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by schmoyoho • 24,234,983 views

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24 million?!?! I'm high fiving y'all & +Daym Drops through the computer screen--if I break my monitor in this celebration it's worth it.  For everyone making this song a part of their daily pump-up routine, I give you an extra fist bump. Now you have been both high-fived and fist-bumped and you can go about your day feeling proud of all the human connections you made. In conclusion, LOOK AT THE BACON
This song woke us all up to the fact there's not nearly enough music that celebrates hamburgers.
20 MILLION VIEWS?! i'd like to thank the academy, the existence of cheeseburgers, and most of all the one and only +Daym Drops!!! fist bumps and hugs, let's all go look at the bacon
Dayum =) ho my godness ho my dayum
I have no idea why, but this video restores my faith in humanity somewhat.
+Erik Fejes did I say it had a o in it?
+TraceguyRune an* And yes, believe it or not p"o"le has an "o" in it.
Wait!! We JUST celebrated 23 Million Views and I come back only a few weeks later to find out that ALL OF YOU who make YouTube AMAZING, helped to get us to 24 Million??? Excuse me while I say, "Dayum...Dayum....DAYUM" thank you SO MUCH for your continued support of this masterpiece that +schmoyoho helped to create!
Can't spell "Dayum" without "Yum".
+Zac Spurgeon impressive... Most impressive
How to start an internet fight: 1. Write a comment 2. Wait
Instead ill pick a intderpnet fight with YOU!
!!! 23 Million !!! Just when I think this video has run its course, all of you continue to keep the love going! Happy Holidays and thank you all for helping us hit another million views on this video. The YouTube community is AMAZING!
Thanks to you, I went on a hunt for a Five Guys in the UK, Found one, tried it out and oh my goodness, oh my dayum! You're right about everything! And don't forget, this video wouldn't have been possible without your epic review on Five Guys! :D
if i was in a parking lot and i heard tthis music muffled and i looked in a car and saw this dude XD ide shit my pants and fly into his car and have burgers ._.
It's ironic how I use this song as exercise music because of the epic rythem and energy when it's all about food...
humans & robots! we just dropped a new video: How to Use a Public Restroom don't forget to get Oh My Dayum on iTunes so you can play it in your headphones while you train to fight Apollo Creed
+Link of Hyrule Actually, 8763.21 to be exact.
God praise this fat ass black person everyone should praise this black person because if you don't your racist. I'm the worst president in history and I'm more of a dictator than a president. Please hate on this because if you do you are racist. Praise fucking obama
Lets start a lyric chain: Oh my goodness oh my damn
BRUH these are the actual lyrics!
1:21 - 1:25 is by far the best part. Just something so catchy about it!
I liked the part about the weak burger and the burger that has strength cause..  when they songified the mm- mm-mm mm-mm mm-mm it was just so perfect I died laughing I still do every time I watch it, damn the whole tthing is. xD
What's the name of the song?
The autotune team made this guys hamburger review to what you are hearing, you want the name you have it at the description of this video mate
+Jonatan Zerom mate are you stupid, this is a joke, what is the name of the song means darude- sandstorm
Does Claude think so too?
Go to gym bro , do you even lift?   And eat more you will get stronger 
thanks for 19 million views!! when it reaches 20 million, we'll have to return with +Daym Drops and have another burger with strength
it has 23 656 428, can you work on it please my friends ?
This should officially make this Five Guys song. They might as well make this as an advertisement.
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on a mac whats this supposed to do
kinda random background music, thats no good. my dayum is cool though.
I have been thoroughly entertained :) I have the munchies real bad now tho! Shmerk er berwl??
SonicFan77 (Trunks) Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
courtney woulfe Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
love this song! DAYUM!
+Mika Rimex the likes on this comment, is goin ham.
Dayum! Dayum! DAYUMMM!!
I'll have what he's having. (Was that comment already taken? lol)
I kind need some grocery bags
Oh my goodness oh my daym oh my goodness. They goin ham Oh my goodness oh my daym oh my goodness. They goin ham This is how bacon is supposed to be. the fries, they blend, so perfectly. The cheese up in ere, is going ham! DAYM DAYM DAYM! I Wish, You could smell what im smelling. Mm mm mm You Bite the fry the fry bites back MY MAN. DAYM DAYM DAYM. Crispety crunch DAYM Look at the bacon DAYYYM Get yourself that double cheeseburger DAYM DAYM DAYM GHETTO GROCERY BAG DAYM THE CHEESE IS OOZIN DAYYM Let's do dis! DAYM DAYM DAYM Do you wanna know the difference. Between a, weak burger. and a burger that has strength? A weak burger you can chew and still talk, a burger with strength, you chew and the meat, just, absorbs all the space, and all the air possible all in your throat, to a point were you wanted to start talking, nothing but MMmm MMmm MMmm MMmm, Is comin out. Word. Skimmalarinky dinky dink Skimmmalarinky doo I, Love, You, y-ou, y-ou OH MY DAYM This is how bacon is supposed to be. the fries, they blend, so perfectly. The cheese up in ere, is going ham! DAYM DAYM DAYM! I Wish, You could smell what im smelling. Mm mm mm You Bite the fry the fry bites back MY MAN. DAYM DAYM DAYM. Crispety crunch DAYM Look at the bacon DAYYYM Get yourself that double cheeseburger DAYM DAYM DAYM GHETTO GROCERY BAG DAYM THE CHEESE IS OOZIN DAYYM Let's do dis!
