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10 Kids, 1 School, 10 Perfect ACTs

by SourceFed • 595,071 views

Order your SourceFed Posters here: Description: 10 Students from 1 School Ace ACT Our Sources: Go to for our...

I got a 28 on two sections & a 26 on the other two.
1:21 ... Dat face doe.. Lol, all I got from that video was Joe Beretta's face at that moment and a lot of people are smarter than me... Whats wrong with me..?
idk and leaving the school it sucks ass I got bullied told principle and she did nothing about it
UNI high school represent!!!!!
I took the act 4 times 3 times in 10th grade and once in 11th Sept of 10th grade- 22 haha Feb of 10th grade- 28 June of 10th grade- 33 Dec of 11th grade- 36 I studied a lot and took many practice tests
1650 SAT and just got accepted into the college(s) I want :)
enjoy being in debt forever! :)
+TheOliminator only true for certain fields. assuming he doesnt take a fluff degree, he should be fine. 
Football!!!????? Whatttttt???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You say I say no footbal just yes soccer what!?!!!?!!!
I was pumped to get a 1460 on the SAT's with a 10-12 on the essay But got a 34 on the ACT's.. Pretty good for a little hick town that has an average SAT score of 1020..
I live in Canada (no ACT or SATs) but my favorite class is German, because it's just so easy.. We just learn 1 word or so everytime literally.
what are acts are thay like gcse ?
It's so weird how the average score on the SAT's is 1500 and the average ACT is 21 but in the comments the average is 2300 and 34. I guess the people watching source fed must be ridiculously smart 
No clue and Art Class for sure. That is why I am unemployed and living with granny.
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You don't need to study for them, they really are easy to ace. Though this is coming from a Canadian who didn't have to suffer through the American education system and its failings - see the majority of the Americans online. Your studying is your education throughout your years learning. Have fun!
Yeah... You think Asians are automatically geniuses ? screw off moron
i live in Louisiana and there were 6 perfect scores my gradusting class. I made a 33.
Never did it...yet still somehow I'm at university in a postgraduate doctorate degree and a phd candidate in cognitive neuroscience. Wow, who'd have thought? My point is the tests mean fuck all with regard to your future. Love what you do and do what you love and all that bullshit ;)
While this is an amazing achievement, it still doesn't stun me like it should. "The three-yearly OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) report, which compares the knowledge and skills of 15-year-olds in 70 countries around the world, ranked the United States 14th out of 34 OECD countries for reading skills, 17th for science and a below-average 25th for mathematics." -Source taken from Huffington Post.
When I took my SATs I did bad
i got a 1910. I was happy as a clam especially cause I got a 12 out of 12 on the written section :D
SAT and ACT are like a terrible way of measuring one's ability, it just proves they take tests good.
I wonder if they all took the +writing... because those essays are complete bullshit.
Lmao long island pride #scumbagnation
In 7th grade I got a 35 on the math section ot the act
Fun fact will Ferrell graduated from uni
really? geniuses? The SAT aside from the critical reading is a logics test. The math is all Algebra and geometry, and is simply phrased in ways in which we're not used to. The writing section is simply grammar that you've built up over the years. Now this isn't to say that the test is easy. Most people have to suffer in order to get a 2400 (theres always the exceptions) So these people are hardly geniuses. I was a 4.0/ 2150 on the SAT student, and I'd hardly say I'm even close to being a genius.
I'm lucky because i'm in the U.K and only did 1 SAT and the was when i was about 11 :) from then on i've just had a test on every subject every now and then......
When i was 12 I did better than a large group of 16 and 17 year olds.
I'm from Barbados and we don't do SATs or ACTs, but I guess the equivalent would be what we call CXCs( Caribbean Examinations Council), which is a number of tests you can do such as English, math, history, biology. I haven't done my CXCs yet but I'm starting them this year. There are a bunch of other tests after you do your CXCs as well like CAPE and CSEC. oh the joys of growing up.....
I got a 21 at the beginning of my freshman year
History! only because I had such an amazing teacher.
a lot. The test is similar to the I STEP (a long standardized test in IN) and has multiple sections (normally about 50+ questions per segment). They last hours.
I do highschool robotics does that count for anything
I never got higher than a 7 on the writing section :-P good thing I can do maths!
Took the ACT last year with literally no preparation and 4 hours of sleep, I got a 31 on it lol. 34s in the math and science portions
I scored a 1480 on my SATs last year, i'm going to retake them again this fall and hopefully try out the ACTs as well before applying to a bunch of colleges.
ACTs and SATs are so fucking easy... America's education system must really suck if only 0.1 % of people score 36/2400...
35... and I fell asleep on the last section
Is it a perfect storm for education? Or is it a perfect storm for test taking? They aren't the same thing.
How hard is this ACT test? If mainly requires knowledge then I'm not impressed... at all.
I took SATs when I was 11 and got the highest levels possible. True story. Of course, I'm English, and our education system is quite different :)
That's how Brooklyn people talk not all longislanders and I'm taking my sat in the upcoming year
Only took SAT, but my score (on my second attempt) was 2000. My favourite subject is Physics :3.
....I scored a 26. And oddly enough I was the highest scorer in my senior class. And I was also the youngest lol
I took that SAT when it was out of 1600. I scored a 1420. Meh.
Go watch pursuit of happiness. That will probably make you feel bad using poor as an excuse. One of the most successful stock brokers in history came from a broken relationship with his partner and a son who he had to provide for. Hecouldn't even provide enough money for housing. It's called motivation. In fact, most of the most successful people in modern history weren't from family's of wealth or status. They succeeded due to their own drive. Don't blame lack of willpower on your "situation."
U remember my high school crush got a perfect score I fell behind by a few points and I never spoke to her ever again
I took the SAT without studying or anything, and I got a 2100. I'm gonna retake it in October. I'm also gonna take the ACT soon. The thing is, I kind of hate College Board now, since they canceled 600 AP scores at my school :/
I got a 32 and could not be more proud.
I think that is the result of a poor education system, not an exceptionally intelligent student.
and i was pretty proud of my 28... holy shit
30, 1880, and APES (AP Environmental Science)
haha this is my school. I take classes with these people.
Except California has one of the worst teaching records... They spent 2,000 dollars per student and the students actually did 10% than in Texas. Suck it, liberals.
There's always gotta be some dude trying to downplay people's accomplishments. You can congratulate the kids, even though you took a different road to success...
1870 on SAT, and I'm Canadian, G_G.
They are pretty damn hard seeing that there is actually "no" real way of studying for them... I'd like to believe that means you got a perfect score on both? No? Didn't think so...
ok her long island accent is completely wrong but its lee who can ever hate her
I really hope English isn't your first language.
Whoa and I thought it was cool that two girls in my grade got perfect SATs I got a 1970. I just retook them the other day, though. Hope I did better!! I made all kinds of dumb mistakes last time. Fuckin math... Favorite subject: english or art :)
Biology and physics got a 1560 on Sat but still got q full scholarship
I just got 18/20 (not big but important (that's what she said) ) on a test without studying at all. I'm pretty lucky :D
proud member of long island :D
Why does the video look like that?
Lets not talk about whag I scored on the sat lol
Just like IQ-tests. People who do well in those tests are good at schools, but they cannot be linked directly to being successful later in life.
Let's be honest, we all know/remember total idiots doing damn near perfect on that.
I do not live in America, so I have no idea what you're talking about!
24 on my first act my junior year. Going to take it again this year because I didn't finish most of the questions.
1412, yeah not the best but still not bad
20 minutes or less. that probably lasted... 20 minutes or less
I scored nothing on the SAT because I don't live in America
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