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Real Life Portal Gun Commentary

by BrandonJLa • 551,565 views

Check out a commentary on Aimbot! here: We crack open the archives and give you insight into the story behind the start of Freddiew. This was our first foray into full time...

You think they tried to shoot Brandon pretending to get hot while his glasses flinging off?
Wow he is on VGHS i think.
Freddie is the creator of VGHS -_____-
Moah, "looking back" videos! :D . Really interesting stuff.
LOve this video...the speed. Detail. Everything
OMG, Truss are not cheap.... I did that before in Special in 80 feets high.........
You could've put him diagonal
More of these, please. Great education.
9:20 why didn't they just throw a box at his face
He was facing a wall. Not enough space to throw a box at his face. If there was a person in front of him they would have to edit out the person. What they did was the most practical.
yeah i guess they did say they didn't have a big green screen so they couldn't just do it on that then cgi it in 
great job guys, it was surprisingly interesting this commentary video. I would love if you guys went back at the "aim bot" video to comment about it.
Where did you buy the heelys because i cant find any in a adult size
do more of these!!!!!!!!!
dude, they have... this was over a year ago
Yeah, like one more but that's it
i have seen your fucking spam on freddiew, freddiew2, corridor digital, and pwnisher. fucking stop you peice of shit
did enyone notice that they got monster computers but shitty keyboard and mices i see that in stores were they got like a monster computer and then som shitty keybords and mice. but the thing that makes me most mad is that in the movie they got screens that are 1mm thin and irl their screens are jamming. GG WP
no you can do it i did it im going back to school today so ill ask what the liquid is he said its the only liquid you can do it with i forget but i will tell you its some special liquid something like tumeral hertices something like that i will tell you
Why is your nerf guns draw so big
-_- Thumbnail of Portal GUN :O, Watch video only to see Nurf gun... Y did you deceive me Freddie :'(
brandon whipping his head back as hard as...LIKE A BOSS!!!
easy. step 1. coat your hands in gasoline. step 2. rub hands together. step 3. light hands on fire. step 4. cut the recording in editing. step 5. profit.
You guys should have built the portal gun prop from bfx
This kind of commentary is very entertaining to watch, are you going to make more?
i have the same speakers. no lies...
Hopefully MANY (0:01) ?!? Two commentaries=MANY? As a request, I think you should do Time Crisis or Rocket Jump next. xD
Please do more commentaries!! :D
you should make a new version of aces
easy you've got 2 ways, first way is get something jelly that burns and put it on you're hand because fire goes up you don't burn yourself. Second way is to take a fire asset and but it in the palm of you're hand, mask out the base of the fire so it sits behind you're hand. then you're done. i might do the asset one so if you want to see how i did it go to my channel.
yeah its epic you can by one that works for only like $10-20 sooo real
you dont have to edit that you can do that in real life i did it in science one time just put any flamable liquid on you hands and rub really fast causing heat and friction making the liquid set fire
so... is this going to be like the 12th day of Christmas?
When freddie first shoot at 2:58 niko and sam arent in their seats.....hmmm...They have portal guns too!
It's simple. They used After Effects, and put fire on the hands, and kept it for a few frames.
HOLY CRAP! @ 1:31 Niko and the other guy (cant remember his name) are sitting at the computers @ 3:01 they are gone!
Hell no do you not know Modern time PHYSICS? were not that advanced..... Yet.... ONE DAY
There are magic stores with a prop that creates the same illusion. I own the trick. Its awesome but simple. If you want I could post a link to a site so you could get it?
I do honestly dig the info.. i appreciate you guys giving everyone lessons on this
or € Since it is more used than (where the fuck is pound on my keyboard???) in europe, or stay to pound since it is most likely your currency where you live, great britian i presume
Glass coke bottles. I miss those.
They get a bunch of stuff nowadays for free to test them out and send them back, like a lot of youtubers do, so that the company that provides them can get a shoutout, and sponsor these videos.
Eather your a 7 year old faggot or just a really really bad troll.
it sicks how after affects is $999
And yes I know they mentioned it, but I felt it was still worth commenting on
6:56 someones watching drum corps
Awesome idea. looking forward to more commentaries.
And when Brandon gets hit with the cardboard box he isnt wearing classes, where before he is wearing them...
I remember watching that video thinking thats got to be a viral video from some high dollar outfit, it couldn't possibly be a couple of college kids with zero budget........ B-)
its a good game if you want to impress your friends
Am I the only one who saw a file named "Blowjobs" when Freddie pulled up the files?
I just realized that Brandon is standing after he got hit by the box and the box disappeared.
1.111.111 SUBSCRIBERS !!!!!!!!!!!
An easier thing you guys could have done for a more sleek and HD sound instead of the ambient whirl in the background. You could have opened up the game file ( portal_content.gcf you would need GCFscape ) And from there you could go to the sound folder and drag and drop the .wav files you needed. I mean, i know it was a simple video but it kind of seems better in my opinion. Also i would of added the loop of the portals ambient, so it gives it a better sound effect.
i love this shit you guys did an awesome job! most entertaining commentary ever!
Do a commentary on First Person Mario please!
You said "any flamable (its flammable) liquid" now its a special flammable chemical that is the only one in the world. Long jump from "any".
Bloody hell, if you're older than 5 years of age I am going to jump off a cliff and you should probably do the same.
I enjoyed this very much. More commentary please!
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