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MW3 TOP 3 FAILS - of the WEEK #14 (Modern Warfare 3 EPIC FAIL COUNTDOWN) by Whiteboy7thst

by whiteboy7thst • 536,567 views

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this vid was made on my bday!!!!!!
I have a clip where I try to get a Moab and dead mans hand almost killed me 3 times but when I'm almost there a striker noob named noobslayer killed me
i threw the c4 @ the like button and broke my computer screen. i had to buy a new computer, so thank you for that. >=(
people play on wii because when your 8 the wii looks cooler tan it actualy is
I Play on the wii bitch Im awsome at it Everyone bags on the wii Just because of the graphics Well the wii-u will beat the xbox and the ps3
My birthday was the day before this was posted
Lmao xD! I sooo wanna do number one!
PLLLLLLEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZ make more ill try to help with alot
XD ...wait what does GOAT mean?
funny thing is that i was tomahawking everbody :D
wrong, the guy hiding in the corner called in the escort airdrop, the other guy trapped him with his explosive decoy then stole the escort airdrop packages
lol amazing boobytrap *SO MUCH WIN*
Is it top 3 or top 5, me confused
I'm not going to say "no one is probably going to read this" because obviously some of you will. What I will say is that i put up quality content and that all those who come by my channel are impressed by what they see. I'm not here to ask for subscribers, I just want feedback, my favorite thing about all this is the comments and feedback from my viewers. I talk about subjects relative to the community and those relevant to life, so feel free to stop by and leave some feedback -TheMrShabang
whiteboy ur freakin awsome i wish i was you
For number 4 ballistic vest and the blast shield perk
I throwed c4 at like button. my house exploded.
this sunday im hosting an private open lobby if anyone wants to join just add jariforlife and ill invite you for the match (dutch time) its propaly q scoping!!
I want t shirt i am subscribed and sent a fail:)
My brother says Whiteboy is dumb and has an annoying voice. He has a C4 coming his way tomorrow...
Recon drones have flares xD Wtf?!?!
lol ny tomahawk kill heheheheh t-bag 4 the win
I was playin S&D and the enimes plated the bomb and ovs they where trying to stop us from defusing it and one of the enimes was focasing on one of my teammates so i shot him with my gun and there was a guy spining round and round and round and round and then out of know where he started 2 spray so i ran back sprayed all the other team and defused the bomb PLUS he had a mike so started goin all od screeming LLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLL
I did the same thing with a javelin but I got a double kill XD
PENIS.does this comment encourage you?jk
#1 would piss me off oh my god lol that sucks for him
We have someone playing on the Wii and thats the Fail XD
@SHOCKWAVE2980 Sir, you have failed pewdiepie has over 250,000,00+ views :/
Join clan kilr my Xbox live name is FaDe K1LLER SO JOIN!! Please:)
Lol. The commentator is a fail. 6 fails of the week.
Whiteboy, when I first watched your videos you were way more enjoyable, now when I'm watching one of your videos the only thing I'm thinking is: He's doing it for the money.. Sorry man, unsub.
the wii part killed me hahaha xD
Wow this vid was a fail becuase in the intro it said top 3 fails and its top 5 fails lol
Would any one want to join wKTA on ps3
als het tijd voor nederlands is waarom schrijf je dan engels?
Whiteboy should have one video of him playing BF3
Whiteboy your the coolest person in the world I wish I was you!
Whiteboy is awesome. Ur gay and what the fuck is a pancelli???
he takes this goat thing to seriously its sort of annoying the acronym has bin around forever.
Hey whiteboy what's up? U should check out fadedmw3 we have a fail u should put in one of ur top 5 fails videos I'm BiTt3R Pancak3Z check out our fail please, is a cool crate kill across the map
I am a legendary sniper! Check my channel out. Give a like and sub!
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