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Microdrones MD4-1000 behind the scenes (real live footage- not stabilized by software)

by OrbitUAV • 797,644 views

Made by Orbit GT in Aug. 2010. For more information, see:

poor quality video for such a big quiadcopter.........
Dunno why people take the piss out of a phantom, the video quality shits all over this.
Nice, between the music and the wind, you can hardly hear the people talking. 
what scanner are you using is it 2.4ghz? nice looking tech by the way... j
So, let me sum this up: 40.000 EUROS for a (big) quad without gimbal carrying GoPro?
Pretty sure thats sarcasm?
+Lizard6376 i prefer to believe, i prefer to believe...
just wasted 4:38 of my life
Прикольный квадракоптер.
Квадрик прикольный но видео можно было снять по лучше :) качество вообще херня ..я так думаю :))
I don't own a quad, but I would like to criticize this one.
All that money and no Brushless Gimbal???
He totally sounds like the Governator. (Pronounced "Guv-a-nate-uh")
the quad is definately not outdaded, it just has no gimbal installed, simple as that but this is a 40.000 Euro quad, of course it is more expensive then DJI products, this is more like a plane with a black box in it, it uses high quality parts and its tested against lightning, EMP and all such things, german DHL used one for its first test to delivering small packages by drones. Of course, a DJI S800 can do the same but we all know that a Naza Flight controller can fail as well, well sometimes.
he looks like the guy from gta 4
Nice work, why are you using such an under weight payload, from the configuration that would easily haul a cannon 5d or even a small red.  Time aloft isn't everything in a multicopter.
and where is the 'micro' drone? ;)
+astray bullet oh, i already have it (from revell). but the rc is a pain for my big fingers. fortunately it also works with the rc from a hubsan x4 ... and you can do flips with it too.
Sounds like music you would here in a funeral parlour
This pilot isnt good
I don't know how many vastly expensive cool looking machines ive seen flying now with awful footage, heavy expensive what's the point...I just don't get it. I have a f550 with a pet skin and motor covers. it can fly in the rain produces exceptional video and cost nothing to repair has waypoint ground station and 2axis gimbal.....
Man that thing is huge! At that size enclosed rotors are a must IMO. That makes a 100cc weed wacker held backwards seem safe. Smaller is better when it comes to quads but 4 yr old tech.... what year is it now?  We're moving right along...0.08542455  What's that figure I figured out to figure out how to figure out more figures? Hint.... it's connected to {a} and it doesn't ever change.... and it's a little bit off but close enough to show how close we are to getting close enough to use it as close as it gets...... to E of course in its course.  
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+John F Hendry Improper use of ellipses is the easiest way to see someone is not that smart.
C'est un essaie d'un microdrones MD4-1000, il peut volé haut voir la prairie où il a des vaches; comparé à mon hélicoptère c'est énorme déja d'un les drones peuvent volé très haut !!! il peut voir les choses au alentour exemple: prairie, la banlieue, la rue, les immeubles et même tu peut allé de très longue distance à part pouvoir mètre une caméra dans le drone et tu peut voir à ta télécomande ? c'est pas sur ? parce que il faut donc mettre un écran de 8 pouces par exemple comme une tablette tactile...
samuel dores Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
At first I thought this thing was cool, then that music kicked in at the end and I'm like Damn! That thing is evil!
@00DoGood00 they already are but only if you live near a warzone. they will never have the range of a plane so unless your like 200 miles away from a war zone then you will never see this. but they do have other uses eg search and rescue fire spotting chasing crimanals all the wat to chasing missing cows in the country side
not really. 35mhz will penetrate alot more the 2.4. the sensible option would have been uhf
Bad video, bad camera on the multicopter.
That was some amazing footage, but I get just as good footage with my $97.00 FPV set up.
Folks, this is from 2010! Unless you had direct drive gimbals and Hero3 in 2010, shut the fuck up and go clean your room before mommy comes home!
For the $50,000 USD that this most likely costs I can buy a mosquito one man helicopter. Still .... I want one !!
I've seen better video come from much cheaper rigs
What do u thnik about my quadrocopter? :) h ttp:// youtu. be/ZiOf7_aLZ5o
