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ABC News: Top Democrats Worried "Obama's Economic Message Is Tone-Deaf"

by GOPICYMI • 10,272 views

James Carville says Obama's economic message is tone-deaf (June 13 2012)

he is a marxist, a socialist. and his minions are like him. cannot wait to vote these chicagoland thugs out and send them back that hellhole of city they came from.
if it looks like a schmuck and quacks like a schmuck...
I can tell what is NEXT? Frustrated Americans will explode rage and conflict with Obama police in order to stop this FARCE and eradicate MASSIVE corruption in the government. Romney and Obama are driving Americans MAD. None of those AIPAC salves could provide any real changes for Americans. The policy of those two guys depends on More spending and More talking without tangible progress like Obama has been doing. This fake democracy of US has been used to deceive Americans and suck their budget.
Yeah - What is Wrong with those Voters? Don't they believe Dem Lies anymore? Why Not? I guess 3 & 1/2 Years must be the Limit! Poor Carville does Not realize how Radical obama is. Democrat Party = Communist Party USA!!
Bullshit. You moron. You know nothing about Ron Paul. The Fed was established because the Gold Standard which Ron Paul advocates bankrolled the wealthy at the expense of everybody else. Obviously, Ron Paul wants to make the rich richer and the poor poorer OR like you he can't find his asshole even if he uses both of his hands.
Obama has an agenda and he cares not who or what he destroys. He hates everything about America.
When government is all that matters, the economy becomes a secondary concern, it's all about "the narrative" that voters are just too dumb to swallow...
Carville looks like a shaved rat.
There's a reason Ron Paul didn't win a single Republican primary even though Ron Paul has run for President numerous times and anyone with half a brain knows his platform. It's because he has extremist ideas which will not work and because he hides what he really has done behind a wall of lies. All of this I can conclusively prove BTW. The peace and freedom Americans are privileged to enjoy is not due to Ron Paul but rather to the sacrifices of our war dead. May God Bless them in Heaven.
..."Carville desperately wants Obama". And we the normal part of America are looking ...forward to saying GOOD RIDDANCE to Barack-Barry Hussien Soetoro-Obama.
Umm...what about Ron Paul's stance on the economy guys? Have we no polls on him? Hummm....
Obama is trying to destroy things, he has no plan, and doesn't care
hahahaha you are so dumb its laughable. go drink some more fluoride you stupid fuck
extremist? you cannot be serious. ya stopping wars, stopping foreign aid to countries that hate you, auditing the criminal private fed and others are extremist for you? haha go back to sleep dumb ass
do you not enjoy freedom? and peace? you must think your so trendy and cool following the status quo, keep corruption and wars going!! yayyy!!
What more do you expect from a President that got elected due to posturing in front of greek columns while benefiting from a viral internet video in which the girl claimed she had a "crush on him"...?
God, Ron Paul fanatics are really dumb! Ron Paul is finished! Done! His son has even endorsed Mitt Romney, for God's sake! Even his son has abandoned ship! Can't you see this? It's over!!
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