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by David Stoessel • 47,386 views

SPREADtheGOOD A full length skate video by David Stoessel, released in April of 2011. Featuring: Nick Zizzo 2:15 Kevin Shealy 7:15 Randy Okolichany/Matt Blas 10:42 Dylan Perry 14:30 Friends 1 17:35...

Heyy guys we have a full length video trailer up on my channel if you can check it out it will be out december 1st!!
What is the song in the intro? I would very much like to know man.  Thanks David Stoessel
your answer is in the credits. :)
These guys like blunt slides
what the song in the intro
what was the song in Daniel Delanois' part?
how is that beast nick zizzo doin??, he pro yet, how is e? killrs it
All-time favorite FL video
everyone looks the same in this vid
Favourited and liked before even watching cause if it's from Steak, it's gonna be good.
21:00 is why skateboarding is the raddest.
what is the song for nick zizzos part??
Watched the whole video and its so good! The spots in Miami seem real fun.
this was awesome, it reminded me how much i love skateboarding. it was an honest, and good quality feature length. why arent all skate videos like this?
i respect this video davie stoessel
Were i live its thick ice now so i cant get out to skate. Bedroom skating it is till spring. Good thing i talked my gf into putting a quater pipe in our house.
Sick new spots, haven't seen a lot of these before. Good shit video, good shit.
hell yeah u can! go to the link and ill send it out asap!!!
OUTSTANDING filming, editing, skateboarding and skaters!!!
Hey David, i noticed a problem on this video. And there's the same problem on my copy. Some songs are kinda laggy i don't know how to say that there's some cuts in the songs it's strange. Is this due to your export settings or what?
This video cured my erectile disfunction
East cost style Florida! Best inspiration ever!! Those skaters have always full speed!
Forgot me in additional filming but whatavzzzzzzzzzzz
what? how many times have you seen some1 skate a jungle gym? hahaha
this video was so fucking good
Warning: If you begin to watch this video, you will lose the next hour of your life... in a good way though.
1:15............was that even possible?
17:45 aint nobody got time for dat
Damn these kids are good Anyone know if they're sponsored
As expected this is incredible David.
Sorry about your account getting taken down. I still wanted to watch captain John and his eight faithful seamen
Like Are Any Of You Sponsered??
You are seriously one of the best filmers ever. No joke. You and Shane from sk8rat are dope.
4:57 he fucked up that guy feeding the birds. haha
couldnt fit juh boi into the friends
by the looks of things, nick zizzo does not have a shoe sponsor.. im very confused...
favorited before watching sooo pumped
10:25 who else was he actually gonna front lip that rail?
music, filming, and the skating are all amazing
oh my lord... the switch back crook at 26:36 is more than amazing
everyone in this video can bs flip super good.
If you ever come to CA, we should skate man.
35:10 was soo sick where are u guys fromm? so many dope spots
18:54 Godamn that was the best clip of the whole video!
such a sick video who and zeppelin nice music choices sick ass fucking skating
Intro - Death And Vanilla - Between Circles Nick Zizzo - Weekend - Coma Summer Kevin Shealy - Jacuzzi Boys - Island aveneue Randy Okolichany & Matt Blas - Generationals - When They Fight, They Fight Dylan Perry - Led Zeppelin - The Girl I Love She Got Long Black Wavy Hair Friends #1 - Greenhornes - Can't Stand It Friends #2 - La Sera - Never Come Around Friends #3 - Dead Gaze - Take Me Home Or I Die Alone
this is the 666th video i favorited. sick. awesome video and thanks for the love and for this video.
this is probably the best video I've ever seen! the skating was fucking nuts and the music couldn't have been better! KEEP THIS SHIT GOING!!!
Carlos Mendez & Joe Storm - King Khan - (How Can I Keep You) Outta Har Dan Delanois - Dom - Jesus Alex Tatum & Ryan Ward - King Khan & BBQ Show - Blow My Top Chris Freistat & Charlie Cassidy #1 - Greenhornes - Don't Come Running To Me Chris Freistat & Charlie Cassidy #2 - Greenhornes - Too Much Sorrow Tyler Bolar - White Fence - Who Feels Right Aaron Collier - The Black Keys - The Only One Travis Ehrlund - The Black Angels - You In Color Credits - Tonstartssbandht - Black Country
Ahaha I meant park footy as in skateparks. I was just joking though, I like all skating. Love the video
prolly way too late but could i buy this still?
someone just chillin on on the roof at 49:11
Nah you don't have to use MP3 files man, unless the compression is higher than 192kbps.
you guys are fucking illlllllllllllll at skating
This was awesome! that looked like so much went into it and was fun to make. That was tight.
matt blas is in boyish!! niqqas raw ass fuck
Tyler was the best part!;) and i'm not just sayn that cuz he's my homie.
Found you guys on shreddit, sick vid, you guys are dope.
Craziest fucking bails in the intro.
This gets me hyped way more than pro videos.
I don't usually like park footage, but 36:09 was pretty sick.
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