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Super Paper Mario - Episode 42

by chuggaaconroy • 1,040,151 views

We set out for Underwhere road and meet some strange faces! No seriously, they're just strange faces!

Notice the slight pause in chugga after saying "well there is one in her!"  heheheh Chugga you almost did the thing
what the HELL is a MARMALADE!?
Jamish stuff I guess as I am from England and found that xtremely funny
+Yoshigamestar That was actually in his Pokemon Emerald LP. When he comes across a Ruin Searcher named Chip, he thought that name sounded British. Here's what happened mid-battle with Chip Chugga: (In a VERY fake British accent) We're going to have a spot of tea as we search for the ruins! With some Biscuits and CRUMPETS with MARMALADE!
Did anyone else notice bowser used his ARMS to attack you by swinging???
Wait, if the tomatoes cost 10 coins, and eggplants 7, and the D-Man has 50 coins when he goes in, and if he bought the same number of tomatoes and eggplants, AND he walked out with six coins, then he clearly said "Hail Queen Dajyes!"
Biscuits...with Marmite...Chuggas knowledge of England makes me hurt Q_Q
That's just as bad Q_Q
yeah but i'm the correcting type
I hate you chuggaaconroy the 3rd I'm English and I only watch your vids because before I do i scare the crap out of myself when im only 9 and played Slendy man 8 pages and completed it night mod and day even recored some of it not all because it was at midnight and I was tired
Tell us how you really feel. Also for a 9 year old why would you be playing Slender Man? Have you even heard the story of the 2 12 year old girls who stabed their bests friends beacause so they don't be a proxy of Slender Man. 
The dark muffin nope nope not at all
8:40 I have a feeling it's Bowser they are talking about
As much as I hate scones (I know, a British person who hates scones, marmalade and tea, I'm blaspheming against my own country) I think that torch scones sound pretty awesome. And I know who'd I give them to, if they're still on fire.
The scones bit...HALARIOUS
10:00 THANK YOU FOR CORRECTING BOWSER! Jees! I have to do that all the time and it seriously bugs me...
An underhand eh? Well,the way he fights is pretty UNDERHAND-ED
you missed a treture cheast from little sister and im your fan
5:50 I love the way eggplants look. I actually am part of a group I name the Eggplanters, I am not joking.
6:24 And 108 is my detention room at school. Never been there, luckily.
I think I'm the 1 millionth view. :o
the under hands scare the crap out of me, its like, I'm only 7 years old but I should not be saying..... crap.
I'm watching this on the day your Xenoblade Chronicles LP Episode 1 came out and found out that you have a Monado Red Classic Controller! :D The irony. ^^
the beginning of my minecraft username is oblivion, :)
I love how they change the number 666 but they keep 13, 108, and 42.
yeah so many evil numbers... ugh.. shudders cant wait till this world is done.. 
Only reason why Tippi doesn't say that Bowser is Luigi's archenemy because King Boo has become Luigi's archenemy. Luigi's Mansion came out in '01, while this game came out in '07
"Hasten Thy Chubby Legs"............. Priceless Nintendo Humor
I wish I had a Monado Red classic controller! I bet it cost five bucks. Ha Ha Ha!
8:27 not as much a your groudon scream XD
comments about mistake and offends brits. -1000 man points.
I'm with you there mate & English Chugga? Bitch plz, we are BRITISH! With or without Scotland next year, England, Wales & N.Ireland are united as BRITS!
To be perfectly honest, both of our countries (US and UK) tease each other quite a bit but we're still some of each other's top allies so it's not like we don't have y'alls back.
Luigi's archenemy is King Boo
God i love you profile pics!
+Daniel Stwalley Thanks!  A friend made it for me but I rotated the model of Mr. L into the position, as I was a MKW Character Modder
I love this dude he is so awesome I want super paper Mario so bad because of him I also have a Wii u and a Wii too so cool
I think some of the numbers have meanings.  667 (pens) is the number of the beast, rounded up to not offend people, 13 (coins) is a superstitious number for bad luck, 108 (notebooks) is based on Buddhist traditions (and is referenced quite a lot by the Pokémon, Spiritomb, which is pretty interesting) and 42 (coins) is the number of the episode, of course!  (lol)  Also, LAST!  
