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Samsung Galaxy S3: Connectivity demo - USB OTG, MHL, bluetooth keyboards/mice, games controllers

by Murray Winiata • 2,509,663 views - the best source for Galaxy S3 content! For navigation in the video use these links: USB Pendrive @0:55, 500GB portable drive @2:50, USB hub with keyboard and mouse @4:00, USB audio...

I have an otg adapter with an mini glow controller for xbox 360. I can get the brand name if needed. But I cant get it to work. Even tried it on my new HTC. Possibly the controller or is an adapter something different from the cable? If anyone could help I'd really appreciate it. Thanks! Note: I downloaded some type of joystick app from play store to let you map your own buttons. That will pick up most of the controls but its nearly impossible to map the joysticks every little movement. Again though even with the buttons I have mapped they dont work out of the joystick app.
+Murray Winiata just want to leave an update for my previous comment. Just recently picked up an Microsoft Xbox 360 wired controller. Plugged it into my galaxy S3 and it powered up and I was playing all my favorite games within seconds. So anyone who has a question like I did, you do need a specific controller. For the adapter vs. otg cable? Guess there's not much of a difference for this situation.
+federalrj94 Yeah, not all controllers will work. Glad to hear you're sorted! Now all you need is a Moga controller (or similar) and an MHL cable and you can connect to an external display, emulator gaming heaven.
Can I charge my Galaxy s3 while using these features? i.e. connecting MHL plus a USB OTG and some USB HUB while my s3 is charging
+Omar Al Arab Sorry, yes as per the video here, charging is possible while using MHL, but not USB OTG (misread your initial post slightly).
There is also a usb otg that have a charging port but don't know how to use them simultaneously
do you have to root the phone in order to use the xbox controller?
perfect!...thanks for the quick response
Didn't know the S3 was so capable.  Glad I'm still running one.  I think I'm glad... I dunno.
Have you ever tried a Seagate backup slim 2TB drive w/ the S3? I've been having zero luck with it.  Even tried a USB 2.0 microUSB cable to force it into a lower powered mode...
This is so weird I am watching this with a Samsung galaxy s3
Can I load my S3 with a USB Hub while I do something different with another USB connection?? So loading and something other stuff on one USB is that possible ? Because when I use my <smartphone in this way the battery will be empty very fast
Yes, you can use an externally charged USB hub to connect multiple USB devices simultaneously while mitigating most of the impact on the phones battery life.
To use the HDMI the TV needs some protocol or any TV can be used?
Just needs an HDMI port and the MHL adapter, nothing special required on the TV end.
wow... amazing..... superb...what a smartphone....
dude are you going to show any of these features for S5
Is using a USB gamepad while also connected to a TV via HDMI possible? 
+S h e z b o t For the present time, no. The MHL spec will at some point allow for simultaneous USB devices I expect, but that will not be applicable to the S3 however.
Why did you start whispering? It was going great. Then you started that loudspeaker demo.
I just tried out the OTG cable, ok everything went great it found the cable, it found the 32 gig stick no problem, so I load some music files and a couple video's, no problem, errr problem I tried to delete some of those files and it now says deleting failed, so how do I unlock these files so I can add and remove as I like....
I just tried out the OTG cable, ok everything went great it found the cable, it found the 32 gig stick no problem, so I load some music files and a couple video's, no problem, errr problem I tried to delete some of those files and it now says deleting failed, so how do I unlock these files so I can add and remove as I like....?
Hi! If you press the lock screen, the TV picture is also blocked?
patulacci marcel Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Excellent, faut qu'j'me trouve un ptit câble ;-)
Hi! do these really,I mean REALLY work?? Sweet if they do!:)
Hello Murray @9:00 you connect a Dell Keyboard, so my quiestion is: where did you buy it ? It's a portable keyboard stand ? wich is the model ?. Excelent video ! Thanks
amazing  !   where  do  i  get  this  usb  hub? 
cool thing :) i will do this with my galaxy s3 mini but i dont understand how you connect your device to the tv :( ??
can u play multiplayer ? and where and how did u get those n64 games :D this was really cool. i have note 3 so it will work even fluider?
i bet the galaxy note 10.1 2014edition can do the same things?
Hello Mate, Im calling ya from the USA, Fantastic video, I have the Galaxy S3 also.Can you tell me the exact cables you used to have it hooked to the tv and at the same time hooked to a PS3 controller? Very nice video.Thanks Gio.
The PS3 controller here is being used wirelessly (requires Root), as the TV connection is happening via MHL which occupies the Micro USB port in the phone. If you are not a Root user then the Moga Pro is the next best solution, very nice controller.
Did it work with ps4 Controller?
Salvador Torres Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Did it work with ps4 Controller?
Mabel Bruzewicz Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Hello, I would like help to buy the usb hub have been looking on ebay site where I have easy to buy but can not find however. Brazil I'm Brazilian and not found with the video quality like this. Thank you.
@20:06 como hizo para tener windows 7 en el celu???wtf
u suck i hate you you cyber bullied a 9 year old girl and i am reporting youtube
Zenizenilo Zenizenilo Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Does you have to root it
Hi , sorry for my bad english but… i have a question: How do I charge my phone?, if the hub is occupying my micro usb gs3 ? does de hub have any dc port? thanks.
