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LvLcap's Bro Teaches Gun Master on Scrap Metal (Battlefield 3 Gameplay/Commentary/How To)

by LevelCapGaming • 129,678 views

Hey guys. ZimTheWalrus walked me through the basics of gun master today. LevelCap's Computer Hardware: Gunnar Gaming Glasses:...

Assist count as kills would have been useful in this gamemode
I watched like 100+ of LVLCAP's videos but this one is really cool and unique. I like that there is no script and we can see the real reactions and mistakes and all that stuff.  Also, I just got Premium and tried gun master yesterday for the first time and it is fun and forcing me to play weapons i would never normally play. My fav is Ziba tower. You should make few more vids including your bro.
Omg! The good old times! This makes me feel so good watching.. Wish I could go back in time... Followed you from the start lvl..
Все пендосы ннуууууббыыыыы!
i was playing and some bitch got mad cuz i won 3 rounds straight and he accused me of cheating and said he will get sony to bann me forever
yea I got banned the other day but not for this reason
This video commentary shows how far you've come. You sound more nervous and quiet during the beginning of your career, but now you're the active commentator we all love! Good work!
Well he really sucks when he first started, it's kinda like me currently, now he's like a battlefield god
I just got premium yesterday for ps3.. I already have it for pc, got 5th place in gun master first try and joined in when the person in 1st place was at 11... I got up to 12 when the game ended... full 16 players too!! I did the m5k challenge in 1 game... got 100+ kills with the mp7 on ps3... my question is can you go back to bf3 pc and give me some tips on accuracy... I'm perfect on ps3 but not on pc
is this mode in premium?
check this out, they have some good tips for building cheap, powerful pcs:
thanks I will check it out
After my first two matches I constantly best this got lucky a lot but still feels good to win
I love gun master due to the competitive nature. Its a good break from having to "Squad up" and play for a team win. I hope they bring it back for BF4. This mode is all about a race and usually the most proactive person wins. Those that like to camp in a corner won't win.
Totally agree! Although I've never won, after several matches (best I came up was a 2nd with me on the knife aswell) I can sincerely say this is one of my fave game modes of BF3.
I kid you not, I played Gun Master one time, and I won. The guy I killed with the knife ran out of ammo... xD
His english is right
Gun game with teams
you get demoted when you get knifed
dude when you get knifed you lose a kill, therefore getting demoted
+Th3Mast3rEzio It works both ways. Knifed you get demoted and you win if you are on the 17th lvl which is the knife.
even tho i already played gun master and won i didnt get the ribbon....anybody else having this problem?
you go down a level (kill) every time sb kill you with the knife - nuber of deaths is not important
none it contained new vehicles and maps, sadly there were no new weapons :(
Once i was into that fucking knife kill and everybody were 2 levels behind. I failed and raged and throwed my fucking ps3 controller to floor so hard that it broke raged even more cuz of that. Never play the gunmaster if you rage easily :D
if you execute someone it demotes them to the previous weapon pretty cool imo
He doesn't say that they copied it from CoD, or that CoD invented it, he says that it looks like Gun Game from CoD, which it does, since it's basically the same idea. Just like Gun Game in CS
I do like the tactical style of Battlefield, but sometimes I want a more hectic, arcade style game, so Gun Master is perfect for when I have those moments.
It should switch you when you press the button that switches your weapon. That would be amazing.
yes you can but you need to have close quarters dlc first
lvlcap tell me how you went from this to pro in less than 6 months? D: i wanna know!!!
Gun Game was originally a modded gametype for Counter Strike. The More You Know!
7:50 lvl what are you smoking? the acw-r has some of the best hip-fire in the engineer class
@goreegousest HE DOESN'T NEED TO. Why would you if there's 5 guys running at you and your reticle is right on them.
Hey Charlie is your brother older than you?
can you play this in ps3 or xbox360?
If you get knifed, You get leveled down ;)
An i5-3550 is very good, better than mine. The Radeon HD 7770 should play BF3 in medium-high [personal experience, upgraded to 7850] in 1080p. Ultra with 60+ FPS in 720p. So, you probably need to update drivers if you haven't already.
I lost all respect for level cap in this video :(