The lyrics is in the description
Where is the exact place of this restaurant? I know it's five guys but which state and city?
video of me dancing to this coming soon make sure u sub my channel and check my videos of me rapping and dancing ...
I bet if you press the like button on this comment too many times it will break.
+Dipper Pines Amazing how a comment reading "Epic fail" gets a thumbs up... Amazing how I'm talking to myself.
Hilarious as usual Schmoyoho, but I worry you're contributing to the obesity epidemic.  Let's here a song about cold fusion.  Get the word out bout clean energy and the Aliens will thank you :)!
You can get extra bacon for FREE!  That's right kiddies!  You heard it here first (maybe)!  Found out from the fat kid that works at the 5 guys by my house!  Go gitcha sum!  BOOM!  Drops microphone!  I'm out!
sorry what is mean they going ham ?
I'm gonna need therapy to get all of the Shmoyoho songs out of my head. You listen to the song, the song listens back, DAYUM, DAYUM DAAYUUUUUM!
Let's do this, Daym Daym Daym
I wish they made an advert out of this. So many people with go eat dem burgers. I would deffinitely go!
This guy literally praises food.
This burger must be from the Krusty Krab cause' damn daamn DAAAMNN!
Get yourself that double cheese booger dayum dayum dayum lol
Lol I couldn't stop laughing!!!But it's also a really good remix!!I love it
It's also 1of my favorites
This video made me grab my friends and get double cheeseburgers form five guys.
Played so loud when me and my younger friends were playing on a trampoline
I can't stop watching :(
90% of the peope who watch this are fat shit if you agree like
This burger has strength lol
Like if your watching in 2015 lol
I wish I could smell what he's smelling.
five guys is some pretty good shit. McDons and Kings don't got shit.  when you look at that bag, covered in grease, you know your in store for a good legitimate meat meal.
You can eat anything so long as you eat it in moderation and exercise regularly anyways. Its a major problem only if you're double fisting burgers and considering light walking to be adequate exercise. :P I will never give up on you, burger..<3
I mean... wow ! I've never danced and laughed so hard simultaneously in my life. #TillDaDeafAMe
das ist meger geilllllllllllooooooooo
Dayuuum ! This song is so good !
Who would EVER dislike this video?!?!?!
И ещё проиграл с этого видео десу.
I heard this from the radio once o.o
like if you're watching this in 6969 xdxdxdxd
No Im Watching in 69670 xdxdxdxd
this song is ridiculously catchy
This is so well done, amazing production
has anyone listened to this at .5 speed or 1.5? u either get epic ballad or upbeat peppy music hahahaha its amazing!!
haha i thought 1.25 sounded better
What does he mean with "They're goin' H.A.M."?
Hard As a Motherfucker
Wow, this guy... Someone likes his fast food. lol.
couldn't stay away for long. :)
This is so old yet awsome
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its ok if you highlight the things on the side!!!!  if you dont know what highlight means it means to make the numbers blue and if you dont know how to do that than... sorry i dont know how to tell you becaus i suck at english 
las tetas de wadalajara
he seems like a cool dude
this makes me happy
leroy jenkins Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
where can i get this double cheeseburger?
I can't undetstand you americans, these cheseburger is so disgusting, this is simplily a bread with meat immersed in oil. I like to eat hamburgues, but this... Too much. I see in his eyes how he is obessed about greasy foods, it looks like he is addict.Now i know why U.S.A has the highest average fat people.
This guy He's going Ham dayum dayum DAYUM
Get yourself that double cheese burger my man.
Abdallah Ali Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Iron Lightning Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
I was watching PFUDOR, and started clicking on related videos. Long story short, I found this totally unrelated but hilarious song made by remixing a guys review of Five Guys food. All I gotta say, is somebody really likes his fast food! OH MY DAYUM - NOW ON iTUNES !!!:
Hm. didn't realise when I posted this on G+, it'd be put on the video as a comment, too... I'll keep that in mind in the future.
this should be their commercial lol
+Larry Johntee but u know if this was their commercial they would replace damn damn damn with man man man to be PC it should be their commercial dayum wild be PAID!
Are you a weak burger?
cairo richardson Shared on Google+ · 4 days ago
you bite the fry the fry bites back 
Lmao even white supremacists liking the video with no shame in their game
More views on this vid than his subs XD
Yeah thats how viral videos work bud
schend1 Shared on Google+ · 1 day ago
I'm addicted to this powerness!
It's 2015. How is it that I'm only just now finding this video?!
Wow no anti American comments that's an amazing step for mankind
lets recreate this song :D oh my goodness, oh my dayum oh my goodness, they goin ham
We're no strangers to love. You know the rules and so do I.
Pity you had to put those end credits in it, where you are wearing that horrific outfit. Annoying voice to hear when I got this on repeat
If you're listening using a separate loop website (listenonrepeat, youtuberepeater, whatever), there's probably a start/stop button or slider below the video where you can set which part to loop. Crop out the last ten seconds and you're golden. c:
Now i am hungry thanks bro):
Hard As a Motherfucker
aiden rodriguez Shared on Google+ · 3 days ago
Kent MacDonald Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
OH MY DAYUM!!! check out this video, it's hilarious!!!!!
Thelma you're Canadian so you would say oh geez that is an ouchie that will hurt especially when the fluffer comes over) lol
LMAO! Yeah your right! Bahamas
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