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Take a note. People who often fall into laughing fit are genius.
whenever he finds smth funny, he just can't stop laughing~
Wat d hell? roger federer has sister? and she is fuckin beautiful..muahhhhhh
Did the guy really just ask RF is he was the smallest guy in the locker room? I'd be laughing too.
huh? i thought suitzerland had english language as a national language?
lol, hes sooooo cutee:P cant help laughing, cant help crying:p.. so full of emotions off court:P but almost always looks calm n cool on court
@scholseyforpresident no shit Scherlock. What would we do without you ?
read some other comments...some people didn't get why Fed is cracking up, so no need to be condescending
I´m still waiting for him rolling over the floor. XD That would fantastic!
Why he, s laughing ? He made a joke ? What' s the meaning of his words ?
how baked is he, jesus christ lol
when he starts laughing he couldn't stop
ooh i love how dirty our swiss mind is. hahhaha
Roger : I don't always laugh, but when I do, I never stop.
I love this feeling of just not being able to stop laughing even though you know you have to!
and then when the guys asks him about playing Nicolas Kiefer, Roger says. "It' will be HARD, he was LONG, long time injured..." Ha ha. Federer is known for his sense of humor and sarcasm. Well done!!!!!
Wow his sister is very beautiful!!! I can`t believe this is the first time I saw her...
maybe hes laughing how the man is saying cause i was laughing the way hes asking :)
Everytime fed says something I feel like clapping out lout
you are right about yourself. only smart people get the joke.
huge foot-in-mouth comment from the interviewer about roger being the 'shorter guy' haha... <3 roger!
'I think i'm average and i don't look closely ' i'm sure he's hinting at Penis Length . He cracks up later because the reportes quotes Agassi saying that ' They (Penis in roger's head) are becoming bigger and stronger every year ' . Thats why he cracks up!!:)
@stemilano97 not sure about that ;-( at least papa federer doesn't wear a t-shirt with the face of his son on it...
Your nose is whisteling when you breath... I can't take it! lol
Diana Federer O.O Damn... She's cute
roger just cant speak the language of corporate today media ... he must be a great guy!
pls tell me name of the song woho start at 3:24 :))) ty
Wow, his sister is a real beauty.
this was the best because I got to hear Federer talk in Swiss! That's so cool to speak 2 languages
@NiggeliNG The most normal??? Since when do we have a 'most normal' accent in Switzerland? No offence, I like the Basel accent but it surely isn't 'the most normal' Swiss German accent. If there was such a thing it would have to be measured by the number of people speaking it and then it wouldn't stand a chance =)
HEHHE..IT´S FUNNY :)..Roger is best :)
lol he related all the questions to,size, risen from the dead?? ahaha that had me on the floor)
If I marry Roger's Sister, our children will be tennis gods!!!
@StrikeDaMicUSA are you kidding? everyone laughs about the east swiss accent, the basel accent is the most normal
@kieran1990able lol no ? they got three official languages: german, french, and italian (70%, 20%, 10%) but swiss people are well educated, most of them speak all four languages
Man, Swiss German is different!
I don't think his sister got the joke
yeah swiss accent is very hard to understand even for us germans.. without those english subtitles I wouldn't understand anything ;D
he is notorious for these giggle fits! hahah
@DjSmexyR Djokovic is the player of the moment, not the best all time. In the other hand, Federer is the only player to beat him this year. I don't think he will be as dominant as Federer has been all his career. He has only 3 GS at the age of 24... To Nadal, Djokovic and all the Legends (Sampras, Agassi, Laver, etc..) Federer is and will be the best all time player. :)
@NiggeliNG But in one thing you're right, everyone does laugh about the east Swiss accent =)
@darkveteran12345 Man, SILF is the best definition I have ever heard!!! LOL!!! :-)
@lucalopardo How old are you lucalopardo? He made a joke about the way the guy worded his question. I'll give you a hint... size doesn't refer to his entire body... just one part.
haha he's clearly super high off endorphins
Why don't you take an educated guess, Roger Federer is Swiss and the interview is done in Basel, Switzerland.
LOL!!!!! Good to see the serious players joking around after the matches. Go Roger.
is the first time I hear him talking in his native language
Yeah, how many US Open's and Wimbledon's have you won?
this video sort of ended for me when i saw rogers sister
5555555555 hard to stop as usual5555
i could not understand a word of it , but i could speak little german ... :-( wow so much difference in accent great..
@kieran1990able differnce from swiss german too french is very big. its complete other language. but swiss french is same how french in france
@cleanplasticchild Yeah, I'd already understood, just wanted someone comfirm my idea. :)
Roger is really cute and adorable when he laughs.
What would we do without that spelling of Sherlock Scccccccherlock?;)
lustig ja, but more funny is that you think his name is Andrew Agassi!!!
is that his older sister or youger sister?
@Ganjaflash420 hey how much difference is swiss language from french?
@kieran1990able no but all kids learn in school english. federers mother is from south africa thats why he can speak good english
lol...feel sorry for you and your pessimistic much?
rogers sister is hooott... :DDD
Roger Vs. Djokovic Basel 2010 final should be hella fun ^^
he lives in dubai during the offseason and trains there too
in case anyone is wondering, the title of this vid should have been: roger laughing at dick jokes
The guy filming this should've blown his nose before filming lol
Roger got one problem in his greatness, when he starts laughing, thats it-he just cant stop, check his videos whit Rafa, and there is a few more...
i wanna get to know his sister :O
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