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Matt Tomasello, Off Day

by kmannnnnnn • 7,579 views

Face's part from 'Off Day', a skateboarding video out of Boston, Ma.

man these spots are preem AND THIS GUY FUCKING SHREDDED THEM !
fucking insane.What kind of camera do you use?
i like how none of these kids have fake ass style
DAMN DUDE! this kid is sooo good.
holy shit, he went flying down that street after the crook 180!
This was so unexpected, it's like amazingly good.
sooooo sick!!!! can anyone hook me up with a location of that rail in philly he kickflip boardslides at 4:10?? i will be forever grateful <3 p.s. guuud shit kmannmanmanman
Hell Yeah! This is why independent skate videos are the best.
omg!!! the blunt down the twelve should have been the banger thow
my jaw dropped at 3:34 and stayed there 'til the end of the video omg crazies
uve tried the 2 things ive dreamed of doingg. skating a car and ollieing on a rock lol ligit though i thought of doing that
0:17 Boston Skates On Dunkin lololol
i wish tyler zemp didnt quit his part in this wouldve been rad
this video is so fucking sick. deserves wayyy more attention
how did he blunt tht 14 rail .. wtf !!!?
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