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Mr. Deity and the Quitter

by misterdeity • 93,884 views

Jesus gets upset when he realizes that there's no reason for his sacrifice.

I'm wondering what it is you learned those lessons from.  Because if that really exists... it sounds like it would be terrible and anyone who liked these prequels would be a great disappointment to the fandom that would need to be established, in the first place, for sequels to even be considered. Good thing there's nothing like that around.  Wait, what?  Hold on...
Does anyone know who is the "Pesed" (sp?) is that Jesus refers to? Lucy referred to him/her/it in a previous episode as well.
PZ, or as the British say, "Pzed." That's PZ Myers who appeared as the science advisor in Mr. Deity and the Science Advisor.
ok i am sold! you got me I will donate this is awesome!
Jesus is sick of your shit.
What a witty way to show the tortured misunderstandings of silly beliefs. Keep it up Mr. Deity
"Continuity is a bitch, isn't it?" LOL!
Publicans were vile and hated by everyone.  What about republicans?  Much worse.
Technically right is the best kind of right. 
"Okay Crocket" shot tea out of my nose
Two words, "much worse," almost got me kicked outta bed cause I laughed and almost woke up my "Eve"...shhhhhh! Oh, frick'in funny guys.
"Are you foresaking me?" LMAO
Oh my God! I LOVE this guy! Brian Keith Dalton is hilarious. Seriously, the stuff he writes is thoughtful & clever, and just so much funnier than the mediocre crap on TV. Why can't we have a Mr. Deity sitcom? Why?????
You do a great job ..just one suggestion .. You should avoid so much self references in each episode.. Self reference is rarely funny ..
You are both, with respect, misguided. I, with respect, am God, and you are both going to Hell. Why? Because this is my kingdom, and I am its king. Yes, Mister Deity, if that is your real name, The Bible represents me in an awful way. Men wrote it, editted it, and overall turned it into trash (the opposite of what the editors of that Twilight series did for that mormon girl). I simply ask for blind faith. 2goingtruth, stop worshipping Truth, that guy is brutally honest and offensive. You're...
@kuhlgi I don't understand this question. They're both equally real in their own sphere and I don't need to ask "which is more real?" What I know is not real is the claim that some Holy man spoke with a transcendent deity who didn't know that death had been around for billions of years, that the Earth wasn't created yesterday, or that murdering Homosexuals was not cool. That's really ALL I need to know.
@gemulikeit I'm not sure I understand this. The theology has been that (original) sin causes death. The way to conquer death was to have a sinless man die (which is why Jesus had to be fully man). Jesse's reasoning is that if there is no original sin, then there's no need for him to die. I think that's pretty sound, theologically. At least from a Pauline point of view.
Have NONE of you not yet learned that it may be only the weak in mind who mock and who are sarcastic about things they themselves can find no reason for? That there is nothing to gain from finding faults and limitations in others, and that “Truth” and knowledge can only be gained from knowing one’s own faults and limitations? This is “Truth” as taught by Christ; of which can also be learned from the examples given by the lives of Mandela, Luther-King and Gandhi! I most humbly suggest!
1:20 "Continuity is a bitch isn't it?" lol
@2gointruth Are you trying to sound like a great prophet chastising the people -- a lone voice crying in the wilderness? And what kind of mumbo jumbo are you speaking? We don't care what Christ taught. Many here would probably believe him to be pure myth as I do. And mockery is a time-honored tactic of those who wish to point out absurdity -- like a good God who orders genocide, or the murder of homosexuals, or, in this case, the doctrine of the Trinity.
Hello Mr. Deity. I can't help but notice a fallacy in Jesse's argument when he says that: "If the wages of sin isn't death then there's no reason for my crucifixion." The original argument, I assume, goes along these lines: "The wages of sin is death so Jesus should be crucified" which we can symbolize as "WSD implies JC" The correct and equivalent statement is "~JC implies ~WSD" Jesse reaches a fallacious, albeit common, conclusion when he says "~WSD implies ~JC" Thanks! Great videos!
@misterdeity - Good one! (applause, whistles, and two thumbs up) 2gointruth sounds like Malachi from Children of the Corn. Your show is funny as hell - haha - and I can't get enough of it!
Except for that entire story is complete bullshit. There was no Adam and Eve, no garden, no snake. Just like there was no rainbow bridge and people turning into dolphins.
So how do they feel about lesbians having statistically higher chance of avoiding adis than straight women? Does that mean god is blessing the lesbians? Christian logic!
lol, I memorized the Dawkins thing too.
