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Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith Arguing

by EMAWksuEMAW • 91,045 views

3 different clips from Sportscenter with Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless going at it.

The best troll ever.
stephan a smith got the score exactly right score
Damn Stephen A. Got the score right 
i love watching them both, if they agree all the time then it will be boring! skip is always the antagonist and i like him for that he adds flavor to the show, stephen a has a lot of followers and skip has a lot of haters that's why people watch them! especially skip who people loves to hate! :)
2 Legends. We'll look back years from now and praise their legendary debates
I F**ks Wit Skip Bayless &  Stephen A. Smith They Act Like 2 Brothers & I Enjoy It...
Damm 105-94 was right Smith is a genius
I really can't imagine ESPN without these two. God-bless these legendary arguments.
+MrPoolmaster11 skip was on espn before stephen a. smith. 
even if you don't like these guys you gotta admit this is hilarious and just added more fuel to the fire that was the hype for the finals before it turned into that trainwreck
2 rings later......
He didnt get traded u idiot
these 2 guys crack me up lmfao
unbelievable chemistry, entertainment and reporting when these two work together.
Skip and Steven A.Smith crack me up.  
Haha what happened to king James he sucks he went to Miami to win championships it's a let down that he's a good player but he should build his team and stop trading up to different teams
It's possible considering the NBA is getting offered lots of money from many different cities like Seattle... And if Lebron wanted to build his own team, the city he wants to go and build will dish in a lot of money to make it happen.
I wonder if these guys legitimately dislike each other.
Nah, they cool. If you follow First Take youll see that despite their heated arguments (to some degree more for the sake of entertainment than accuracy) they still sincerely respect and like each other. Also, to elaborate this a bit; in Germany we had a somewhat similar duo as sportsanchors until recently, who would come across as disliking each other on a regular basis, but off-camera they were close friends even acted as godfathers. But their arguments were just hilarious, so I guess television or tv-executives comply with the same rules globally and in these cases we can consider ourselves lucky to be blessed with 2 grown man going at each other verbally and not deadly serious
These two are awesome. The "A" in "Stephen A" stands for ASS-A-NINE, ASS-A-TEN and ASS-A-ELEVEN!!! That was gold.
I wish with a passion I could punch skip bayless in the face 
lol skip is funny 
Look at stephen A while skip is talking LOL!!
He uses the whole time up and gets mad when skip want to say something
LeBron is obviously a better leader
These two are so good on screen together because of their friendship and mutual respect for the game. Love these guys
105-94? He got it right. 
I love these two they don't care sometimes I think they argue just to argue lol
heat 4 thunder 1 in 2012; heat 4 spurs 3 in 2013.   time to stop hating on lebron dick bayless.
All he ever does is hate on LeBron fuck that old wrinkly prune. Jealous of LeBron because he is very good and skip is the #1 Michael Jordan fan so he doesn't want anyone to be like mike not saying LeBron is but skip feels threatened
+MrPoolmaster11 skip is wrong on so many things about lebron but we all know lebron is the biggest choker in the nba by choking in 2011 nba one all time great player who scored 7 points in 4 straight 4th quarter and scored 8 points in game 4 vs mavs.
HOLY SHIT! That game DID end up 105:94 0__o Stephen A., WHAT ARE YOU?
Las Vegas Gambler ?
confirmed, looked it up on That's crazy Stephen A.
I love Skip and Steve A!!
Skip is just a masterful troll. Love it
Skip be lookin like a orc
Skip needs to start listening to Stephen
Then LeBron won the finals dominating KD and Skip changed his opinion completely. 
it's going to be a very sad day when skip bayless cannot do this show anymore
I like watching them argue its entertaining
These two remind me of Sean Salisbury, and John Clayton
It's funny because the X factor of this series between both teams was Shane Battier
Serge iblacka dropping ear l,ago
Skip Bayless is CLUELESS about the finer points of basketball
LMAO Stephen A riding OKC's nuts
only reason i wake up early is to watch these two dudes!!! First take !! #EMBRACEDEBATE
2 assist vs 7 ast lol 2 times 0 but when Lebrons done the league is KD's
I love these guys. They should get married because they argue too much. :)
So if i use a complex word like "traduce" instead of the phrase "make fun of" in an argument it makes me unnecessarily voiced in the language i speak? Come on, really? Whether he says "totality" or "absolute" or "allness" or "coherence" he's saying the same thing. what does it matter?
Yeah that argument was completely authentic... please
Skip says Durant is the more complete package and all he talks about is shooting because that's all Durant can do. Lebron can score, pass, rebound, and defend. That's a complete package.
KD is better in offensive play. LeBron beats KD in defensive play.
He also likes the term egregious. Like this constant bickering between Skip and Stephen is egregious.
2 douchebag who unfortunately knows about the
There like an old married couple haha
and Stephen is the woman in that relationship ahaha
THat awkward moment when Stephen A. Smith correctly picked the score of game 1 .-.
why dont you sit the next couple plays out skip bayless
This what make skip funny cuz he say the opposite stuff and the wrong way lol
wow stephen a smith was exactly right at 7:48 on his prediction
Wow, Stephen A. got the game right on the nose!
Skip is all about the 4th quarter performance, it's such bullshit.
OKC was overrated this year, they hit the Finals because of their athletism, their physical abilities and their talent. MIA came up SMARTER, the Heat came up with that high I.Q. that killed the OKC youngsters. I.Q. beats athletism & talent.
i cant even believe skip dared to say KD, i knew he was but damn.
Looking back on this now, Skip's view looks retarded
Skip tries to be like Stephen A too much..
It's like watching a dysfunctional married couple
these guys would be great ESPY hosts
dammnnnn stephen a got game 1 right on point!
Stephen a smith at 1:20 "this Nigga"
wow 105 and 94 and he got it exactly right!
he basically said Wade+Lebron = KD ... this show is too scripted, noone is stupid enough to think what Skip said.
Damn Stephen a a hell of a predictor WTF?
these two alone is a box office attraction! i could watch them go at it all day! lol they are yin and yang, david and goliath, north pole and south pole, i just love their contrasting personalities! :)
These guys are magic together ESPN got this one right have em on tv together as much as possible
imagine what the guys right behind them are thinking during their yelling
lol... skip bayless holds his mike like it is his ice cream cone...
Damn Stephen a smith predicted the score for game 1 perfectly! 7:45
Stephen A. should be a billionaire by now, the way he's predicting wins and scores lol.
wtf! stephen A guessed the score exactly!!
it's mad how Skip is now hating on Durant and loves Lebron James just a year later. LOL.
Pretty cool how stephen a smith was right. The thunder did win 105-94 just how he predicted
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