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The Perfect Vehicle for the City - /RideApart

by /DRIVE • 259,087 views

America loves big motorcycles. But, in dense urban traffic, those bigger bikes make navigating difficult, cumbersome and downright frustrating for even the most experienced bikers, much less...

I commute through LA traffic all the time. I live live about 25 miles from school, and it only takes me about 30 minutes to get there on a motorcycle. While my bike was broken down, it took me over an hour 1 way to get there in my truck. I don't know how people do it. And for the record, you don't need a bike under 500cc to make it a great commuter bike. I have a SV650 and I lane split with no problem. 
Neat rides! But the DRZ is a sure win for me it looks and sounds fun to ride it!
Never zip between cars like that.
Why is it that every time I watch these videos Wes seems like a little bitch and can't stop complaining about everything and Jamie just sorta roles with it and has a positive outlook?
Best bike for the city will always be a (small) supermoto. High upright position with good view over other traffic. Very good balance so you can react fast without falling. And they're lightweigt and narrow. 
DRZ all the way niggahh !!! :D :D supermoto <3
"learner bikes" - uhm no a learner bike imo is like 14bhp and lower
I'd totally chose the DRZ400 out of all of these.
Also, its a supermoto, so thats a win.
I'd go an allterrain myself, but that's cuz I enjoy slinging mud aswell as riding to work. But. That's just me.
That CBR looks like crap, though. 
hooligan mobiles all the way! 
what is that background music in the beginning ?  I love it !
lmfao trolling sport bike squids at the end
Ha i own an 08 DRZ400sm and its a blast. From my personal opinon its perfict for local area riding while still having the ablitly to hit the freeway for short distances.
1990's spanish teenager hahahahaha thats great
you think this is perfect for the city? wow,i can see you americans only know about harleys.. leave the heavy traffic for those with some knowledge and skill for fuck sake
Well, first of all, that's ignorant. Stereotyping all Americans like that, it just makes you look dumb. But more importantly, you must not be that bright because of the 3 people reviewing these bikes only 2 are American....
+got your back jack opinions are opinions...and if you want our fucking traffic i'd gladly have you take it off our hands, what a stupid thing to say
 rare breed of bike riders... ones who can actually fix their bikes on the side of a road...
Yeah, they waffle on proudly how it's 'back to the roots of riding, made in America!' but in the end after all the marketing spin and BS, it's just cheap Chinese factory spares delivered to some dudes who own a warehouse in Somewhere, Hickville. Self-fixable or not, I would rather take the brakes off my own bike and ride around with it brakeless than buy something with brakes as flimsy as those. At least I'd be riding a brakeless bike knowing I had no brakes of my own volition, rather than riding a bike with such vital components in such a flimsy state that they might fall apart when I rely on them the most. No wonder they don't allow comments or ratings on their official videos.
+Brenneau1023 I now own a Cleveland Cyclewerks Tha Misfit, and it is the worst purchase ever made in the history of any purchase! You can't really find a whole lot of people saying bad things about this brand just yet, but hopefully that's because I'm the only idiot on one... I have a brand new CCW the misfit less than 70 miles that no longer works. I had to send it back to have it "worked on." if you plan on getting a Cleveland cyclewerks bike, don't. Hold out a little bit longer and get a Honda Rebel
57 people have mohawks on their helmets
I have been riding since 1981 and I just bought a DRZ 400 sm and I love the thing! It's not what you ride it's how you ride.
is riding down under the roadways legal there in LA? i've ridden past there before id love to to ride down there, and yes i highly recommend a DRZ400sm, i love mine its great at everything except for tank capacity, 2.5 gallons stock and you'll eat it all up real quick if you do over 80 on the freeway which you don't really wanna do since it'll wobble like crazy at that speed, still, most fun bike of the three.
Where could I find one of these in los angle area, ive been looking and it seems that no one cares these bikes out here?any help?
we have a Honda cbr125r
Heretic Monk Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Review of 3 entry level motorcycles for commuting in traffic. Honest comparison, too. 
CCW hand made in China and it shows.  What a POS.
What were the bikes??
I've never heard of that Cleveland before & would never even want to ride one, what engine is in it? The little Honda is just to small but has the width of a bigger bike. The DRZ400 I would actually like to have & would want to ride in the city. I'm use to the bigger super sport bikes & like ridding dual sport bikes in the city where you can  split traffic & take a short cut. But I know the DRZ cost a lot more about $6500 or so & for that price I can purchase many different bikes that may be better.
