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by TobyGames • 173,182 views

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never seen your stuff but this made me instantly subscribe XD
"I'mma gonna set-a my Xbox on fire!" XP Priceless
i hope you still love me , but i'm a idot..
Lol I talk like this all the time when I play video games
thanks youtube ad! im definately gunna go PRE-ORDER diablo 3 since it comes out soon! thanks for the heads up!
Toby, can I for real, marry you dude? Please?! We can have a Minecraft wedding with a cake that is made of blocks of cake!! (cake inception win) EPIC WIN! And we can ride giant Loftwings off into Skyrim, and battle the amnesia monsters!! (fighting monsters cute) EPIC CUTE! With rocks. And Steven! He can just hang around and be useless like he usually does. (lazy Steven fail) EPIC FAIL! :D
58 people speak fluent english, but no one understands them.
You should do voice acting for south park o.o
I agree. All we are saying, is give peace a chance! Totally referenced a Lennon song in a Toby video.
Oh god... Being tired is awesome sometimes! Everything is hilarious!
Not to be a Grammer Nazi, but I think you mean may be. Hooray for us all being jerks.
Most epic fail of my life (but the accent seems to be Italian)
You know what would stop this Console War, if Sony and Microsoft worked together to make a system that has all the pros of the PS3 and 360 and non of the flaws. I would think that by doing that, we could all coexist peacefully and stop killing each other over opinions.
my friends name is sofia. that makes three of us
Welcome to Toby's go in but u never come out xD
hahaha I couldn't stop laughing. :D
False. Not being an idiot carries outside of school.
Last comment 4 months ago??
I agree. Some people live in a self-obsessed bubble and tend to express it through stating their opinion of which system is better as a fact. This console war is annoying. But I do like these discussions of "observable facts" as you so well put it.
Youtube isn't school. People comment to say what they think about a video. Then you come and correct them to look smart. Just because you're doing that you don't get smarter. You make everybody hate you.
Buta whata do you meana? You must be crazya loco in the heada.
Hahhahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahhaha I'm crying!!
53 People think they can speak English , but they can't.
with over 3 thousand likes and counting nobody cares about who disliked the video lol
I hate it when you jump backwards off a freaking huge building and die. Or land next to a guard captain.
Well....I'm Born in Sweden but my dad is from Liverpool :p
im going to set my xbox on fire!!! lol
The accent is italian because Ezio is an italian assassin... the city is Costantinople (Istanbul). So "Mammaliturchi!" ;-)
Mine tongue be that English of an oldith nature
"I have a tiny brain but it is filled to capasity with love baby."
You're right about that (at least Toby's trying to sound Italian) because Ezio is Italian, but the setting in this particular game (Revelations) is Constantinople.
Instead of I cant speak english it should be I cant climb up a wall
super nice video thumbs upp if u atleast watch tobuscus 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000each day
@Akid0Kag3 the disc tray does not slide out of the machine so there is less chance of it breaking. bluray stores more data so we dont have to use multiple discs. PS3 can get that big as well but how long did it take for microsoft to put out an xbox with that much space? how much did you have to pay for that controller because mine came free with my playstation ;)
dammit! backfired! I blame the clock, being 2 am and all... I resign from the Grammar National Socialist Army as unfit for duty
how the FFFF u can dislike that guys? Damn ithink they are other youtube gamers
When you know how to speak English, and you try to pretend you can't, you might just fall, twice.
i'm italian, trust me. that's HILARIOUS!!
reminds of HOW I HATE THIS FU***NG GAMEEEE !!!!
They are both out dated pieces of hardware, and as a PC gamer most Xbox games are on PC, ps3 has a lot of games only available to it, so i recommend owning a PC and a ps3 to get all the games, unless you like to play cod and halo (i don't).
A full stop was before it, therefore it has a capital. c:
Shut up and enjoy the video. c:
New recruits are always welcome. But you'll learn, young one. :P
rofl I almost choked on my water
in the photo for the video all i can read is love Sophia and I do love my gf Sophia!!!
"i'm going to set my Xbox on fire" sure, if you want to buy another one ._.
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