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★ Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2 - Episode 1 - Journey through Unova begins Anew!

by ZephyrSonic • 305,228 views

I joined Maker Studios & so can you! Click here to see if your channel qualifies for RPM Network/Maker Studios: Going through the Isshu/Unova Region as this game takes place 2...

were you as nervous as me when you made your first video?
You gave your rival a girl's name. The way you spell the name you are calling him is Nole. No~el is a girl's name (it's pronounced No-el) and is another word for Christmas.
Your my rival Zephyr :p. and my Oshawott levels up faster than urs does
1- I don't understand what the japanese said. 2- I have this game in english and DS catibridge. 3- I never played the DS emulator on computer, but I have R4 DS.
Can you tell me if this video came out of Pokemon White 2 or Pokemon Black 2? Although I will be getting both I like to know which one if the game keep the story going. Like Black to Black 2 or Black to White 2.
Meep cain't wait till it comes out in stores ( in Canada ) on October 7th XD totally looking forward to it!!!
The English Version is already out as of October 7th :)
41 yugioh fans disliked this lol
Thank you, I was looking for a little variety so I could take most types with my team. I waited to evolve my Growlithe until it was level 46 so it could learn Flare Blitz first.
I'm ten and I'm a girl and waiting for it to come out in America
omg thx alot for the guide dude
Thumbs Up If You Got White 2 Or Chose Oshawott As Your Starter
now in white2 you get the white drgon pokemon right? or do you get the balck one? i need to know this so i know wich to ask for x-mass
Black 2 doesn' they both the same equal, only with few differences! Now Black Kyrem will have Lightning and Ice, which is sweet since it's kinda simliar to what Cole Magrath has! White Kryrem will have Fire and Ice, which is also sweet since they're both opposite powers fused together!
Yep! I'm definitely getting an Oshawott this time.
pokemon white 2 your awesome dude
~Cough~ lol White 2 is missing alot of the new pokemon. Black two has like.. more pokemon from past regions than white 2. ;3 soo.. WOO FOR BLACK 2!
What level did you evolve growlithe? and thats a really nice team.
black to black 2 and white to white 2, that is why white kyurem and reshiram will be available in white 2 since in white 1 you caught zekrom, and the same applies to black and black 2
i want this game so much i just cant wait
You're the stupidest person I have ever seen. It is in Japanese not Chinese.
your rilval don't choose a pokemon he rised it
Why didn't you upload with english? No! No! No! No! No! No! No!
yay.....the 1st time the player gets a 1-story house no more tiring stairs.
It's seems like a 50/50 split between the games. I wonder which one will become more popular.
thumbs up if you don't wanna thumbs up other thumb ups. duh fuq?
Just pick the boy character if you're a male. He looks fine IMO. I didn't like the female character from D/P/Pt, because she wore waaay too much pink. (I don't like pink because its too girly) but I still picked her since Im a female.
yup and the 2nd reason i like the japanes dub names is that they'e fun to say Pokaaaabuuuuu Mijiiiiimaaaruuuuuu Tssssutaaarjaaaa :D
Dude why didn't u just get the english version
thumbs u if your getting the game october 7th today ! And the mythical pokemon Genesect!
i can understand the japanese LOL
MUST! *smack* LEARN! *smack* TO! *smack* READ! lol Code MENT...
in my opinion they should've kept Tepig's name Pokabu..i dunno it just sounds better than my opinion
Dude you sound just like AuroraVirus who BTW does a pokemon yellow walkthrough
Lol I wish I could read Japanese XD
You actually get the running shoes when you talk to your mom, and Hugh's sister gives you the town map
just got white version 2 this affternoon starting with a new pokemon you are awesome loving the series
N...o....e......l.... No-l! Its like dude I believe thats No-el and thats a girls name. Which in that case im even more fine in the being of that with the rivals that made no sense....
Thumb up if u r gettin white 2 and I hav to wait 9 days :(
U Chose Oshawott? Right Now My Team Is Samurott,Skarmory,Arcanine,andZoroark. It Is WAY Easy To Get Zorua In White 2. :)
I just got back from Japan about a month ago and I got White 2.
... well.. more or less like.. 2 weeks.. the sunday after this upcomeing one! i preordered it, CANT WAIT. gona head to game stop first thing XD -gona get me genesect-
Thumbs up if you got your copy of black and white 2
me to but my gamestop dosnt do the keldeo event :( but theyre doing the genesect event. oh and im going to another gamestop in a bit to get keldeo
que aburrido es pokemon... Sin ofender
Whats the difference between one and two?
Dude japanese version are sale in Japan. English version sale in North America.
the music in the intro in the begiining is catchy
pokemon black and white 2 best games of pokemon ever!!!!!
Bro where the hell do you live? It came out yesterday the 8th... so like that was sunday XD
You know what would be cool? Sweeping the ENTRIE game using ONLY your starter. Anyone think it can be done?
Dude! Just gt out of GameStop! I have White 2!
Am I the only person that really hates the new graphics on the new pokemon games?
I left... I got bored of Japanese text.
I actually agree on this. But then again, I prefer the Japanese names over English ones in almost every case. xD Especially in Samurott's case. Dunno why but Daikenki just sounds so awesome. ^^
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