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Happy Wheels - WASSUP GIRL? - Part 19

by TobyGames • 1,935,561 views

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Did anyone else notice the Wellstone adamantium skeleton reference at about the 5 minute mark?
I have the power to keep restarting my life. Tommorrowland refrence anybody
0:01  Keep clicking on 0:01 on time scroller in fullscreen. He should shay ns-ns-ns-ns in a low pitched voice. If your mouse is on 0:01 and you keep clicking it should do that, if not move your mouse to the right as slightly as possible (I'm talking one pixel on your screen)
You are now samial not Steven COME ON STEVEN
Who ever dislikes is a moron
Lol this video made me laugh hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahhahahah This is a funny video to :O :-D =-O hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Hahahahahahahahahaha this crack me up lol do you want to read no because I threw it on the ground lol:O hahaha are you the lord Toby yes me to Great video to can you do lucky block mod on Minecraft. ;-) :O :-* :-\ :-P :-D
As a Scotsman myself I just have to say your Scottish impression is freakin hilarious and pretty accurate too haha 
He always gets body parts on himself.
Toby you are the best in the world man 😃
Hahahhahahahahaha this guys Funny as heck.
"Anybody want a boyfriend? Extremely attractive. Large muscles. Wonderful bicycle" I was fine until "wonderful bicycle" then I cracked the hell up. LMFAO!
I laughed so much with this episode, omg, Toby is hilarious xD
Anybody want a boyfriend? Extremely attractive. Large muscles. Wonderful bicycle sometimes kills children.... on accident... lol
Thumbs up if you are missing a foot!
This is a bad video to watch while drinking milk. Found that out the hard way.
Don't listen to those people the all disliked the video because they're jealous of your skills;)
don't jump on slinky bridges
Are those glitches or is that my phone? Are you guys watching this?
what happened to ocarina of time hd from part 17
I am in love with you,Toby,even if you make faces
u were persisting in the last episode
You should be a voice actor!
Lol Toby is wearing the same outfit as the girlfriend
I'm missing a foot it was ate by a crocodile
I've got a zoella advert?
everytime toby says "The Last One Everyone" HE LIES :(
12:15 "Whose head is that?" lol
I freaking died when I saw "Ocarina of Time HD" I was like "PLAY IT GAWDDD"
always watch you in every video even slender 
"I have are whole future planned out. We're gonna go home and read any book you like." <LOL!
wait so this happened to you too? LOL ... just kidding... 
Lol I played the first level that he played
das one heavy MURDER bycicle
how come he always gets interrupted when hes about to say something dirty
Since when are you Scottish
Since when are you Scottish
Do u have diabetes
I have always found Toby attractive, but I've never EVER found him as attractive as I did when he mentioned Frank Sinatra and started singing 'Fly Me to the Moon'. Hothothothothot.
Towards the end, you sounded Scottish.
sorry but you suck at this game 
im not laughing at Toby but he doesn't suck he's audacious bout this game
I have found that if ever I am crying, I can just turn on Tobuscus and the sadness goes away :)
shut up no one cares what u think. he can use whatever he wants to use
How the fuck you made Toby's name that big in one of the comments
Detach your head from the stupid facial pillar!
What do you mean top left you can't choose from left only right
two levels in 13 minutes that i did first try.
Try to count how many ha's are in that comment! It may be harder than you expect.
I played the traptrace before an it was amazing
I like how he almost got smashed at 4:19
What was he talking about with the shoes.
3 times during this video I had to pause it and count to 30 before I died of laughter.
Thats funny cuz I actually sneezed
You sit in the same type of chair I do.
7:13 I just got us both wet. Thats what she said.
I love skydoesminecraft and tobuscus
@geiorde yeah yeah we all know that! DUDE! i think you would enjoy this game have a look -->
ur not suposed to jump i finished that level
11:37 Toby is gone! Where did he go?
does he not know that space bar gives the couple boost? lol
it only took him 5 min and 30 sec
5:40 his hand is the only thing touching the segwa.
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