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SOE Community Webcast: EQII GU63 -- SKYSHRINE, PART I

by soevideos • 4,357 views

Skyshrine = dragons, LOTS of dragons! So sayeth Kander and Smokejumper on this exclusive webcast, covering the upcoming free addition to the Velious saga. The "play your way" philosophy for GU 63...

i would like to play it WITHOUT bugs,, so take your time, and I want to kill that prick nagefen for making me run all over norrath, and I want to know if the rare merc will be rare and not mythical, as i donot know anyone who has found one
uhhh yeah,,, early in velious questline he kills himself
"...or be completely one-shotted!" Best Quote Ever!! Nice Done Smokejumper.
I wonder if Lord Nagafen will be in a special raid instance lvl92 means you will be killing lvl100 content. Pretty cool and the famous one shot sounds like Lord Nagafen. Cant wait to see if its true. If Lord Nagafen is up for killing that means they are almost ready to release EQ Next.
I'm a newcomer to EQ and im a very Lore driven player and i 'd like to know: How do i get involved with EQ Lore Quests, where do i find them ? Who is this NIPIK for example ?!
Interested to hear what will be happening with tradeskilling.
EQOA was a perfect blend of hardcore and user friendly! It had no loading between any zones, you could run from Halas to Grobb, the entire map even the dungeons like blackburrow without loading ONCE! and sony only released it for PS2 killing any shot it had. Seriously, fuck EQ2, you want to look epic you buy your shit! It's being bled to death now. EQOA had a vastly more powerful engine too bad it was forced to run on a fucking PS2 memory card, swift moves sony! oh and btw EQOA lasted 9 years.
start with the history and lore forum - you come across nipik very early in the velious timeline (he's one of the othmir descended from the ones at cobalt scar in eq1) lore is one of the best parts of everquest so welcome to the universe :-)
Would you please release Skyshrine before Easter?
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