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Just Bieber trips at Wembley and breaks his foot

by twibright • 2,833,873 views

At 0:05 he breaks his foot and limps throughout the rest of the song.

Now I don't think he broke his foot, it just got fractured, but still he kept performing with the pain.
He breaks his foot and continues the whole concert limping... Now he gets hit by a water bottle and he just leaves...
How the hell did he break his foot from that little stumble.
I had to watch it like 3 times and I think I missed it still. They need to line the stage with foam pads when he comes on
fuck justin bieber
i love him! normaly if someone breaks something they would stop and go to hospital but he just kept on singing and dancing!<333 xxx
Your a retard person right below me he did break his leg!
@assbacon1 he tripped over the little ramp and twisted his foot
It would be nice if when he trips isnt the ONE time in the video thats its blurry.
Aw!Bless him! He had to hold his ankle just to touch his fans hands <3
it blurs right as he trips. fucking great.
i have more of a life then you'll EVER have, because i don't worship some cocky 'singer'
lmao he broke his leg lolz....i hope next he breaks his neck! >:)
@OlleSZ1 he did actually break his foot.
its easy to break your leg, i broke my wrist by tripping over like that, and bless him!:')
did he trip at 0:03? if not when did he trip?
to everyone saying that it looks fake,um stfu obviously he had a cast after,and he stayed throughtout the entire concert,he didnt wanna leave his fans down.He was limping and you can tell in some parts of the video. So um im pretty sure he broke it,like haters stfu you dont know justin bieber in real life,and plus if you didnt like him why the hell are you watching this.That makes you look so retarted..
this is so sad cause all you haters are fake you love him and he did break his foot
aww a shame he broke his foot o.o but he cared that much about his fans that he didnt stop and complain like some brats that people spread about justin bieber being a brat and hes clearly not cause he gives millions to different charities every year and he continued his concert when he broke his foot and after with a STOOKY ON so STFU haters he isnt a brat v.v xxx
It does not always hurt when you break your foot straight away, I broke mine in a game of football and played the whole game, so i dont think he did solider through it, I just dont think he felt the pain.
whe does he actually break his foot?
Why is it two different videos then he breaks his foot
There's a Band called Black Veil Brides and the lead singer "Andy Sixx" broke 3 ribs and went on with the show
What The Fuck Next Time You Try And Say Shit That Just Doesn't Make Sense Because If He Didn't Make Music He Wouldn't Be As Famous As He Is Today And He Wouldn't Of Gotten Over £40,000 For A Lock Of His Hair Which All Went To Charity And All Of His Proceeds He Made From His Album Went To Charity Which Was A Lot Of Money So Get Your Facts Straight Before You Try And Start An Argument That You Just Won't Win!.
He dont felt hard or something can it been broken ? I mean when i fall of my horse...I fall way harder and faster but i have just pain for a second ...or a day...but nothing broken :$
@Khalifaadun Lol before you go saying worthless shit like that, why don't you think about it alittle longer m'kayy? There was a step and even if it looks like a small stumble it was really a big stumble. Have you ever thought about the fact that he could have twisted it when his foot hit the ground?
awwwh , :( he carrried on iloveyoujustin forever!!
He wasnt lip syncing. Youd have to be dumb to think that -.- and i feel sooo bad
@BornToRaveRecords No, your just a jealous faggot. And dont say your not because if you weren't, why are you watching? Face it, your jealous of him, you think hating on someone for no reason makes you cool? No. So shut the fuck up and go sit in the corner, tight ass cunt.
@OlleSZ1 look at when its a liitle blury . Thats when he trips
Aww. Get well soon even tho u prob. Did already
he broke it coz she was running his foot wen to the side an he lent on he
@TeamJacob13141 Actually yes he did. Lol if you watch closely he trips on the edge of some type of edge thing, and his foot flys up alittle. It happens when his group is right beside him. Lol, watch more closely okay?
someone hasn't been drinking their milk
