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Minecraft Survival - Castle Crasher

by PaperBatVG • 2,868,354 views

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This is nice to go back to, i wish he did more MC
Aaaahhh... I remember watching this back in 2011, right when this was made! I looked up "castle crashers minecraft" because I was really into castle crashers at the time. I was only 9 years old when I watched this! Good times, good times.
I hate it how people just want pbat to make minecraft videos if he did he would end up like every other mainstream youtubers
Coming back to this video brings back memories :D
I remember when this video came out. I saw it and instantly bought Minecraft to give it a go. I love this guys videos. Absolutely amazing!
god i remember watching this 3 years ago
Loved it my fav ep
Oh what episode is it oh yea it's 666
I saw this 4 years ago and loved minecraft...I still do!
Damn this was so long ago this was and still is my favourite video from Pbat
This series was the first series i watched when i firstly heard about minecraft. Good times, i didn't know much english then to ;)
Omg same! the first minecraft vid and i enjoyed it too..
do you think the sword is still there after 3 years?
the most evil achivement: full on inventory, gives you diamond blocks that despawn in 5 seconds.
he said help me with this fine looking peener o-O GAAAY
The good old days I used to watch him but he moved to a new season yust like that.....
6? yeah its 666. XD
Anyone know what minecraft version this was in? It looks like 1.6
its beta it cant be 1.7 or 6
Which is the episode in which his house gets attacked by aliens? I remember that was one of my favorite episodes.
I think that was season 1
One hour long. A "short" episode.
This was probaly my favorite ever series I miss these old times with P :(
this guy needs to stop saying fuck and bitch
Fuck that shit, bitch.
Pbat you are the greatest!
i loved this series im sad its overD:
This was one of the first minecraft videos iv ever seen along with Papers videos, I just remembered his channel
Hmm.... The good old days of minecraft and pbat
Were shit out of luck Millon miles away from are home my favorite part
how could this happen to him yay that poor ole little kid ohh
Anyone Know the name of the song as his Ringtone
go in the pyrimid next episode
This is over 2 years old. This was made in 2011, dude.
I remember when I saw this in 2011
all of ur episodes are long and i like it!
His call song is from Majora's Mask?
Anyone Know the name of the song as his Ringtone
whats the intro song?
you should make like a cave episodes of you like exploring cave with cool mods
This is almost 3 years old
what does the earth gem do???
It just speeds up the growth of wheat. It's worse than bone meal.
wow thats was the best episode ever
Start Forest Fire. 30 CC
been subbed for four years now damn memories member when he only had 53,675 subs haha
what texture pack is that?
been subbed for four years now damn memories member when he only had 53,675 subs haha
How did he write the objectives?
PaperBatVG what is the mod where u sleep and u click on the thingy
Which version of minecraft are you playing in this video?
+Alexis Hernandez  version, not edition noobs. this video was made WAAAAAAAY before console or mobile edition ESPECIALLY PS3, +Mobile gamer181 That's not even right AT ALL HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT OR EVEN CONSIDER THAT BEING THE PS3 EDITION WTF
To pbat: What kind of seed is this?
Me too....(im actually Themilleniummaster1 on another channel lol)
U said summer is over don't u mean winter
best ring tone rap ever thats a thing now :0
Yo pbat I love watchin your minecraft movies
11:50 time im watching this
Stop saying 'like a boss' it's gay and annoying
Hey p love all your vids can you please please subscribe to me I would feel like a king just click one button. My account is Jack Bartelt
You have a hater who once was a sub. I came to my senses to HATE you. I am a hater. I used to be a sub.
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