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World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Cinematic Trailer

by World of Warcraft • 15,044,117 views

This is the official cinematic trailer for World of Warcraft's fourth expansion set, Mists of Pandaria, originally debuted at gamescom 2012 on August 16 in Cologne, Germany. Full details on this...

I liked this expansion. People call it childish, I call it amusing because of the saccharine nature of the setting, and because it shows off Varian's character development. And if you look a little deeper, things aren't nearly as rosy as the Pandaren like to claim: There's the remnants of an Old God infesting the land, feeding off the negative emotions of the island's inhabitants and its visitors. Then there's the fact that I had so much fun fighting the Horde in Krasarang Wilds. That place was a constant battleground on my server: Until they added new areas, it was a hotbed for PvP and Honorable Kills. Then there's the lessons it actually teaches. (Yes, you CAN learn something useful from video games!) Beware of Pride. Maintain your focus. Savor every day; enjoy every meal; cherish your friends & family. I'm glad of the expansions, and I'm happy there's going to be even more after Warlords. Let's face it you guys: The primary reason why people hate WoW so much is because it's a large and successful game. It's blown the competition out of the water, and a lot of folks remain bitter about that.
+ShiggitySean Well, I don't care if those people leave either, but the point is that since the subscriber count dropped even more by the end of MoP, Blizzard was under the impression that their general fans don't want an expansion like MoP. That's why we have WoD, which while is a cool concept, simply doesn't feel as inspired as MoP or Wrath (Cata was more of a movie experience, didn't feel incredibly inspired to me). To me, it feels like at some point the devs who poured their heart into the game just gave up, because despite the huge amount of effort they put into MoP, they continued to lose players. So now we have a beautiful yet strangely uninspired expansion with very little content. :( I just feel like Blizzard missed the mark with WoD. they got their sub count back up but many of their players are actually discontent with the xpac, and simply don't feel like unsubbing because they've already put so much effort into the game. Blizzard could have made it better or different somehow, but didn't... Sorry for the ranting/wall of text, just wanted to make the point clear, haha. WoW is missing its spirit; I hope it is found again by the next xpac.
Easily the best expansion ever. Haven't played WoD yet, though.
+Tsuitachi If this dude is indeed Admiral Taylor, he dies. And becomes a garrison follower.
Fucking Pandarens and their "peace" and "harmony".... Thank goodness Warlords of Draenor is that good old, darker Warcraft again, completely opposite to Mists of Pandaria.
+Balnazzardi I support your opinion, because I felt exactly the same about this stupid panda land.
Wow dude you must be the edgiest kid in school.
I don't get why people think MoP was so "childlike". I mean Wrath was simply vikings and scourge in the North, so why can't there be monks and sha in Asian enviroments? It's the same thing.
I love the part when the human uses his metal sword to make a wood spear, and then he takes the spear instead of the sword. Clap clap clap.
Yea i was like "Dafuq is this guy"
+MasterMetallix what I really love about Pandaren in this video is that he doesn't just fight with pure strength. He rarely attacks with a powerful strike and he dodges most of the attacks instead of blocking them. He isn't as strong as the other two but he wins with skills. He's got some real kungfu moves :)
So much hate on the Pandaren Race. I love my Pandas. They kick some serious ass. Working on a Brewmaster now. Already got my Windwalker
+Samir Mustafa Did you just say Indians are black?
+Will Canada Nothing in common with Po, if you haven't played WarCraft3 then you better shut up before doing another pointless Kung Fu panda reference.
Hard to believe this expansion is coming to an end here in just a month. Patch 6.0.2 drops in just less than 24 hours now. There's going to be a lot of movement away from Pandaria and onto the Black Portal now and UBRS for the event. I still remember launch day sitting in Stormwind in the king's room. I had played the beta but just for about a day or two. Much of Pandaria was still a mystery to me as I wanted to keep it. I remember reading the message that MOP was now live and seeing the rush to Pandaria. I remember how much lag there was unfortunately and because of it I had to turn my settings down thinking it would help. Turning down my view distance added even more mystery to the new land. It almost felt as if this new area was in fact shrouded in mists because of it. The night time in the game also added to it. I remember leveling and at one point in Jade Forest I went to the location where this cinematic took place and turned my view distance back up and saw the forest just like it had happened when the mists were revealed. I took a big appreciation towards this expansion. The music, the characters, the lore, the enemies, the Eastern style theme.  I'll sum it up but this expansion was great. Even if people criticize it a lot and make fun of it I can honestly say I hadn't had this much fun in an expansion since TBC. Cataclysm had great end-tier boss fights and Wrath had Ulduar but outside of that I didn't enjoy much. Sure Wrath had scenery but it was nothing I hadn't see already when I played WC3 TFT.  All the time I've been flying around Pandaria from the mysterious Jade Forest, to the beautiful icy tops of Kun-lai Summit to the dark, creepy yet gorgeous Dread Wastes to the Gate of the Setting Sun which led into the beautiful heart of Pandaria the Vale of Eternal Blossms (before it was corrupted of course) I enjoyed every minute of it. I'll still come back to Pandaria even in Warlords but all in all I'm glad where this expansion has left off. This expansion was great and people can criticize if they want but this is just my opinion. I can't wait for Warlords after what I've seen so far. Especially since I love lore so much. Warlords of Draenor and patch 6.0.2 tomorrow here we come!