Only way to charge the phone while using USB OTG functions (or with a hub) would be to use wireless charging (I can't actually recall if Samsung ever released the wireless charger they announced for the S3).
s4 guys... S4 WOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
can i connect with my ntfs hdd? i heard i should use only fat32 hdd?
that phone was too loud even on my end
This USB OTG cable just makes my life amazing, i play on my phone with dualshock3 more than my ps3
What is the name of the anime that he is waching at 3:30 and earlier?????????????
i guess tiger and bunny :D
WARNING: HARDCORE is TAKING OVER!!! Mwhahahaha!!!!!!!
esqueci de mencionar, o joystick do xbox one corrigiu o D-pad  e acrescentou um monte de rumble!
i é? Ao menos isto, pois, o designe ainda prefiro do 360!
Luis Sanguesa Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Me voy a volver adicto...Funcionara con el S4? de donde saco el bendito cable adaptador..
Mehdi Zayd Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Andrey Dorokhov Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Надо Galaxy брать )
Gustavo Feijó Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Vou comprar um adaptador destes...
Oi Gut, TAMBEM QUERO UM DESTES. Veja dois pra nós, bj, T Sandra
Já comprei o adaptador USB. Realmente funciona com mouse, teclado, pendrive, hd externo... Mas como não tenho um HUB usb, não pude testar tudo junto. Em breve vou comprar o cabo para hdmi...
patulacci marcel Shared on Google+ · 2 years ago
Pourquoi je surkiff Android;-)))))
Bah le clic droit pour moi c'est l'appui long. Par ex enregistrer une image sur le web.suffit de cliquer long dessus et enregistrer sous comme sur PC.
Dans certains softs oui, mais pas partout.
No, not on stock anyway. Not sure if any custom ROMs or kernels have added it. Padfone Infinity the only phone I'm aware of that does ethernet out of the box.
btw, thanks for this video! it's exactly what I was looking for, and then some!
LOL! 583 thumbs down are from disappointed and deluded iPhone users.
That's an MHL adapter, an 11-pin one specifically (most older ones are 5-pin and won't work with the S3 without a small adapter to convert to 11-pin). You can buy them lots of places - Ebay/Amazon/electronics stores.
Dead Trigger should, since it has controller support inbuilt (although will depend on which controller is used).
What is the Wii Remote Controller Application you are you using exactly? Hopefully the link Or developer and app name? Exactly please. There are quite a couple. Would it work with the New, Wii U Pro Controller?
Try connecting the phone with USB debugging enabled, and also toggle between MTP and PTP to see whether it is recognised/installs more drivers. If not I would search XDA-developers and see whether any universal Android USB drivers work (or whether there are specific Sony ones available for download).
Several options: 1) Use a wireless controller (several available) 2) Use the Smart Dock 3) Connect to the TV wirelessly like with the Allshare Cast Dongle (not really recommended since it is not really any good for gaming as the content can't be buffered)
And iFans be like "Just wait for iOS 8 to be released so that we can copy all of these Android features" ;)
Are you share your wallpaper image for me,please? Thank you.
Oh, ok, think I have it working. Lol, how embarrassing! I checked cables, but one thing I didn't check was possible faulty keyboard!
Plz help I am not able to connect my 500gb toshiba canvio 3.0 harddisk to s3 I am using regular mini usb to usb cable ..
is this compatible with the optimus l9?
Yes, that works too :) I demo that in my Note 2 Connectivity video, on desktop you can use the timestamped links the video description to jump to those bits. World well.
This phone is really awesome but even tho it has physical LED it's not that visible. I need to be in front of my phone if I want to see if I had missed call or sms. Anyway I was lucky enough and I found really great and powerful application called "Led Actor" ( if you want search on Google play). It's really cool because now I can see flashing my phone's screen even tho I'm like few meters away. And you can choose screen color also for particular event.
The Dell keyboard is actually an iGo Ultraslim Stowaway bluetooth keyboard, just a Dell-branded one with their badge on it. Sadly they are no longer made, they do pop up from time to time on Ebay but tend to be more expensive than ever when they do. The Gameklip is a good piece of kit.
Help :/ where on earth do u get that hdmi cable thingy from usb to hdmi i cant find one please help
does it need to be rooted in order to work?
I'm afraid not, only way is to use a Bluetooth controller or for a wired connection the Samsung Smart Dock if you have an S3, S4, or Note 2.
hi NZtechfreak can you please tell me if there is any way i could connect my joystick and TV together ?? im having problem because there is only on micro USB !! thank you
Do I need to root to have games like mario kart and tekken?
With the MHL cable, how are you getting power to the S3? I'm trying to figure out how to use MHL, OTG and charge my S3 at the same time, but haven't found any way to do so. Are you using OTG as well as the MHL cable here? Or just the MHL and a charging cable?
Heh, really that stuff is the result of gradual accumulation over about 6 years!
Dear NZtechfreak, Do you find your keyboard laggy? I mean when you type on the keyboard, the words don't appear on the phone immediately, not as fluent as on PC? I don't know whether it is my OTG cable problem or all the phones have the same laggy issue. Thank you!
fuck does game play super Gnes on that bitch
Not sure I'm afraid, not had a chance to spend any time with the Mini. I expect it is relatively limited compared to the S3.
Very good man. Do you know if it's possible to connect a USB OTG along with MHL cable? I want to play on my TV with a USB controller.
hi, have you or anyone noticed any improvement by using hdmi 1.4v instead of 1.3v. Isnt the only difference the 3d function. Or is 1.4 actually faster...and for instance less lag with ganing.
thereis an app called sixaxis that can make you connect the ps3 controller using the bluetooth
Bro tnx a lot i have foubd the wallpaper
how do i connect a wii remote? some say that it needs some special chip is there any other way of connecting it?
After I downloaded the latest leaked firmware (XXUFME7) it works with standard USB speakers. Before that only USB audio supported were certain DAC's.
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