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The Leftovers - Epic Meal Time

by Epic Meal Time • 4,128,391 views

CLICK LIKE/FAVORITE!!! Part 5 of 5 French Fry episodes that came out this week! EpicMealTime goes to a poutine eating contest with FuriousPete and destroys a 15lb o poutine! As a bonus, we include...

No one can eat faster than FURIOUS PETE ! 
+Onur Yildirim Can you prove furious pete is the fastest? Yeah, thought so.
Ever heard of matt stonie
The days when Four Loko wasn't banned :D
Sour mash bitches! You guys are beasts! Now I have to have bacon and whiskey! Thank you epic mealtime!
Next time, we eat your mom's douche bag....
Muscles looks like a over-sized Xpeke with aviators. 
Wtf there was vegetables in poutine? It's just supposed to be fries, gravy, cheese and sometimes bacon but no veg.
I wonder if Muscles Glasses ate veggies from this poutine? 
I love ho he never talks
What the hell happened to muscles glascess we don;t see him anymore
+MrPjw5 And they only have 5k subscribers. Fuck, they don't deserve that shit.
+ThatGuy I know; Tyler and Muscles were the heart and soul of Epic Meal Time respectively, and they got dumped on.  I subscribed to their channel because I still think they're awesome.  I'm not much of a sports guru, but they have some pretty cool stuff, and they get to travel all over the country.  
i almost guarantee that Pete finished most of that hahahaaha
Fquaaaaaack off with the advertismentos bullships
Does Tyler have issues or is he just an idiot? Not trying to be mean. He's my favorite one on the show
I'm sure he's just in character during filming. 
He's joking you fucking shit dummy
So so hungry right now...
My dog's nickname is bubby... xD
I can feel my heart stopping from watching this
how does a stomach hold that?
You should have a restaurant I want to eat the food you make so bad it looks so good! :)
well got it for one dude Furious Pete is a competitive bodybuilder and eater with  6 Guinness World Records in eating wow 
Make the kit kat cake with bacon! And have muscles and glasses and furious pete eat it!
Next time stfu with the next time yea!!!
When the last video of epic meal is made at the end of the video is Harvey going to say next time we are going to eat nothing
Jamie McDonald did one of these by himself.
Every time I watch your videos I go and eat something healthy. Thank You lol :)
Damn these were the fucking days. Lol honestly though MG held his own quite well along side Pete.
haha his gay bacon stripes shirt is rainbow color
What is the first video of Epic Meal Time ?
Fast food pizza and that was the only video showing Muscles Glasses without his glasses
poutine seems like something thats awesome the day of but even better the day after
How r these ppl still alive
i just put a bite of spaghetti in my mouth when muscle glasses pounded the four loco and nutella. i was moment away from needing a new keyboard.....
Não teria vontade nenhuma de comer o que eles comem.
u guys r fucking awesome 
when there makeing dessert they always have to put bacon on everything.    #a lot of bacon  
I cant stop laughing these guys are hellah funny they need to do more of these videos
2:00 oh no u get diabetus
wow they haven't gained weight how they do that ?write a book or something on haw to pig out and not gain weight lol i mean how  that poutine must hit like above 10 000 calories easy gees !what they just run from place to place to burn calories what ?
They probably stay in shape, have very fast metabolisms, or both.
             /▌ ︻╦╤─          NOW!  COPY PASTE ALL OVER YOUTUBE,     ░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄     ATTACK! ▂▄▅████████▅▄▃▂ I███████████████████] ◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤
Take a grammar lesson, you dumb American. Enough has been said.
guys you should make lifesize Statues of yourselves made of only Bacon
Actually they are Canadians. Even though they have the appetite's of Americans, they are Canadian.
I made a knock off poutine and it tasted pretty good
is it weird that i imagined your voice doing a play back in my head when i read that?
Perhaps you should stop falling and listen more in school.
You Europeans are all the same. Go back to Europe, will ya?
Oh my God, the stuff about the bubby made me laugh so hard I cried. What nice Jewish boys from Canada..
do these guys make a shot out of everything O.o?
Unsexy time we eat a poor Jewish man haha
Nope. EMT is a product of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
LOL, are you fucking kidding me?!? He would commit culinary suicide withing 5 minutes... He can't HANDLE ALL THAT BACON!
Obviously, your mistaken the wrong nationality. "Fat Cunt"? That must the reason why your parents abandoned you for.
Next time we eat a bro.. next time we eat, bro.
The irony of your words is outstanding. You don't even comprehend basic geography.
Speak for yourself, kid. You Americans are so typical.
lol how much money would i have to pay to get them to cook 4 me
This is pornography for over-eaters, lol!
Indeed North Americans. But you need to stop checking your mail if someone replied.
Are you mad, kid? Take a grammar lesson, you dumb American. Indeed, you are sad.
the ending song is so awesome i want it like now
Did daddy spank you again for being a shitty son? Get off the internet, get a life, shut the fuck up and buy him a beer. Gotta make him glad that against all odds, you dripped down and were the fastest swimmer, ya know?
Muscles glasses vs Adam from food vs man. Who would win.
I wouldn't know considering I don't hold back my feelings.
whos the douscvhe bag at the end
AHAHAHAHAH I JUST WATCHED A GLUTEN FREE BAKING COMMERCIAL!!!!....Shit the lady on the commercial is high on gluten free flour.
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