@misterdeity "Ethical monotheism is an oxymoron." I'm so putting that on my facebook quotes.
It amuses me that a man who kind of resembles George Lucas is slagging off the Star Wars prequels.
@2gointruth Dude, you are hysterical. You're trying so hard to sound like some prophet from the Bible or something. What you don't get is how completely phony you come across -- sounding like you're so above everyone else, because you're speaking "from truth" and we're all just a**holes. Just talk to us like you're a human being. Join the dialog, and stop sounding so pompous. Or, just leave it alone. We get it, you don't approve.
I am an Assemblies of God Pastor, and I think your shows are brilliant...of course I completely disagree with where you ended up theologically, but I understand how you got there...any thinking person is going to have to wrestle with these huge questions...but some of us have found that it is possible to grapple, and not lose our's never too late to grab ahold of faith again...and I'll say it again, this series is absolutely brilliant...consider me your number one Christian fan!
@2gointruth A lack of gods is not a god, saying that you are guided by truth in the same comment as that claim is an utter lie.
@iAMtekey A fully endowed Mormon -- if you know what I mean (signed, sealed, delivered).
@explosivoification Why do you say to me "You are no follower of Truth"? - I am nothing! (If not guided by Truth!) - Jesus Christ is the Son and Teacher of Truth - When people like you mocked, spat upon and crucified Jesus two thousand years ago, you could not change Truth then, as you cannot change Truth now by mocking him and by crucifying him with your treacherous words. Without Truth, one would be Dishonest. Without Truth, one would be Atheist.
@2gointruth I find you to be a very dishonest person. You have elevate yourself above the crowd in your mind by claiming to speak the truth. You remind me of my roommate with borderline personlity disorder who, like you, points out the lies or apparent lies in others while claiming that he is indeed truthful. And people who claim to be brutally honest generally are more brutal than honest.
I try to keep some measure of compassion in mind even for the most frustrating people, though. If I had been born into the Westboro Phelps clan, I could just as easily be one saying those awful things. It's a little scary; there but for the chain of causality go I.
@fullfist cont. by that train of thought, an unrepented sinner that get's snuffed existentialy has nothing to complain about since by no virtue did he deserve even this life that he had (since he didnt exist before he was created) Even that was more than generous from God to give. . u see a man that had nothing that receives something no matter how little without deserving still profits. some invest, and some spend it on booze.
Isn't it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?..Douglas Adams..
That's Elohim, Yahweh's probably probably screwing around with Asherah somewhere.
Yes, he told them, don't do eat from that tree, or they would die, and neglected telling them what the word "die" means. According to that story, no one had ever died at that point, so Adam and Eve did not even know of the concept of dying, much less know what to call it.
@misterdeity Ah (it seems) you can only revert back to misrepresenting what I have actually said ... I am really a fool for expecting more from you, or from your number - Understanding Truth is obviously denied to you - At the very least, I do admire you for not blocking my comments. But, humbly and respectfully, that is as far as my admiration for you will ever go.
@explosivoification As you wish! ... I would never call you a liar; just misguided! ... In the name of Jesus and Truth do I say what I say, no matter how you and your like may attempt distort my words, as you do Christ's.
@misterdeity You are money my about my question: you said essentially that when you let go of belief in God, you grabbed ahold of "reality". I said our reality and quantum reality were connected and yet completely contradictory. Yet neither is less "real". Why cannot God be "equally real" in His own "sphere" even though this contradicts what you perceive in your "sphere of reality"? methinks you are starting to sound like a fundamentalist with "that's ALL I need to know".
If you read Genesis you will see that God never dumbed snakes down or removed their ability to speak. Have you ever tried talking to a snake? Don't give me that "It was Lucifer in disguise" crap. What kind of holy being punishes one person for someone else's sins... oh, right! That's the basis of your religion. Can the Ghostbusters villain you worship go an eternity without asking for more animal/human sacrifices and if he can, why were they necessary at all? Hint: he sounds kinda evil.
@talon8x There is only one way. Not two! - Truth is my judge - I am not answerable to you or your number - If you cannot recognise Truth within my words, then you must discard them.
Not to mention the entire sacrifice thing. If someone had the power to make me the ruler of everything forever, and all I had to do was die, then come back to life, perfectly healthy, and with the ability to fly a few days later, well, sign me up I say. How's that a sacrifice again?
@2gointruth You're are king of the vague platitudes. I just wish you'd speak like a human rather than trying to be all deep, working so hard to achieve heaviosity. People who do that are always overcompensating for something -- like Ted Haggard and his homosexuality. You just make me wonder what you're hiding. Perhaps you're a closet Atheist?
