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Mike creator of RAGE QUIT explains how to land your dream job.

by Darnokg • 500,948 views

And he's not kidding.

Why the fuck would you call him Mike?!
Fucking seriously it pissed me off so much.
Wh..wh..what the hell his name is Michael not Mike that's not Mike, Mike is not there who the fuck...OK this guy needs to watch AH's videos cause he isn't sure of himself
You told people to eat bones mike.
It's not that easy. You HAVE to have some kind of connections to get anywhere in life. If you don't have any connections then you're FUCKED. Don't believe me? Well fuck you! I'm living through that shit.
+CaramelColored Well michael got discovered making stupid, funny videos for some friends.  So....
then try to make a connection. You're not going to accomplish shit if you don't try. The only time you know what is going to happen is when you don't do anything.
It's somewhat satisfying to see Michael calm.
he must have been over the fucking moon when he read Jack's message
The Interviewer sounds like Morty from Rick and Morty.
@ThirtySix Yeah, he has to ignore whatever you say(which he already does) and do what he has been doing.  
i thought this way going to be funny :/
.......its.... michael.....not.... mike.
it's my DREAM to meet michael and gavin. if i meet them, i will dieeeeee
i'd probably faint or something but my goal is to stay alive until i meet them. after i meet them, i'm not gonna try not to die
Two negatives make a positive. :3
OMG WTF! It's a totally different MLP!
words of wisdom. People fucking try too hard, and because of that you end up lower than where you were. But if you just calm the fuck down about where you're going in life, in your relaxed state you will accumulate the greatest thing you deserve.
Wow. Can't believe he's not kidding. Seems like a chill guy.
I want to work at roster teeth aww man now im sad I rage a lot
I just have to hear him scream "what the fuck is happening?" and then I'll be convinced it's him.
Is your dog buddies with the uploader's dog!? 
thats.. a weird advice on life.. but hey, its fucking michael, it has to be true
cough cough* Barbara in the back.
i have wanted to work there for a while
Who the hell calls him Mike?
not used to that angle of Michael hah 
teresa fernandez Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
My favorite person 
Wow imagine how fucking exciting that would be... good job! :D
I wanna work for rooster teeth goddamnit!
Mike stands for Michael. FUCK I GOTTA RAGE AT CRACKDOWN 2!
Well, hopefully that advice pays off for me eventually xD
I was watching vids on The Impossible Game (it is so darn hard like srsly i cant beat the third lvl :( ) and then i clicked on a rage quit vid on impossible game it was soo funny so i subbed to roosterteeth
I wish I could that was me! He's so lucky!
my mom told me i had to try to get my dream job i then replied with 'i dont need to do shit' it will just land in my lap she then laughed and called me the stupidest person in the world and walked off
Michael gives great information! I hope to one day land my dream job at Achievement Hunter too. :)
Rage Quit is how I found Rooster Teeth.
wait he watched rvb since season 2 and on the lets play for halo 4 spartan ops he didnt know what rvb meant? im confused
You know there's a job for having sex with women to check if they're good at the spot...fucking epic
lol the irony. they are pretty much drunk all day.
Even when he's calm, he's still fucking awesome!
A lot of the people at RT are in a relationship or happily married you know, also they are way more liked over youtube than pewdiepie (I have no prob with pewds, but not a uh... "bro")
I laughed so hard when he was talking about Gus.
step 1 have a small anger problem step 2 have a game that is challenging step 3 have a camera. youll thank me later
Wait he's ltmKiLLA omfg i didnt relise after watching rooster teeth vids for over 3 years
When he called him Mike that pisses me off its Michael.....
What is the fucking obsession with these peoples relationships? FFS
just watched the crackdown video
Michael and Ray are my two favorite of the AH guys. dunno why but they are. RT can always get me back up if I'm feeling down. FACT
Lol "he likes to yell a lot" coming from the man who yells for a living XD
Damn that's awesome, totally wanna do that one day
Pewdiepie is a channel and Rooster Teeth is a company they have more subs on their website and stuff plus youtube doesnt give you shit for money that's why there are always donations and spreadshirts its for the money not YOUTUBE MONEY
Number one way to get your dream job. SHARE your talent. Michael's talent: yelling his asshole off.
Anyone know where i can find this crackdown video?
I would love to work at rooster teeth not only for the games but the environment
omfg he is the cutest thing ever
His name is Michael. Don't call him Mike. Mike is a totally different person.
I can't wait to go to my first ComicCon so I can meet the people I adore in things like movies or cartoons. Michael's one of them. :3
It's weird hearing him so nice and encouraging.
I had heard him screaming in prolly like 10 or 15 RQ & RT vids before i had seen what he looked like, and i expected him to be some big beefy scary dude, but then when i did see him i was like, "Wtf? He looks like an innocent little nerd, lol." It made me love him even more.
That's what im trying to do make a job in gaming
Peculiarmahz micheal and mike are the same people
"[Bernie] is an excellent boss. Probably one of the best bosses in the world. you know, and then there's Gus."
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