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by TobyGames • 166,731 views

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Listen, all he was saying was that saying "An hero" isn't proper English, you should have said "A Hero".
STFU ALREADY!!! Damn, thats all you people do is argue argue ARGUE!!! So SHUT THE HELL UP, AND CONTINUE WATCHING TOBUSCUS VIDEOS!!!!!!
Now i ask, can grass grow upside down?
i wasnt the one who corrected him on that. so NTY i will not look it up.
By saying "an hero" he is referring to the meme. Look it up
how many comments do you need top comment sheesh ._.
I might sound stupid... but what game is this? XD
*puts on sunglasses* looks like im going to remove these youtubers' comments yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
You must be new to trolling. At least have the aptitude mentally to be able to make sense before trying to be clever.
you CAN watch it in peace. if you cant because you decide to read the comments then its YOUR fault. stop blaming other people.
fak yu gooby. Oh wait you were spelling seriously. Let me laugh harder at how stupid you are.
the amount of stupidity that you type is almost incomprehensible.
wow... someone seriously ticked the Toby fans off... dont know what it was, dont wanna know. TOBY IS AMAZING!! WE LOVE YOU<3
yay i pressed liked and now i wont get peed on i wonder what happens if you dislike no dont poop on me plz
Toby look at what you have caused ;) People being idiots on the comments page.
you need a life, a dictionary, and a sense of humor
Attempted to see how this argument started... Gave up after reading 14...
is it good to know that you have over 3,000 fanmade pictures of you on deviant art . com?
Man, I swear. That is the most legit way to spell 'serious' you'll ever see. xD
What he's trying to say is that you're making mistakes. You use 'an' before a word that starts with letters a, e, i, u, o. You use 'a' before a word which starts with any other letter. Hence 'hero' starts with letter h you should write 'a hero'.
doesnt count as feeding a troll if im laughing my ass off at the idiotic things he says.
Why do you feel the need to make a fool out of yourself?
Finally after searching for 10 minutes I found my comment,so lets go kick JointDuo until he shuts up lol
I spent a good couple of mins reading that whole grammar/top comment thing before I realized the video was already over...
yu seam upset. dont bother leaving such a idiotik komment about an comment-chain u culd have eezily ignored.
You say "not meaning to offend you" yet insult Toby and use disgusting and offensive language, get out of here and learn some logic
i read this argument and i think that they are a bunch of idiots
his fans recommended these games hes not copying pewdiepie or nova u prick
an hero means commit suicide. I guess it's time for YOU to go back to school :)
Yes, as am I, but I'm clicking too much ( T_T )
Wtf is everyone fighting about?!?!?
I don't get why people argue on the internet. 1. 90% of the time they don't know each other. 2. Since they don't know each other it makes them look like pussies. 3. They think they are hardcore keyboard warriors when most of the time they are 14 year old nerd-gins. aaand 4. people who argue on the internet... are fuck-tards. Thank you :)
considering im getting the thumbs up and he isnt im just going to continue as i have. apparently im not doing anything incorrectly.
just a minnit... your inability to x-plain teh hero factor in going bakc to shcool tells me you a bit of idiot mate. try again, slim.
Why the frig are people arguing over first-grade grammer!?!?
All right, let's get this over with. *deep breath* WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL WHY ARE YOU ARGUING ABOUT THIS IT'S THE INTERNET, BAD GRAMMAR IS A FACT OF LIFE And incidentally "an hero" was an old-fashioned but correct way of saying it. It is one of the cases where both "a" and "an" are acceptable.
Grammer Nazi: You didn't punctuate after "you," "have" is not capitalized, you didn't punctuate after "comment," "bye" is not capitalized, it isn't even a complete sentence, and ":)" is not proper punctiation!
thats not even a sentence. my retarded kid is what? i dont even have a kid
lets hope so. I'm not sure how many times i could here the name MURDER DASH!!! before throwing my computer across the room.
whats the name of the full episode?
Good for you, Toby! Some people don't solve the puzzles unless they're smoking the grass...
a hero not an hero i agree with him go back to school if you cant say a hero
Is that a simple grammar fail, or you a fan of Antvenom
an hero is a meme and it basically is a reference to committing suicide ...
No it isn't, at least not in the English language. The way to say it is a hero. An hero doesn't make any sense whatsoever, it doesn't even sound right!
hmmm ive been seeing an obscene amount of these type of comments i'm thinking its either one die hard fan or its people he is being accused of copying its not like toby is copying them number one he doesnt profusely swear he does make innuendo every so often but he has always been like this watch his earlier vids the other guy just swears a lot and acts like a retard toby keeps it interesting
Your Grammar is terrible, you stupidity actually angers me. The point being was that i see kids around 12 years old who have better grammar than you and are less narrow minded, also What the fuck have dinosaurs got to do with this, they lived and they died it doesn't matter how smart they were. It's saying "If Einstein, was so smart, why isn't he still alive" It just sounds retarded.
I was going to leave a comment about how your wrong but I can't even read what you said so... Yeah.
You know I have considered that, but at the same time the line between trolling and just being an idiot is blurred so much it can be hard to tell at times.
You forgot to put two dots and a capital at the end! Rabble rabble rabble rabble!
they mean you're supposed to dumb ass, god you fail at trolling.
how can you be so sure? its ok if you dont get... you FAIL... but its ok. try again?
how is he copying pewdiepie is it because amnesia and happy wheels are fun games so if u find nova or pewdie and start playing there games your a copier amnesia is a fun game some people play amnesia but there not copying pewdie and nova been playing happy wheels/amnesia for a long time now and toby just started to play happy wheels and pewdie does some references about toby not sure about nova and toby is barely starting to play amnesia again his fans recommend it so shut the fuck up u bitch!
nah this is kinda funny. at least im getting benefit from the conversation while this kid is probably pissed.
I've learned about over 5 new commentators from reading these comments LOL
Everyone is now saying that Toby (Tobuscus) is copying pewpewdie and UberHaxorNova...of course,they're wrong but the fight rages on...people nowadays can not stfu and watch the video.
ive already replied to around 5 people saying this exact same things=
yap there is... google it youtube-top-100-most-subscribed-channels
LOL calm down faggot, and stop adding to this comment-chain if you dont want it to continue... LOL, what an hero
Oh dear. I think you must have been kicked out of school within minutes. Your intelligence is probably around nil. Troll or no, you're pathetic.
For your info I don't see pewdiepie and nova getting on tv Toby here has gotten a part in a show
am do wat u now tak tak bout cus serias cereal im beet u up cuzz u copi bigboi am do wat
Show comment show comment show comment show comment show comment show comment... Wow, fuck this.
really so an actor on tv and famous on many different levels isn't anything
not once have i said you literally typed the word stupidity.
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