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String Player Gamer - "Legend of Zelda Violin Medley"

by String Player Gamer • 1,390,020 views

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If gorons were real I imagine they would look like this guy.
+Dianara Rivera how was he racist?!?!  He's just reffering him to a goron!
         ( 0===O================>          (
Everyone should check out his new video of Zelda medley. youtube v=CMU4Fz15GZg
Hey, I don't remember your previous name. Can you please remember it for me. lol.
Nvm. I just remembered it. Mangdiws, aking kapwa pinoy. :)
Wow, his videos have really advanced in 5 years. The new Zelda medley is worth comparing to this to show just how much you can accomplish in 5 years. Here's to the next Zelda medley in 2017. At this rate of progress it will be a number one bestseller.
A musical genius, watch his others vids, you'll be amazed
I know its not nintendo but have you ever thought of doing something from onimisha? That series has an awesome soundtrack all-around i think.
:*D!!! Perfection!!!!
You guys... are so.... fucking... cool...
man, you are good .___. 
And this is why i got a violin :D
I want this as opening theme on Zelda wiiU
+MrYodadrinkingsoda What! That is the Alltp and Oot Kakariko village theme
This is beautiful good job
This is...BEAUTIFUL! Words can't describe how amazing that medley is, good job.
Yeah Goron Man you are great thx !!!
I think I could beat that world record, I know a way that's not cheating.
Shut up... nothing weird at all with this, and if you think so then you are deprived.
It's the Dark World theme of A Link to the Past ;)
man i just love this please do more like mario or assassins creed please
I tell you one thing. If this fool was in your living room performing this, that would make for one badass game.
the guy at the top right corner is the most handsome!
358 people dont like zelda......
Maybe... but in the context of this video he's a exceptionally talented vocalist and violin player.
Hey now. I'm with you on destroying CoD, but leave Counter-Strike out of it.
Most peoples interception of A capella is that you only hear vocals, and since there is a violin involved here, your statement (although meant humorous) had valid facts. But ya know, it says "a capellla vioces" in the title, and one meaning for A capella is that there was/is no instruments in the background, so IF the vocals were done completely without accompaniment when recorded, then this piece of music is, actually, a capella.
dunno why but this vid is addictive. QUITE
At 2:10 he looks like a ninja playing violin
what is the name of song at 1.28?? thank's
he has a sheet in front of him that he checks when he can remenbers what the rest is !
Well, you see, the guy on the bottom right is Asian... And the guy on the top left is... ... ...Wait
That violin talent...I want it...
Talented, but my question, Y YOU WEAR SO MANY DAMN HATS?!?!?! *insert meme face*
mangdiws: hey guys, i have a youtube video of myself singing acapella for zelda opening theme. let's all watch it together i have over million views! friends: wow, this is great, good work! except....LMFAO at the top comment.
I NEVER get bored of listening to this man! It's amazing work and I love your various hats as well :')
It's because they're all the same person, or rather, I'm all of them. Magic. :)
shoulda done some of the songs from ocarina of time
I think ill juse Princess Zelda's guard thanks... no need for Nazis... (in case anyone doesnt know Nazi stands for National Socialist)
It looks like big brother has locked himself in his room saying, "I will wait in here for my 2 million views!"
Upside right it seems like a golem
lol i strayed here to, its like your not in town but you haven't left either
Dark World Theme :´) Return to my childhood.
I would be able to die happy after hearing this.
You are one goofy looking Mexicano.
der blinzelt wirklich nichtO.O
Bravo! :) And i dont think if a lot of people were making multiple screen arrangments at those days. Its even more precious with the date too. January 2009. nice :D
this is one of the best acapella videos ive ever seen
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