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[1] Let's Play RAGE - Part 1

by GaLm • 38,329 views

We trade one wasteland for another as I begin my blind LP of the game RAGE

Oooh, look at the fugly textures !!! edit: Haha, he was worried about JAGGIES ? Bwahaha !
Woo, he gets a scope - but would prefer an iron sights ? Is this guy retarded ?
Apophis...appropriate name for a giant meteor that almost destroys earth and mankind...for those that don't know Apophis was the God of Chaos “Apophis, the great God of Chaos, raised his mighty hand and the just, and unjust felt his wrath”.
How to play with two players
If I get enough money, I think I'll get this game.
He's titled it 'Saving the Galaxy with Galm'. I was looking for it too.
you clearly dont know much about galm..... anyways, go back where you came from. none of us care why you disliked this video
Yeah. The game feels open world, but it's mostly linear, combat is the only free style thing about this game.
Due to the nature of GaLmHD's 1hr uploads, I hearby subscribe. SUBBED
Heres a brilliant idea. It's his channel he can do whatever the fuck he wants with it. Don't like it. Don't watch. People that do like him will continue to watch him regardless of what you say.
I was listening to this as I was doing my homework, thanks for making it interesting.
Lol then lets pretend that my comment is some thing I would have set 8 month ago XD
I HATE IT when people whomake goog you tube videos are like 10 minutes long
i like how it goes of being locked up in a dark narrow place then finally see the outside world, feel soo greatt.. like in fallout 3
There's also Cubex55 - hours long videos and (far as I can tell) no commentary at all.
that would be the "Resurrection of Evil" expansion pack, which I currently own. TIP: When playing "Doom 3", play it with the Trent Reznor Soundpack downloaded and installed, because that'll carry over into the expansion game
The bandits sound like the orcs from warhammer
But what about 3 hour uploads what would you call them terminators?
Finally u play Rage and also will be on Rage
Hi Dude! lol :) yes it's strange... talking and talking and talking... and talking... it's a longplay! But I must also say thanks for your upload (also if it's Horrible :D)
been waiting for you to do this this game looked interesting
"This doesn't look so bad, right? I mean... it... exists..." I literally LOL'd.
so it is fallout but you can drive cars
Glam in this game saving a lot is needed
Hello Galm can you play the dlc for doom 3 (cant remember the name of the dlc) that would be gr8 ps Love youre channel and youre vids! =)
Amazing how people are giving galm grief just because of commentary... you chose to watch it, and obviously if youre just criticizing him because there's commentary, then search for one where its purely a walkthrough. hes doing lps not walkthroughs, so quit griefing him and let him do his thing.
that Dan guy, the voice actor played Sully in Monsters Inc.
you see this is what happens when you let sepheroph do what he wants...just kidding but considering this is a Bethesda post apocalyptic game and the apocalypse isn't man made now that's progress.
Galm im sorry bro but you cant shoot for shit....
That's a bit silly, you're applying your ridiculous sense of gaming pride as some sort of critique on someone you've obviously never watched. In the end, I've never reduced the difficulty in any of my LPs, but the fact that I'm very much capable of accepting of difficulty change when I've overstepped my gaming skill boundaries (which quite frankly, have never been reached due to a high difficulty), just proves that I'm far more of a gamer than you'll ever be. Point is, I'm no casual, ya scrub.
No one is on your side aztaclalz
thank you GaLm that is how youtubers really should make vids, for the people that watch not for those that might watch and appeal to them
rmn878's right. If you have that little subscribers with that many videos, you need to slow down. Don't spend all of your free time doing this. Just take it slow and your channel's going t pick up eventually.
Those mutants in the sewer kind of remind me of the specimen in FEAR 2.
This game is still one of my favorites, despite all the negativity surrounding it. Unfortunately they never followed up on it and released more DLCs for example.
I think I have quite a few people that would disagree.
6:11 "Our Kirov's will blot out the Sun" Haha, Mike and Canned took over the future. XD
@bradleybetterthanu I'm liking it so far. Part 2 isn't up because its the weekend and I'm not putting main LP parts up on the weekend.
@PunkneverdiesEKV 10-15 minute videos are for sissies.
I thought you played this on your GamerClips channel?
he has about 9 million subs at this point... your argument is now invalid
Galm did you do an Lp of Fallout New vegas if you did i cant find it.
I love how GaLm implements intelligence and smart thinking into his responses, he doesn't just reply on a whim
I do not remeber that sewer being there, Is that DLC or am i just oblivious to that.
i went 50 min then realized why am i not in fullscreen
You should think about doing anothe lets play but for the xbox 360
and by the way things' are looking of now.....the future might actually look like that
0:33:00 and thats the way i will enter anything from now on
Your voice is way too loud. Headset mic?
Rage galm rage!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD phones and beer survived a meteor impact...well cola survived an atomic war.
chriiiist, you upload long vids! :D
@GaLmHD alright well, I bought it about 45 minutes ago and Im liking it to it's a good game.
Liked purely because of GaLm's smackdown of aztaclalz.
@GaLmHD Do you plan on doing a Kingdom of Amalur LP?
GaLm your voice is so sexy you could talk forever and it would be fantastic
"It seems like i've been asleep for almost a century!" I love the way you try to get into character :D
oh snap that guy just got 4th degree burns TO HIS FACE
I enjoyed this game back when I played it. Kinda reminded me of the Jak series for the PS2, what with the wasteland environment, the emphasis on vehicles, and the whole concept of being a person from the past fighting futuristic overlords. Either way, watching someone else play it makes for a nice dose of nostalgia.
aparently bandits are badass ninjas in the future
I can't get over the fact that you actually stopped talking during the cutscenes. Subscribed.
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