I am the only one who kinda liked Pandaria?
+Coderated Nine I agree, I always look forward to a new world. 
Still, I do like the lore and philosophy behind it.
the music at the end always gets to me
I'm aware that this is just a cinematic trailer, but does the expansion include what happens to the human and Orc guys. Do they become totes besties? Do they accept the panda as their sensei and join the panderian lifestyle? I want answers damnit!
+Mathias Kristensen what??! The only know character is Chen other than that the orc and the human are just a regular orc and a regular human
+Mathias Kristensen That's not Nazgrim and Taylor though. But you're right on the Chen part.
This is the best expansion. I've ever played 
MoP was good, it had very good messages and fine lore. But the timing for it was a little bit wrong, maybe it opened a way for WoD but still, they could have put it in a better time than they have now. That is probably why everyone is pissed, but other than that there is nothing wrong with it.
Yeah, that is the main problem I think. It's a wonderful expansion and I love it.  I should say though, the timing was pretty good to get in new players. This was new, something no one has tried before. This was perfect to get people looking at WoW for a long time and going, "Nah, that's just too black and white and boring". It added variety and versatility to the story and added a new race for those who disliked both sides of the everyday conflict. The timing was bad for the ultra hardcore players unfortunately. After seeing Cataclysm which they disliked, they were hoping for something amazing, and of the likes of the expansions of the past. Instead they get something new, which naturally, they feared, and thus hated. That's why WoD came along, giving everything the hardcore players ever wanted, and more.  So all in all, WoW is doing well now.
I just love how the Orc and Human suddenly are on the same side XD
+Sam This panda is Chen Stormstout. and there's another cinematic that shows both of them depressed and drunk in a tavern.
+sneaksmasher Depressed but still better then getting ripped apart by a demon
Growing up Warcraft and Blizzard games in general were always known for their gruesome violence. Watching this trailer just makes me sad to see where the franchise has ended up. The characters in here look like they belong in a Disney or Pixar movie, not the brutal World of Warcraft I knew (Not the mmo, just the world lore in general)
There are 2 kinds of WoW players. Those who think that WotLK was the golden era of World of Warcraft and there is those who didn't play WotLK
You are probably one of those  guys who started playing Wow From Wotlk.
0:54 I don't get why would he sharpen that stick if he already has a weapon... Also what happens to the human and the orc at the end? (sorry for my english, i'm spanish, and yeah, i am new to the game).
So, are the human, ork and Pandaran established characters with backstories and stuff? I feel like they should be.
Most people that raided or did high rated arena PvP agree that TBC was the superior expansion. Raiding tiers had actual progression and arena PvP had not become stale with class homogenization. The only people that seem to consider WotlK or Cataclysm as the best expansion are people that either started playing there, or didn't have success in any of the previous mentioned activities.
this video make me want to play the game 
This video makes me want to watch Kung fu Panda!!
+Leandro Kogan yes , this video is mostly like kung fu panda trail movie . ☺
The flying insects in this cinematic are actually mini zergs, they used the same models just extremely small. 
To this day I still believe MoP was the best expansion ever released. It beats War lords of draenor which is a huge deal as it's the newest one   
i started playing at  WOTLK and i think mists and mob are amazing but mists loved it so much. notice i am not Asian
I like my stubby & fluffy tails.
This isn't World of Warcraft, this looks like some sort of Kung Fun Panda ripoff or something.
Cinematic are great over all awesome graphics but the game graphic makes me wanna kill myself
2:30 One of the top greatest moments in WoW.
wow Admiral Kunka and TideHunter vs Brewmaster Chen  Did anyone else got guspump when the music started to play
They seriously need to think about making a movie
They are. It will be released next year. It will be based around the First War.
When Pandaria first launched, there was a huge gate of content available to you immediately after hitting max level, keeping you busy for months so long as you didn't mind dailies. With Warlords, I was out of things to do (besides hermiting in my garrison) almost immediately. Still a paying player, and have been since TBC, but this is definitely the MOST costly expansion with the LEAST amount of content.
awesome a kungfupanda expansion Po will be pleased
It's captain placeholder!!
Couldn't see if that was a dagger or a sword when creating that spear...but if a sword....yeah I'd fight with the sword and not a stick.
is this a part of kung fu panda ?? and pandarin there is po's father ??? :) :P
Que hace Po de Kung Fu Panda ahí ?
if i understand correctly... the reason why garrosh was able to invade pandaria was because the land had not trained much of its people to fight because the land always disappeared from time and time again am i correct? but from what im seeing in the trailer, if there was enough military power within pandaria can garrosh still conquer it? (sorry if im lacking in the story and game)
If I recall correctly... when leveling through Pandaria you find out the Pandaren forces were spread thin fighting their numerous enemies throughout the land. Garrosh and his 'True Horde' were also empowered by one of the Old Gods, Yshaarj (sp?), making them even more deadly. In the end, however, brave adventurers defeated and imprisoned him, ending his reign of terror, until he escaped and set forth the events of Warlords of Draenor.
plz cant you tell my is thats a film or just a games if hi is a film when cant i find a full movy ?