+Brenneau1023 I guess you won that round. Cleveland Cyclewerks puts out trash!
+Brenneau1023 Oh and every smartphone has at least two motion actuated parts whether it just be volume and power button or you have an addtl button like the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. I was totally wrong about the bike not phones... Yup, totally makes me feel the same amount of stupid for buying this fucking trash. Do you know what the biggest slap in the face was? Stickers. The artwork on the tank and pretty much any decal on the bike all stickers. Someone actually came along one day and field of said stickers which is how I found out
is lane threading legal?
+J Thom  its not reallyyyy legal, but its not illegal, the CHP turn a blind eye to it, but they don't condone it. the 'guidelines to safe lane filtering' form/publication they had on their website was taken down because a do gooder cager cried foul and said it was 'dangerous' so, they quietly removed it without notice.
+HJZ75driver haha Chp does it all the time with me. Sometimes they wait for an opening on the carpool lane to let me thru. Good guys.
why no honda rebel?
It's a cruiser. From what I can tell, Rideapart- at least back around this time- didn't really give much of a crap about cruisers. Not so much the case these days, though.
0:35 stop that.... What are you even doing...
Been riding for over a month, bought a 620 multistrada. I'm used to it now and I like it. but sometimes I feel like a smaller bike could've helped me at the beginning with the fear
It does help sometimes, but small bikes are usually very unstable at higher speed. My old 125cc had as much grip as a wooden board. That did not help at all. Riding the suzuki DL 650, I feel much safer and the bike handles so much better.
The Perfect Vehicle for the City The Perfect Vehicle for the City - /RideApart Note: Lane Splitting is legal in California, but somewhat of a grey area here in Ontario. It seems to depends who you ask, but it is generally not recommended...
Small bikes rule.  #motorcycle  
Nice vid! Another great small displacement bike is the SYM Wolf 150, which will do 75MPH! It's super super light and nimble, and reminds me of the classic Honda CB125 or CB200 type 70's bikes. I have to decide between the SYM or the CCW soon...
How is littel the earth? Jamie from motogeo! :)
Who on earth mentioned unnecessary lane changes? Other then that you are right. But its not as easy as that. Yes in a perfect world we would all use our mirrors correctly at all times. And we should all stick to the speed limit and some under that when wet or snowy, and make sure we keep the correct distance to the vehicle in front. Sadly no one does that all the time. We are humans. You don't achieve actual road safety by assuming that everyone are perfect motorists at all times.
Usually I turn my head to check my blind spots if I am in the least of doubt. My point is simply that, no matter how much I try to do it, I forget it every so often. Either because I can't be bothered or because i'm stressed and focusing on something else in the traffic. Finding the right exit or whatever it might be. And it is in that moment things go wrong. Every driver has those moments. Whether he is on a bike, in a car or on foot. Which is why we need to take our precautions.
dude lane splitting makes motorcycle riding safer. Driving a motorcycle in the manner as you would a car is irresponsible and down right unsafe.
Cool ride. love 250s. Isn't that water a bit scummy though?
Can't put a bike on the centrestand without dropping it, but happy to dis riders "with a mohawk on their helmet" who "can't ride".
putting it only in the top would be even worse as it would still pivot except not on the axis as the brake disc.
I wish the other manufacturers would make a cafe racer. I just don't trust the Misfit's [Chinese] construction.
guys really enjoy your videos, keep up the good work!
The best motorcycle show on the net and I have just over a dozen videos to watch. Get me some more rideapart.
Honda......when in doubt....always Honda!
The engine is running in chine since decades and it appears to be a copy of a japanese one I would give it a try for such a low price
CPI sprint-125 can't paste this link. pls google urself. maybe this one is good for you, if you are looking for cafe racer style, but it has only 125cc. I assume the top speed would be around 65 mph.
Blue "Loctite" Thread locker / Sealer. You apply it to the threads of any nuts or bolts and it will help prevent them from loosening or backing out once tightened. Good stuff, can be bought at most any hardware or automotive parts stores, and the cheaper knock-off version at the 99 cent store. Don't use the RED one unless you almost never want to ever get the bolt out again. Blue is all you need.
You've been riding for long? (Personally I wouldn't recommend anything past 250 for a noob). Anyway, talk about the bike: It's a 649cc twin with plenty of torque (it has a very similar engine [retuned] to what's known in US as ninja 650) so you'll have plenty of poke around town. The power comes from down low so you won't need to rev it hard to get it either (like an in line four). It's not the fastest (around 130 tops), but thanks to torque you'll keep up with others no problem.