some people say he fell while coming to the stage not on the stage but since some dont know that they say he broke it while tripping at 0:05 which honestly i don't understand how that could have happened.
PEOPLE LISTEN UP: he doesn't even fall he's just a little pussy and he twists his ankle and can't handle it. lol i just saved you a minute of your life YOLO XD
BROKE the foot he thats bs i trip 2 times a day especially in front of girls i like. + i jus wanted 2 see him crying
I was so amazed that he got through the song. Go JB :D
now we all no what happend when he drank too much milk...
That's Justin Bieber? I thought he was a guy who had tattoos on his arm and dresses all gangster-like and stuff.
Awh poor Justin! :'( You're amazing bro <33 Love you.
i dont like justin bieber that much but its abit harsh so many people are hating on him. cause if you were him and you broke your foot on stage would you carry on with the show. it was a good thing what he did and alot of you haters actually need to grow up and stop being jelous cause its not pretty
He could not have broken his leg from that little stumble if he did then he didn't drink enough milk little bitch
@Nurah Aldosari shut the fuck up because apparently you have no life because you sit there and post snobby comments you little bitch
his hair goes bounce when he trips =D
lol he is so weak he can break a foot by a small trip, i smell a weak mexican
@assbacon1 I think justin was rnning from behind the curtain, and one of the backup dancers was by his side and tripped him when justin was running..
Uh, no he didn't. He hobbled off the stage after the first song.
Just for a god-damn second, stfu Justin-Stalkers This kid has had an "injury" on stage like 4 times now, and every time ANYBODY (even a chick) woulda rubbed it off.. it's just ridiculous. Him and his nasally voice needs to gtfo
its not how you trip its how you land!
Have u heard about the band SlipKnoT? I Beaver wathced a live show, he would faint. Not everyone light themselves on fire and finishes the concert. Not everyone gets 39 stitches in the fucking forehead and finished the concert, and even fewer does all that crap at the same fucking concert.
@BornToRaveRecords he's canadian. i'm ashamed that i know that. i'm also ashamed to be watching this. oh god what have i done?!
Justin Bieber is lacking calcium to strengthen his bones i tripped over plenty of times to know that it wont break a foot
When Justin Bieber broke his foot he didn't have a stooky/cast on until after the concert because he didn't want to stop the concert so he got a stooky/cast after the concert when he wen't to the hospital.
he broke his foot, its not edited on interviews people have asked what his most embarrassing moment was and he said tripping over and breaking my foot whole performing at wembley,
Look you could see him hold his leg at like 00:14
He was clearly walking, and trust me, you can't. At least not if you have an actual fracture. And once again, if that trip somehow wound up with a fracture I'd be very surprised.
Even though he tripped, he still made the show go on
Listen, cause I eon't say this again. I know that he tripped, and I know how he tripped. What I don't understand, however, is how he could break his foot from such a tiny little trip. First of all, there's no way that would happen unless he has brittle bone disease or something. And secondly, if you break you foot, you can't walk on it. Believe me, I know. I understand that it might have hurt a little, but there's just no way that he broke his foot.
How do you break your foot from that? i had worse trips.
no the real resone is he brok his foot but he cept going
hahahahahahahahahahahhahaa he broke his foot!! lmfaoooo
Weak feet lol, at least he finished the song.
this boy, <3 his such a fool, he broke his foot and then he ran into a glass door and got concussion
im not a jb fan, im rock metal, but i give credit for carrying on
He's sucha wimp like :p thinks he's soo mad boiis :L
@ilovedrama1998 There was a little jump on the floor, and he didn't see that, and when he "Fell he landed with his foot a bit wrong.
Maybe he didn't beak it there. he was doing the scene, running at the stage and all that's a stess for the foot ans all
If you notice, there's a step there and an amp next to it. He probably fell down the step and twisted it then tripped over the corner of the amp and it broke :/
wait to the little trip broke his foot
It doesn't look like that could break his foot
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