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by Whiteboy7thst2 • 61,048 views

10,000 LIKES for Part 2 For more MW3 Campaign Videos go to T-SHIRTS! MODERN WARFARE 3 CAMPAIGN WALK THROUGH PART 1...

@MyMatthew16 Then you must suck pretty bad, it took me only 4 hours but then again I had double xp from the prestige tokens
shut up he might be banned from ps3 but xbox is 100000000000000000000000 times better thats another reason hes using it
@Whiteboy7thst2 He Got Stabbed In MW2 At The End, Thats Why Nikolai Is Keeping Pressure On The Wound, This Is Just To Tell You If You Didnt Remember Bro!
i destroy jammers all day in my butt hole LMFAO
dont you remember when in the last game soap got knifed
this came out a month ago the game
Im waiting till sunday because I dont wanna pay $109 AU for it, when my brother is in America gettin it for $55, and he comes back then.
i got the game and i FUKIN love it
OMG! 2:18 75th Rangers Thats Sgt. Foley, Cpl. Dunn, and Pvt. Ramirez. They are in New York too!
How do you view K/D ratio on MW3 ?
@daltonwsr i need you to swear to god that link works
my bus driver was like "Kids dont drink and drive, but its fine to smoke and fly." i was a bit confused for at least three days until i was like ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. i am not even blond and i took me that long
i dont have mw3 i cant afford it right now
SOOOOOAAAPPPP!!!! :( I'm still sad he died, but the end was so fuckin epic, the final scene and the cigar thing, so cool, but how does makarov walk after he gets stabbed in the throat and thrown out of a helicopter?
i gota get it 4 my bday 11/29 :) =)
I'm disappointed in this game...):
The XM25 is the new technology implemented to phase out the M203 grenade launcher. the XM25 is airburst tech
you laughing when soap is dying , GYPSY
I want a 100% lets play for mw3
Dude, just a suggestion though, make your introduction BEFORE the intro cutscene is playing man, i wanna hear what price has to say :( great gameplay nonethless! SUPPORT YOU WHITEBOY!! \m/
I did, but Gamestop fucked me over and my game is coming on Monday. What de fuck Gamestop, you will die!
No im watin fo money to show up in mahh handss
hell yea i spent 3 days to get up to level 43
@CosmicCasper That was very offens- nah I don't really care call me what you want. Skyrim today :D!!
Well I Wonder How This Dude Acted At GameStop Before He Got It.
A Dutch guy came up with the idea for the telescope :)
I have the hardened addition and i havent picked it up yet. Im hopin to get it this week or next
ummm why u playing x-box whiteboy?
@Roupz1 wait wait wait , i got a better one.... TF2
wtf 4,000 likes and you already have part 3!
SOCOM Has voice and I think Rainbow six does too
He started playing on xbox a while ago when the psn network went down... why are you guys so suprised
@VivAxMango XD now ppl are goin to bitch about you spoiling the ending for them. good luck with that bro!
if all our us soldiers were like call of duty soldiers. . .
this has got to be on super easy.what a white noob.
i picked up the hardened edition at the midnight release
i just finished this campaign and its freaking amazing i love to see how everything turned out and what we did not see in mw and mw2
@Shunt1900 im saying that you divide you kills by your deaths and thats ur K/D
I have to be a fucking Christmas n00b.
nice i have to get MW3 for xbox and why is it called call of duty MW3
A noob tube that's over powered
Somebody didn't graduate first grade.............Cough Whiteboy. Lol I luv u man. U inspire me
i wanna play the full MW campaign, on recruit so i can just chill back en enjoy the story, rather than the challenge, just cruise trough cod4 and MW2 and then MW3!
@Mastertr0ll Dont u see he play on Xbox here? In the start it stands "Snap and hold LT to snap to nearby target" on a PS3 controll it would stand L1, and when he has low ammo, does it come up press the blue X button from the Xbox controller and not "Square"
@CosmicCasper haha awks how I'm not crying fagstick.
Why havent I becuz I have to wait till christmas. My parents said
i dont thumbs up because its xbox
Hol, ly, crap, do u ever shut up?
@iamnotanolife youmadbro? hahahahahhahahahahahaahhahahahaha ps3 nerd
If hes so gay how come he has a girl and thousands of subscribers I'm pretty sure gay guys don't have girl freunds so shut up haters go white boy
@TTwixT they gave him the game for free but for the xbox360
Whiteboy, I love you but shut up when. Its a walkthrough campaign
Rainbow 6 has voice commands..
like if you saw the floating box at 5:27
@MultiHam3 hes playing ps3 since like forever...
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