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by GatoMan666 • 788,086 views

Chris Haslam (born December 19th, 1980) is a Canadian professional skateboarder, originally from Ontario who now resides in Richmond, BC. Haslam started skating in 1994 while living with his...

11 fucking years... Man, time flies.
That's what I love 
Check out the complete video in its entirety in our Full Skate Video section!
I remeber my skating days, my friends and I used Almost Round 3 to give us motivation before we skated every how times have changed.
+Chris Cole That's what i did this summer,finally came back after 6 years.
Wow, you just described my childhood haha. I remember watching Daewon's part, getting super hyped up, then trying to land shitty kickflips in my friend's garage as it poured with rain outside. Haha we were so shit but it was so fun. You should start skating again man!
Thanks for the upload!!
That's what I love 
Thomas Moore Shared on Google+ · 8 months ago
Classic! :D only Haslam can make ollie north look good...
One of may favorite parts of all time. It blew my mind the first time I saw this part. Hell all of round 3 was badass
what is the trick at 1:01 right after the pole jam?
I think it's a half-cab 360 flip footplant... I think.
Darude-sandstorm ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
moon gravity cheat was on during that kickflip at the start. was fucking huge!!!! such a talented dude.
termine de ver el video y aplaudí.
Bryan Glunt Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
1:22 I've never seen anyone bone an ollie that hard
qual o nome da musica ? ?
i'm amazed that one skater can be so innovative but also bust kickflip back smiths down the hollywood 12.  probably one of the gnarliest tricks to ever go down that spot.
didn't u know jesus be performing miracles
Today is his birthday
Lord of the board.
whats the trick at 1:00 called,
He has such an underrated style. Does anybody know what he said in the beginning? I've been trying to figure it out for almost a decade now haha
I am not gay but I keep pausing this video to see his style better. He has such sexy legs
closet homo.. its ok man. Its the 21st century. Don't gotta hide it.
Caqralho Bota Pra Fuder Viu Maan
Jesus is Jesus. Haslam is sick.
still one of my favorite skaters
Chris Haslam does some crazy tricks, and they all look so smooth when he does them. He makes it look easy, like at 2:10
Holy shit just blew my fucking mind at 1:24
That makes it abominable? No, every time you have sex is it to have a child? By that logic condoms are abominable.
My childhood/ middle school days consisted of watching this and "Elementality" nearly every day. This turned into one of my favorite songs as well haha
Lol if you look close Chris Haslam was on Tony hawks underground 2, hes riding a motorize skateboard (; <3
was this anyone elses' childhood??
nobody is better at flips out of handrails
what the hell is this trick called 1:26
The Cardigans - My Favorite Game ; haters gone hate
THIS is the video that got me to start skating. Started in 2007 and 5 years later still going strong. I will NEVER quit skating.
Here are all of the switch tricks. 0:35 - Switch bigspin heelflip. 2:30 - Switch laser flip.
1:23 is the first image that should come up when you google steez
Are you crazy!? Look at the handrailstuff his making!
that is next lvl skateboarding!
Song is - My Favourite Game by The Cardigans
My favourite skateboarding video :)
1:20 one of the coolest things iv seen on a skateboard
i didnt know he was this sick...
alguien me dice como se llama la canción del vídeo gracias
did he grow his beard throughout his whole life?
Go to youtube Type in Chris Haslam in the search box Click on any of his videos Experience what it feels like for your eyes to have an orgasm
Dat Kickflip Back Smith is so tight. But it's hard to just pick one trick be be astonished by in this part.
chris haslems style is so diffrent from any other skaters its amazing
STFU yall, this is chris haslam's part and not a vevo's romance shit
no it is more then a piece of wood with wheels it is a holy f*cking piece of wood with some holy f*cking wheels
one of the best parts ever made!!
You guys know when ur blaming ur friend wich he plays game of skate with you that he didn't ollie north because he didn't took his foot from the board and stuff...take a look at 2:08...that was a ollie fcking north..
is it just me or does everyone on almost do darkslides and all that stuff???
1. pop shuv late frontside shuv but he does it by kicking the side of the board 2. no comply pole jam 3. i think it's a 540 shuv with a body varial off the bench also i fucking love 3 because of how it fits with the music... that's just genius level editing
2:33 - 2:36 my jaw literally dropped i was like holy fuck im proud to be canadian
it's sicker than sick!! does anybody recognize what he is doing there?? :D
0:29 Hayman park, Manakau New zealand !! It took me about 2 when i was 12 to work up the courage to drop into that ramp.. Nobody ever did a ollie to fakie half the height of haslam.. That kickflip is hands down my favourite trick in skateboarding.
well... i though that THPS games are arcade nonsense :) seems like i was wrong.
what´s the name of the trick at 2:08
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