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Michael Guthrie - Triple Cork combo 5-27-12

by flashpop69 • 10,546 views

Mike told me not to post this, because he messed up on the flic flack (however you spell it) but I thought it was dope to post for you guys :)

=D so thats where she was!!!!! my long lost mum!!!!! ^_^ can i get a contact number for her? :D
and I hope this sampler will be with hardcore track .
Mike should've gone to vegas and destroyed trutricks
Is this the footage you was talking about letting us see? or is there more befor the sampler???
mike gets cleaner and smoother every time i watch him.
okay Cole you tell mike to train hard because I honestly think is the only person that can pull of a cartwheel double frontflip......... Convince him now!!!!!!!
Why so many dislike? He did triple cork from a combo and didn't get so much speed but still landed it.
I cannot wait , like omg it's gonna be crazy! I'm sure it's going to set the bar for tricking like he did for his 2010 sampler.
Mike my idol can't wait to your next video <3 <3 <3
that triple cork was soooo easy :o
There is a little difference between them. Flik-flak should have 3 frontkicks like some sort of a scissor kick from swingthru when s/t feilong supposed to have an outside crescent in the middle. Something like that, the difference is very small between them but ppl aren't usually doing s/t feilongs in these days anymore.I think.
aw man... somethin tells me Guthrie is gunna be unleashed with more insanity than we've ever seen before.
I wonder what he could do on a trampoline......
bahaha ever seen Vivien Youlou? you wouldn't be the only one and you have no tricking videos.
I heard there will be a td raiz valdez quadfull in it. Damn I cant wait for it anymore I bet his 2012 sampler will literally fuck the limits of tricking again :D
Mike is getting stronger. It's dat puberty.
jessssus. can't decide if i liked the rodeo or the triple more ahahaha
0:17 camera was like 0_0 WTF OMG CAN'T HANDLE BEASTNESS *breaks*
Dope combo! can't wait for 2012 sampler! what was the song in the background?
haha so beast <3 im just practising triple corks on trampoline and he is spamming triple corks onspring floor <3<3<3<3<3
Thanks for the new footage Cole! Please upload some more, all his fans are allways happy to see some! Especially the td raiz valdez quadruple Britanny mentioned on his wall!!
Michael Guthrie is getting JACKED
I didn't see "in" lol, sorry about that, but that would probably be insanely sick!
Of course I did, and I meant it like if he can spam triple corks out the ass he could prob triple s/t cork in on trampoline.
he looks so much older all of a sudden! xD
seen him combo 2 triple-corks, and stuff, but dont know where thoose vids are from, since you havent uploaded stuff like that. - when is there a sampler coming?
Or well not frontkicks, club540 says that flik-flak is gainer tripleflash from the side.
all i know is that it was said by nick vail that..."Mike's new sampler has more quads than Riyanto Mijnals." ahaha
why would you give a shit about his skills on a trampoline?! did you even watch the video?
when will we be able to see Mike`s 2012 sampler?
Holy moly he moves so fast it looks fake. Thats sick!
Go Michael Guthrie!!! Freaking AWESOME! :D
Michael Guthrie 2012 sampler out on 21st of December.
yea but they would not let him matter what he throws...those fools set up everyone!! and spent it in LA
He's already landed that on ground, but I know what you mean. He'd be boss on tramp as well.
when i read the description i thought: "lolwut the flic-flac was the coolest move in this combo"
Holy crap that rodeo cork was so floaty and the triples come naturally . Does anyone know where I could get that no bad sessions sleeveless by the way ?
Michael Guthrie - Sampler 2012 PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE !! (LL)
Haha srsly? Vivien Youlou did it already and did a cartwheel full in ;)
lol man =D nothing else ... but i think mike guthrie is soooo much better than vellu and phil gibbs ;) with all the respect i have for them
hey mike i want to give you an advice to your tricking..... huuuu no , i have nothing to say, you are the BEST TRICKER ON THIS WORD *-*
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