, thats where the pro's be at.
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