+jonathan sokol I replied to your comment, so you're not last anymore 
I'm in the Nintendo world of geeks and skits
Wow... For a nimbi, Luvbi is such a bitch.
Wow. Episode 42 takes place in the underworld.... That's just wrong.
:D Slang for the win!
Well, riddles have to be confusing...
That's what makes it funny.
I wish the doorguy had more questions, i could care less if this whole game was just hilarious questions like that
Oh and if you don't know this I'm watching your older let's plays
You play minecraft minecraft is not an lp
There is a kid in my class who didn't know who mario was.
I seriously wish you could have walked back out that door as Bowser and scared the crap outta those guys :P
You are VERY disrespectful for the English! "Mawrmowlaid" Really? I'm upset by you. Just saying ;) ;(
bowser: ah whats wrong with me? me: well lets see your fat lazy arrogant have easy boss fight's where you focus on music and atmosphere and clearly have no comment because you have a son and your not married oh wait you where being  rhetorical
It was probably scon-sas, not scones.
No, you forget, Luigi's archenemy is the Chestnut King
I would be much more happy if they told the D-men that they were taking "The Monster" with them to come along.
i actually had to write notes during this puzzle
Sconces are actually pronounced Skon-Ses
wait, mario and luigi searching for bowser and peach? havn't seen this happen before
I got this game and I started before him and I am not done :/  
Ignore my comment on the previous episode. I guess that must have been mentioned by others before you made this episode.
Borguy the 64rth!Lololololololol
Yay hammers lol you must die lovebee
that joke was a little doorkey 
No I'm sary it's super mario world 2 yoshis island
I know this chuggaaconroy maybe in one of your play let's plays please say where you live at least a address please say it
Why In all of common sense would he do that?! Idiot.
If you played super mario world
9:16 who else thought it was bowser? im about to see
I no why bosser hates mario
Wait I saw what you did there chugga "there's a heart inside her" very nice
The Underwear, that's actually kinda rude.
It's not really that rude, more as a joke we use all the time.
Im sad, Sammer and his Kingdom were my 2 favorite chapters and rulers of the chapters or whatever of the game :( Now that you cant play it any more :''''''(((
I say manly points x 10000000000000900000000009000000000090000000009900000000099999999999900000000000
For some reason Dorguy reminds me of Blockhead...
9:12 I was thinking that GRAAAARGH! sounded familiar rofl
Yeah it was discovered that it was actually 616, when people thought it was 666.
Those questions remind me of a math test
HAHAHA underwhere world 7 why did it shit
Plus, Mario games aren't like Zelda or Kid Icarus, or even KIRBY! Mario games aren't meant for plot! Unless it's the RPGs...
The only people that have never played a Mario game are the 12 year old little kids that play CoD all day since they consider Mario is for babies. I've read Roger Ebert's memoir and he most likely has never played a video game. But his statement on video games can't be art has changed. He now believes that they can be, but they can't be the same type of art as films and paintings.
I lol'd at the Englishman impression... And I'm English. Is that bad?
The over there is well over there
Right before Bowser gets pwned by Luigi, pause the video, right before he says GRAACK!
Don't worry, everyone loves scones and biscuits and crumpets over here! If only there was an English Mario!
13 is actually a lucky number in Judaism because the Hebrew word for love (אהבה), when its letter values are added up, equals 13.
I love how Chuggaconroy comments on how Bowser isn't a difficult boss. Nintendo stopped making games that we're difficult once they stopped making Nintendo 64 games.
You missed a chest when you were climbing the underwhere road LOL
I like how nobody realized 108 trials...
9:30 i knew it!!!!! i totally called that
108 is also the number of earthly desires a person has to overcome to reach nirvana in the buddhist faith
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