Publicans: Tax collectors, and the most hated people of their time? Republicans: Much worse.
But Liam Neeson was the best part of Star Wars, Ep 1!
@explosivoification Misunderstanding and misinterpretation and disrespect are the hallmarks of Atheism. I did not say I was NOT a Christian and I did not say I was! Christians teach Christianity. Christ never taught Christianity. Mahatma Gandhi was once asked "But you are a Hindu, are you not" to which he replied "Yes I am. I also a Jew, a Christian, a Muslim and a Buddhist" I am guided primarily by the words of Christ, but also by Gandhi, ML-K and Mandela (aka speakers of Truth)
Lol. What the heck happened to the numbering. You said #4, when it was 3) at 5:38. 5) became 6), and 5) is after 6). ????? I'm confused.
Let me ask you or anyone of your number this: If you love someone dearly, say, a brother, sister, son or daughter and you were (perhaps) a little older and (maybe) a little wiser than they (but not necessarily so); and then you found that the person you love, so much, was sarcastically mocking and insulting someone else (for any reason at all) in a public place:...
Mr, Deity, just a random completely unrelated you know you kinda look like George Lucas...?
Weren't the first painting and statues of jesus, showing him as black? Isn't the tribe he came from still all black?
Loved the total contrast between Jesus' Soap Opera intensity and Mr Deity's Sit-com flippancy-- continuity is bitch, isn't it!
"I was a Drama Major" LOL That struck me
@misterdeity I realize that your next move is to acknowledge that there certainly exists the possibility of other "realities", but that the plausibility of those unobserved "realities" is the real issue...and to save you the time of typing the words "flying spaghetti monster", I'll just do it for you now. It's the least I can do as a Christian. No need to go all Dawkins on me on this one...BTW, you have the most brilliant stinkin show on the net and I'm a true believer in your brilliant comedy!
So true. I try to do the same. Hey, you mentioned DVDs with bonus features and we have those. What could we do with those on Kickstarter?
@misterdeity and "if there is no death then there is no original sin". However, these should not serve as 'proofs' that original sin and the wages of sin really do exist. If you have the time, please do a google search with "implication" and "contrapositive" as the keywords (I can't post the site here :( ). Thanks for your reply!
@2gointruth PS: ... "Conscience" ("Spirit" "Soul" in biblical terms)
Did he copy Dawkins's description of God?
@misterdeity It's written like an email from a Nigerian "banker".
Rainbow Bridge is in Maui Hendrix played there but why does an all loving god create hell to begin with & why couldn't he just forgive the people he created? Oh thats right the bible is bullshit I still want to know how god is the good guy when he kills over 2 million people ( w/o the flood story) & satan kills 10 Keep up the good work
Hey Mr Deity, I've always wondered: Adam and Eve are punished for eating from the Tree of Knowledge.But prior to eating from the tree, they had no knowledge of good and evil. So eating from the Tree can't be a sin, because Adam and Eve lacked the requisite knowledge to commit a sinful act in the first place. So they should have only been thrown out of the Garden of Eden if they ate from the tree a SECOND time. Only then could they knowingly commit a sin.
@misterdeity To all who will listen: I am not in a position to approve or dissaprove anything! - Instead; I leave that to Atheism. It is only Truth through our consciences that can approve us of ourselves, but if we have no conscience, how can we possibly know Truth? How can we possibly approve of ourselves? Conscience is the soul, but if we have none then we have no soul.
That would be great if not for the "all knowing" part of the Biblical God, he knows the past/present/future, therefore knows what will happen and leave him as just a sadistic bitch.
@misterdeity When you say such things, in reference to Yeshua, "There are a billion of them." while most people in the world know that there has never been anyone else like him. Then I realize that you are playing games. That you are being unreasonable to be unreasonable (as in your videos) I thus now fully realize that your consciense has no control over whatever you may utter. I therefore wish to hear nothing else from you.
@electorg To show that MrDeity makes mistakes, like not anticipating the Quitting.
@RiyoYukai I live to serve the masses with entertaining words. XD
@2gointruth It was actually an accurate depiction of what you were saying, you are a liar and a hypocrite, or at least you have been lying and hypocritical on this comment section. Maybe you should just take your superiority complex and fuck off, since you can't even understand the concept of people not jumping to your ridiculous conclusions without being misguided.
psb1964, if you read Genesis 2:17 you will see that God had specifically commanded not to eat from that tree. They did have that knowledge.