You must know everything there is to know then and obviously have nothing else to learn? Anyway... I'm fairly sure that a modern Multiplex 35mhz system will not be "fooled" as it is a coded PCM signal in which the RX must "bind" to the TX. Thus your only concern is interference on the channel, but all systems are the same in this regard. I have had Futaba FASST failsafe within 300 meter due to high noise floor.
What part of Germany is here?
special for drug traficking!!!!!!!!!! lol
dont forget this is uploaded in 2010 for that time this thing was way ahead
Would it be cool if the gizmos had a life of their own,replenish their power source at man made stations and go on their own way,completely self Independent,like swarms of insects,represented as a new form of creative art, artificial life in nature.
Video was made in 2010. There had been significant advances in this field since then
OK.. great device. Make one bigger to hold a small 70mm film camera or a high end 4k video camera. Great possibilities for motion pictures.
those cows probably think they are about to be abducted by aliens
"this is the most stable air video ever." BUAHAHAHHAHAHAH, they wanted to say "most unstable: i guess :)
Syma X1 $34.95 free shipping no tax..No its not as big or impressive looking but for the money you can have lots of fun. Fully assembled and come with the controller and one rechargeable battery. has the best price.
"micro" drones? Maybe if the guy is half a meter high.
wow!.. what a complete overpriced piece of junk.
Hello, what is the weight of the equipment?
I have no idea what you payed for that drone, it look cool but the footage is not, sorry. I payed €1500 for my DJI phantome, gimbal and gopro and it takes better footage, get a gimbal dude
My 400 usd bumblebee is more stable.
@OrbitUAV where can I get a scanner to see if there are interfering frequencies? Thank you very much in aproach.
Finally... we now have the technology to confuse cows.
Good thing this is 2010, because this thing sucks now. Or the people flying it have no idea how to get good looking footage.
Trying searching nastycop240 (Team Blacksheep) on here and you will see loads better video than this,at a quarter of what this rig is worth,trust me.
I am in love with the wind sound...
GOD THE MUSIC made me turn off this video.
Two minutes in the video before we see anything flying... Come on...
lol this video kinda sucks, its really not stable at all.
I sell UAV's for a living so I don't need to be told anything about this technology thanks. 35 MHz would not be allowed by the CAA in the UK. I know this will return home if the link is lost but on 35 MHz another person can control so that the unit is fooled into thinking it is still communicating with the REAL Operator. I had a Royal Evo Multiplex and it is good but not for this type of system Did you hear about the problem MD had at a football match when lots of 35MHz radios were there???
national geo. researchers should buy this thing!. :P
i would say the same thing, but this was in 2010
@mquiroz90 - If this thing replace older rcs in my stores, we may make a run on those stores now and get what we want.....This bird is ReDicUously expensive.....$25,000-$100, is definitely not a toy....
if this blade-strikes you, holy shot!
Those were happy cool cows. 2:07
Nice...but Not worth the price of 60K. Thank god for the chinese they make a similar model for under 1K.
Seen better video from a 400 dollar chinese quad copter.
Cows are used to UFO´s and not a single fu** was given because of this thing. lol
Change the music. Music can have a major affect on people. Why the hell would you play sad music.. you need better marketing folks man.
ive seen better from a £200 quad!
Just as I suspected, they are beginning to count all the cows. Visit my channel to see how you can effectively camouflage your livestock.
фоновая музыка должна быть "полет валькирий"
that is, assuming the camera they have under it now is the only one you could mount.
not very stable....i've seen been from home made 50 dollar rigs...
Amazing how far the technology has advanced in just three years, Now a GoPro Hero3 Black on a brushless gimbal mount under a hobby level tricopter would give better video. GPS waypoint mission capability is doable with Arducopter for a couple hundred bux. The 40km range is still "out there" but.
breitling nice! must be a bit of money in this stuff!
Hello I'm from Brazil, and wanted to know where I could buy this product in the USA. Wait ..
That "wobbly"ness is a shock absorption effect. You don't rigidly mount the skids on something that may take a rough landing.
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