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by Smosh 2nd Channel • 1,569,626 views

WATCH THE NEWEST EPISODE: Every Thursday, you're invited to eat lunch with us! Episodes come out a week early on ------------------------------------ OUR...

Anthony's just jelly of Ian's beautiful blue eyes [:
Ian's eyes.... Best pair of eyes.... <3 GUH I'M SUCH A CREEP
U think u special with 3 balls, i have one
Lost it at Peniel
1:42 That lady looks like Ian's mom xD
Why does ian always drive???
do you like nyan cat if you don't I will eat your head of
cannibalistic and illegal.
Anthony is the bastered because he just jelly that ian has blue eyes
It's u got it dude 😂
Damn anthony has nice legs!
I laughed so hard at the paralyzed part #notmean
Ian: have you ever grown men wearing red shirts ? Me: yes in star trek you two would be the first to die
Did you say "two grown ass men"
u forgot to say first bite
vegetables is called Grönsaker in swedish, which directly translated to english is "Green Stuff".. yes...
This comment will be awesome.
It's actually " you got it dude"
I seen something where people are trying to make penile fluid flavored chips
my 2 balls can combine into 1 or split into four.
it's "you got it dude" u fools
Rollin' Rollin' I have 3 balls 1:43   Limp Bizkit song rollin
Haha my ipod censored when he said food gazim by me getting an email
Anthony is freaking tall.
Iran has the eyes that look like the weapon that I'm dying from
Ian. Has a freakin cool aid shirt. Wtf. Or more like oh yeahhhhhhhhh
The milk fact was wrong humans weren't supost to drink cows milk some pervert looked at a cow's udder and went "MMM THAT LOOKS SUCABLE" so that why people are lactose intolerant our fore fathers couldn't digest it   
They must eat McDonald's .
Thumbs up if you noticed the Limp Bizkit reference at 1:44.
Ians eyes are cool cock natzi!!!!!!
I think that milk fact was RIGHT!
Yes Ian it is gay for a man to give another man a foodgasim
It's not gay since it is a Foodgasm, you dick
ian u handsom eve though im a boy. Anthony ur handom too.
What Anthony said was actually true. Even though he said it like he was slow.
I like bananas and poop too
its "you got it dude " son of a bi***h
Don't call them like that you asshole! Everyone makes mistakes in their lives!
i had that for dinner last night but not the same pizza and ribs
17seconds look at that zit
Did you know that if grown men or women drink a lot of milk "adults" then they create kindy stones.
laughed my  butt of when Anthony  ate that pizza like that
It's 'you got it dude!' Not 'cool dude' stupid and IANS EYES ARE BEAUTIFUL YOU JUST JEALOUS ANTHONY
lol blue eyes that look like shit
yep of course having orgasm because of a pizza
they want to be on full house and there saying "cool dude" but its "you got it dude"
Anthony saying "Say hello to yourselves" made me feel violated.........
Ian always wears that shirt
Are you guys gay???? Never mind
I don't think Ian's eyes are shit haha..but I know Anthony is joking
@Samuel Dowling I can use milk with other foods (i.e, cereal, milkshake) but not by itself. I don't like drinking milk by itself.
Tap dance isn't lord of the dance thats irish dance
Wait, I thought Little Caesar's pizza was supposed to be ready to go, but they had to wait ten minutes...  
do you know cheese bread is made in my country Georgia?  ya i eat cheese bread every day
:) Not to Ian and Anthony, or anyone. Just the words.
Doesnt that make you gay dumbass
Random Fact with Anthony episode two: Aliens.
**takes a bite** OMG •__• I'M LOSING WEIGHT ! :DDDDD
If you were trap in car and had a rock a bat and a gun what would you do
And it's all because I drank milk :)
hahahahahahahaha the finding twitter question song was the best part
*Fuck you Anthony Ian's eyes are awesomely blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Actually, I have never seen an adult wear red.LOL! My sister jumps on my back all the time. That crack was just a muscle.*giggle*
and i like...... BANANAS......and poop
Haha they didn't get paid millions of dollars because they would say the line wrong..(you got it dude!)
me too i gave three not two like girls
gun shots going off in my back yard
Get your age. Subtract 16. Add 14. Add 2. That is your age. :)
I love u anthony i kinda like u to lan
its actually " u got it dude" just as annoying...
I have 8 balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dude this is the finniest one ive watched
Ian was laying on the floor because of his boner
I have blue eyes that look*t haha
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