Not true. Australian law does NOT allow filtering in most States.
Whatever excuse cagers give, they should be checking their mirrors and signalling before they turn/change lanes. If they stick to those rules, lane filtering shouldn't be a problem. Whenever a cager complains, I just think this man/woman is just so used to being inconsiderate on the road. Like it is his/her "right" to drive however recklessly he/she wants on the road.
Yeah I've rode off and on for years now, yeah ive been looking at the 650 class lately, prolly going to go with a 650 just not sure which one lol....just gotta wait a bit longer before i can afford a bike and a car lol
At 1:32 The Cleveland really shows that it was made in China.
Assembled in the US.most of the parts are Made in china
You need at least two years of riding experience to get licensed for a mohawk. Three for shorts and sandals.
At 2:55 you should all be reminded of the fact that had they got stuck out in the suburbs it would have been MILES to Home Depot or Lowe's.
Just to add to this, lane splitting as it's called in the US, filtering here in the UK, is legal the world over. Those states in the US where it's illegal are the exception, not the rule.
I try. I think everyone tries to do that while driving. But occasionally everyone is stressed out and distracted and then you just forget to check that all important blind spot. It happens to even the best drivers.
A pre-ride check would have saved the time lost with brake troubles. Drive needs a tech guy if they want to avoid that fopa again.
for 3 small bikes under $4500 the DRZ is an awful lot like a $7000 bike.
That is true. But we all forget the blind spots once in a while. Its sloppy, but it happens. That's just the way it is. When I know I have a biker behind me I always try to keep watch on where he is at all times, because running one over is one of my great fears while driving. Same with a cyclist or a pedestrian. But if I don't have one nearby then I am not as aware of my blind spots. So in case of lane splitting they can catch up to you very quickly and the driver (me) might not notice.
get an old Jap bike and build one yourself.... i mean, that IS kinda the point of a cafe racer....
"nearest hardware store" nearest skip would be a better idea.
cant stand wannabes with mohawks.
hell you can not even put it up on the stand ... go get a car
Well done guys. I lived in OC for a decade and my main commuter bike was an XT350 Yamaha. Being able to jump a curb to avoid a multi-car pileup on PCH saved my ass several times.
I liked your video! But just wanted to give you a tip. When splitting lanes with a group it would be better if you stayed in a single line together. Because if a car sees you on the left, and then he veers to the right he just might hit your bro. who is just to his right. Or it could be the other way around. Where the driver sees your bro. on the right then veers left, right where you are. Please don't get me wrong I have nothing against splitting lanes. I've done it plenty of times.
haha love the mohawk comment... classic
Check out the Royal Enfields as another low cost, cool option.
you wouldn't lane split where i live
1990s spanish teenager would
CBR 250s are nice, but a CBR 400 is a beast! Heavy but punchy and powerful.
You sir a a jealous, ignorant, and dangerous psychopath. You give bikers a bad name. All of europe, and probably most of the world allows bikes to split lanes. Get a life.
California is the only state where lane splitting is allowed. Or I should say it is not against the law as long as you are not going to fast. Every other country I have been to (Brazil, Mexico, France, Thailand, Greece) allows it. All states should allow it, it saves gas, frees up traffic, and whats the harm? Just watch out for jerks who might open their car/truck door on you.
Often times, people buy aftermarket exhausts not only for style but also to make themselves be more audible for people who have a hard time seeing.
OK - quick question about the music a few minutes in... Where's the cut scenes to the cute 60s chicks in the short skirts with Austin Powers dancing beside them? Love it though :)
If the cagers stop making trafficjams, there would be no need to split lanes. If bikers didn't split lanes, they would make the trafficjams longer. Cagers should be thankful bikers split lanes and create space. Imagine how much longer the trafficjam would be if bikers traded their bikes in for a car. Just my two cents.
no mention of the ninja 250? odd
I live in canada lol.... mostly two lane up here and the highways are all that great to begin with... lol... i have driven all over this great country of ours, and yours too for that matter (big trucks) can't imagine living anywhere else as far as a place to live goes... can't say i like the politics though.
I call shenanigans. You claim that these bikes are all under $4500, but the DR-Z is waaay over that. I thought at first that you were were reviewing the DR200SE, but nope... It's the DR-Z400SM.
I would love the misfit. So far I've had 2 cruisers, now a sportbike, next I need a dual sport or cafe (:
wow. i was just thinking about putting a mohawk on my helmet.
for that situation I'd go for the supermotard
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