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RAP (Do's & Don'ts #7)

by Shut Up! Cartoons • 1,533,950 views

Subscribe to Shut Up! Cartoons: The Do's & Don'ts of becoming a rap mogul. Get more wildly inappropriate advice for impressionable youngsters every Monday on "Do's &...

Did any one see the word "kill" after the clock with the spiral behind it?
lol thats my new phrase 
I can't wait for a real rapper named okie dokey to come along
Can someone explain the secret "Kill" message at 0:46 after the clock bit? It confuses me...
I saw that. i feel slightly subliminally messaged If that makes sense
criminals would sell nukes to north korea, not south, south korea is an american ally
Step 1 - Have no talent Step 2 - Bathe in your success
The bozz Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
This was awesome! Time to start my rapping caterer :D
But what's the deal whither the kill of secret messge maybe the ending means like the Kid and the god said go fuck yoursluf or did got from the hide a dead body I don't get it or that so cufins tell me in the comets did got form hide a dead body or did he get from the ending say god fuck your sefle
Secret message "Kill"?
Wabbo wabbo bling bling
rolls dubs, lika baws 
That's  a racist name
North Korea is the crazy one... Not South Korea
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Or did put it on a mistake
I roll on dubs like a boss lmfao
Begins beatboxing the Battletoads pause theme.
Lil wayne is to much of a pussy to go to jail
Look up smosh on YouTube
smosh is this your doing i know its you guys keep up the good work this is soo funny
It's sad how long it took me to realize the " Placenta" girl band joke.
April Simone Shared on Google+ · 10 months ago
Why does it say kill after the clock disapears?
Do's and Don'ts: Your Educational needs!
Who's that blonde girl in the outro
People don't want social commentary. Amen
Okie dokie smokies! :D
Congratulations! Your worth one million dollars... now go f**k yourself.
A rap episode that doesnt cover haters? Please.
la 'barbeque seems legit 
Your face seems "legit"... Fuckin' hipster kids.
At 00:45 right before the clock disappears they flash the word kill.
When I read rap artist at the bottom I thought it was rapist for a second
Scrach n sniffin scrach n sniffin wabble wabble bling bling
I will be called skittles,enemy to m&m.
Am I the only one who noticed it flashed the word kill?
Strictly for my necrophealiacs out there hehe
I wish my name was LaBarbacue :\ Wobble wobble bling bling .
o-o lol all of these are usually like just over exagerated but this ones pretty accurate *-*~
Whoa this is only meant to be funny, if you don't like it go bitch to your mummy because not one fuck was given to you!
Lil wayne's son is my X-boyfriend 0.o
This feel so racist but It makes it funny
Why does it say kill at 00:45? Is that a subliminal message for something
Rapper: sup! White man : ur black Rapper: why
thumbs up if you expected him to nuke NK
Ok ok ok there is somthing wrong with thiis show probably illuminaty i mean at 0:45 the word kill is shown,there is also lots of black and white, if you didnt know google illuminatii symbols, warning : its really creepy
I hate Smosh and Shut up Cartoons because they're dirty, and racist.
1:36 does he even know those words?
nope you don't get it do you? you see a black and white spiral and a clock it is hypnosis at the end you see KILL it is a joke they so call hypnotise you so you can kill get it it is no racist thing or something like that
I've learned not to listen to these, still funny though.(yes,I had to post on the 7th vid)
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