God this Cinematic makes me cringe of joy. Too bad the expansion wasn't nearly half as good as the cinematic was. Dissapointing.
Actually I have to Say " This is the best expansion Ive ever played and also the best memory in my wow-life"
plz is that a film or just a games if hi is a film how can't i find fullmove
Lemmy Kilmister fighting an Orc and a Panda in a WoW Cinematic......GLORIOUS!!!
everybody was kung fu fighting those kicks were fast as lightning
2:30 There is still humanity in Humans :P
Mop the best era of wow, great music great animation great story everything great
Monks were nerfed they can't do this
Am I the only one who ships Aysa and Ji?
From The Lord of the Rings to Kung Fu Panda...
Oh this trailer... Still manages to give me the goosebumps and make me smile at the same time.
I have to say Blizzard are always great at their cinematic trailers. Also lay off the Pandaran hate. 
Not the best expansion but damn what a good trailer.
I wish that the fighting was like this in wow
Am i the only one that miss pandaria?
No i liked pandaria too.
kun fu panda haha!
This is the best Warcraft cinematic of all.  When they were trying to get the movie into production this probably what they showed the studios. 
Russell Crowe vs The Rock.
Best expansion ever.  Wish I could go back to this instead of WOD.
i wonder how the Chinese feel about using their culture to make a game...
What about Northrend? the nature and the people there represents the scandiavian countries (aswell as Cannada and Russia), the Vrykul are just Vikings aswell.
Is the panda with alliance or horde?, i am confused
Oberyn vs The Mountain xD
am i the only one thinking ''why the F does that captain guy craft a spear when i has a fucking Sword/knife. And why does he use the spear when he can just use that sword ??'' And i looove the way the voice-over says ''IT IS IN THE NATURE'' :D
Well, He didn't expect meet some one else but the org also from that ship wreck
I'll miss a lot this EXPANSION ,this......, was the best expansion EVER and I can't beleive i'll never see it again :(
Damn, thats probably hardest stick in da world !
Bamboo is a really hard matterial.
who is the human in the cinematic?
When did Kung Fu panda come to Wow?
Warcraft 3 if I'm not mistaken. 
WoW, this might be Po in few tens or dozen of years in the future. (y)
What worth fighting for.....Food
Rather Warcraft 3 much. Intended as a joke race or not doesn't matter.
It's almost offensive to Asians that people hate that they did an expansion that had Asian culture. 
I got a lot of inspiration from this (expansion). And still get goose bumps listening to select MoP music. Thank you!
wow, that's a massive change of theme from cataclysm  
Well duh, from earth, to ice, to fire, to wind. 
+Sumona Florence that comment made my day lolololol
The Dragon Warrior :P
I've played for about a month and pandaria just has a nice feel to it and all the hate is from the urgh wow was good in vanilla I guess I kinda like the music as well
hahahaa kung fu panda !
What nonsense fully charged
One of my favorite things I always remember from this cinematic is that it shows the irony of Warcraft.. that the Alliance and the Horde might always hate each other and delve in war, but when faced with a possible danger to all of Azeroth, they unite to fight against the danger. 2:28
I swear people heavily overrate Vanilla, BC and Wrath to much.
Phow is that u? :D 
Po in his older years. "We ran out of ideas so why TF not? Lets rip off DreamWorks Animation."
You tried to be funny but it didn't work.
Just in case you didn't know Warcraft 3 had Chen Stormstout (the pandaren you see in this cinematic) Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before Kung Fu panda was even thought of. When did Warcraft 3 come out? 2002. So don't try it. You'll make alot of people upset. 
it's your mother ERBFAN >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>,<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Having never played this expansion, I have to ask something. Were monk classes as powerful as they were shown to be here, or was this cinematic just a massive exaggeration of their abilities?
Welcome to the trailer where WoW when down the drain!
World of warcraft meets kung fu panda?
Chen stormout(panda) , is  early appear at Warcraft 3.
Good God what an awful Xpack... 
"It was a bear?!" "In a hat!"
No it was a panda in a hat
I was quoting, never mind.
Why is she sharpening that piece of wood when he has a sword... -.-
It was broken, and its end was snapped off. A shortened range plus the lack of a stabbing tip does make it less useful, so he created a new tool.
WoW is so good that each xpac has it's own fanboys.  Daym blizz best game company ever ? 
But anyways it's thanks to those different opinions, blizz has no clue what exactly to do?  Give casual players a chance and neglect the hardcore fanatics? Or just balance the shit. I'm curious to WoD :).
Chen Stormstout is best pandaren in world of warcraft
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