@2gointruth Me: "What you are doing is just pulling a bunch of influential figures out of history like picking cards from a deck and worshiping them like they are Gods." You: "Truth of Jesus, Truth of Mandela, Truth of Luther-King and Ghandi: Truth, whose Power they have all demonstrated well; which is my God and the God you disagree with. Me: "Then you label anyone who disagrees with you as 'misguided'." You: "No, you are misguided" I'd say my words describe you pretty well, actually.
@2gointruth I love how obtuse you are. You accuse me of not seeing you as an equal but you start this conversation telling me that I'm misguided (rather than simply being someone with whom you disagree) and that only you know Truth. Who's not seeing who as an equal? You rage about others acting superior and then do nothing but act superior. You don't even have the decency to answer my challenges or rebut a word I've said. You simply spit out platitudes. You are hysterical!
And I hate to break it to you, but "everything you strive for with your heart, mind and passion you will get," is complete bullshit. Millions strove with all their hearts, minds and passions not to be killed at the hands of the Nazi, Khmer Rouge, Stalin, Manifest Denstinist, etc... I wish you were right. I wish there was some kind of Karma, or benevolent being rewarding the good and punishing the (truly) wicked (like molester priests), but that's just not the case.
Oh my, this one was a bit more dark! Still, anytime I need a giggle, Mr Deity delivers! I hope you're gonna be able to make it to TAM this year, it would be awesome to see ya again!
It's so fantastic that your videos are both hillarious and thought provoking!
@2gointruth Yeah have fun basking in prejudice and a world were you are superior to all others to the extent where nothing you do is disrespect, it must be fun being incapable of percieving anything you do as disrespect while being able to notice it in others. Being able to do and say whatever you want to others while never noticing your own flaws must give you a warm tingley feeling all over. Self righteousness isn't actual righteousness.
They had the knowledge that they were not supposed to eat it, but they did not have the knowledge of good and evil. So how did they know it was wrong to do so?
@2gointruth All truths are relative and the same is true with dishonest and honest people. What you are saying is that all dishonest people are dishonest all the time except with they point out they are telling the truth. And all honest people are honest all the time except went they are telling people they are being dishonest. So how is it that the dishonest people know when they are being honest when they tell people they are telling the truth?
@talon8x I am indeed a dishonest person. It would not be honest of me to claim otherwise. - However I find it in myself and not in others, as you are able to do. There is only one truth and I am not it! Mahatma Gandhi put it all in perspective when he said: "I may be despicable but when Truth speaks through me, I am Invincible" As Christ also did when he said "Judge not, lest you yourself be judged"
You mean... I don't get to become a dolphin...? Dreams. Hopes. Crushed. I hope you're happy.
@anonuser24793 Sean is a professional actor, you realize. He was in a Dodge commercial once.
@2gointruth You cant have it both ways. You claim a dishonest person only points out when he is honest and an honest person only points out when he is dishonest. So are you an honest person because you pointed out your dishonesty? Or a dishonest person to claim you are dishonest to begin with? Show me an example of where truth is not relative.
So, what is P-Z a cypher for? I think I get the rest of them, but not that one.
Here, here! There are few comments I agree with more passionately. You can learn all you need to know about a religion -- or any ideology for that matter -- by how it behaves when it has power. And Christianity has a despicable record. Remember, people risked their lives and got into tiny little boats to cross the Atlantic in order to get away from the "Christian Nations" of Europe.
@jabrax I think your Freudian slip above was more accurate -- "it helps the leave 'good' lives." ;-)
I hate to break it to you, but not every religion is actually selling the "1 god" thing. Chinese Religion, Hinduism, Falun Gong, Jainism, Shintoism, and Wicca are all contemporary polytheistic religions with millions to hundreds of millions of followers each. And Buddhism (hundreds of millions of believers) has various forms ranging from atheistic to polytheistic.
When I suggested that, I didn't realize you already had DVDs for sale, which is why I deleted it. Still, there have been things like music albums, films, and books launched through Kickstarter, so maybe new seasons of your shows could use KS too. It's like pre-selling the product, and different pledge rewards could include older seasons (maybe you could get 2 back?) plus swag like t-shirts, etc. You might even offer rewards that give some measure of creative input on topics, or a guest role.
@2gointruth Holy wow you are ridiculous. You say you're some sort of follower of Truth, but you are so incredibly ignorant, that it's just amazing. Following an ideal like truth means opening yourself to every possibility and observing it with an open, unbiased eye. What you are doing is just pulling a bunch of influential figures out of history like picking cards from a deck and worshiping them like they are Gods. Then you label anyone who disagrees with you as 'misguided'.
"jesus you remember everything i say" hahaha was that a slip or did you actually mean jesse?
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