no youre right he played counter strike :P but its very possible he has never played a "gun master" mode before
Lvlcap never heard about Gungame =(
Apparently uploaded 41 years ago so says youtube
it has the second worst of any carbine. Only the scar-h has worse. So he probably is smoking a cigar, laughing at you,
Hey LvLcap, (big fan of your videos) you can go down levels if you get knifed. I've never gone down levels from dieing from gunfire, and I've died a lot. One of the few things that I *really* dislike is that knife kills don't count toward weapon progression.
But lvlcap got the first place so it didn't matter for him
Well I think they are up to date, but I'll check. Thanks for the good advice though man =) Appreciate it
Why the fuck has youtube recomended this video again. Its ok but its not that great. I guess because hes lvlcaps lil bro. Whoopty doo lol
Skyrim is a CPU-Demanding game. BF3 is a GPU-Demanding game. Most likely that he has a good CPU and decent GPU.
still cant get in top five, always I'm on the top then I get stuck on some damn weapons and then everybody win over me :(
Don't call the L86A2 a bad gun. It's one of the best guns in the game if you know how to use it right.
LvLCap is the Chuck Norris of Battlefield. Won the first gunmaster ever played.
Scrapmetal reminds me of half-life 2 :3
Just played a round of Gun master... 97 kill assists, 3 kills, 24 deaths.
Can anyone tell me why this game is so demanding on my computer?? I have to play this game on like medium or low.. and I can run skyrim on high. I don't have any idea why, if anyone knows why and how I can fix it please let me know.
when u get Knifed by someone u lvl down as well i m better than yur bro Xbox: Hell_IS_Here36
When u r died and the window pops up that is the place who is in the firsf or second with guns they are using
ahaa now you see, im just average when it comes to normal play, but i just rock at gun master :D guess i just now how to use all the weapons well, not one perfectly
Gun game from Black Ops, Battle Field style.
Not sure about dying too many times, but I know if you get a knife takedown they lose a point
I just realised that that the JNG-90 only has 5 rounds in a magazine in gunmaster
just played a round of gun master. i rage quitted, because i was sweating too much.
More videos with walrus pls :]
ok jezz whats up with all the hate?!? it was just a thought -___-
the last weapon will be the knife and the second to last weapon is the M320 LVG
I always get killed during the insta-weapon change during a fight too :/ lol. For future gun master modes in future battlefield titles, they should implement a timer saying a time limit and what the weapon will be onscreen. Example: "5 seconds until upgrade to AN-94". or make the timer able to be customized to suit the players personal taste from like a 1-10 second scale. That would really help gun master play out a bit smoother
You may be right on that point, but when valve bought the rights to CS they also got the "source code" of the game, releasing CS: S(i think 2004 and CS was 2000) which is actually using the older code used to create CS itself. In short, CS: S is actually odler than CS even though it was released 4 years later, most just think CS was first just because it was released first after fixing CS: S 's bugs. You're right though, if CS' code was more recent then it would be the origin of gun game.
i have 1 video of counter strike and it's with a english title you bot -_-
Gun master is from Counter strike you noob. Then the stupid makers of CoD decided to put it in their game, and then DICE made it in BF3 :) so shut the hell up and grow up with your noob games
my first gun master i won i was really surprised how different it played out than other game modes
Gun Master doesn't make you "good"If you are experienced you get better if you are a noob you leave...
There´s some reason why they´re big youtubers... I spend my time doing other things :)
Scrap metal is the best place for gun master
You get a "win" if you finish top 5.
i've turned around quite a few gun master rounds coming in late, either coming in first or second...
My first time playing gun master i win it 2 rounds in a row on 32 players server!! :D Add me on BF3 on PC if u want to confirm that! :D add: ScoutZ_KnightZ
The concept of gunmaster is not invented by the battlefield developers... its much older. Thats what i mean, an fps 'pro' didn't start with bf3 as first shooter...
Now I remember why I didn't like this mod. It switches your weapon without warning, and almost always in the least convenient moment.
Hey lvlcap i've made a video response, could you maybe take a look at my gameplay and give me some tips?
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