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Runescape Queen Black Dragon LiveStream Footage

by H0myBoy16 • 10,320 views

Noname Nate's Livestream Disclaimer: RuneScape is a registered trademark of JaGeX Limited. I do not claim, or have any, affiliation with JaGeX Ltd.n play runescape at :

700 because your dragonfire resistance ran out dude
there is forum post by jmod that if u lost ur stuf and u have prof they wil probibly do somethink about it dont have quick find code so try looking for it
there is always next time to get payback
fight starts at 1:29:40 your welcome.
Be glad you get no audio airsoftownz1. he's acting like a moron and saying the dumbest shit to appeal to 13 year olds.
hey that was me in proseylete :[]
nate come and kill these things with me mutated worms
i hugged you, comment on it ='(
Use a yak~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
lol im watching u and i totaly for got about my account and all most died
you sound like the biggest nerd when you hate on people over the internet
i liked the look of old void so much betterrrr
torva is best atm nate for killing them :)
Runeshark is at like 6 kills
Nate check the forums, they are investigating the loss of items despite the graves :D Check the recent game updates for the post from Mod Emilee, you may be able to get your void back!
guys may there is better live streams?
Its not hate if its the truth, my comment was amid and nate so plz don't talk about things that have nothing to do with you kkthxbai.
i dont blame him he should block u 2 because it was a glitch made him lose void and he called him idiot and ur an idoit u dont realize that
what if you soul split barrage them?
polypore sucks aginst kbd will it work on qbd?
there is supppost to be a queen coming or something june 1st it starts
Its big ben, the clock's birthday today, so they changed the collour on the bank dudes, go check middle varrock
Runeshark's buddys have killed it once each.
?lol whats wrong with calling someone a pussy? pussy?
"Calm you're dick or vagina what ever you have!"
King Black Dragon what did you do to her? She's all white! =P lol
Motherfucker? U mean fucked mother? It is the matriarch of the Dragon race afterall...
i didn't got glitched when i died :O
dude d/w about loosing void...just stream pc events + you'll get hybrid boots :)
136 qbd kills on my rss feed, like a baws Rsn: S t e v
Did I see a gold rectangle key in your bank? >_>
i killed the qbd 2 times today :)
your the one calling him a pussy maybe you should grow up? hypocrite
To bad he has 3. And don't responde back to this with a gay comment.
first trying to kill that beast
Ive never been to the queen black dragon. Do you get your own dragon to solo every time you go in? And can you go with with friends and pile her?
Don't give up Runeshark and his buddys have killed it once each
king most be hung like a fucking tower
There's a thread on the forums that you can submit a thingy to get your items back.
kai respond you stupid lvl 120 >=(
With full yak. torva. not hard. runeshark did it.
no, watch smokey, born, runeshark, or any of the other guys. they are way better then wooox.
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