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Retro Active - Zombies Ate My Neighbors!

by Rooster Teeth • 204,554 views

Fragger takes a look at the classic title "Zombies Ate My Neighbors!" in this brand new edition of Retro Active!

do F-Zero X with Expansion kit!
this game looks stupid, but roosterteeth is still awesome.
I still play this game on the Super NES
One more thing, I love this game... But fuck this game!!!
Actually they are close in comparison Hollywood, and Video games. So similar now that companies such as Warner Brothers, and Lucas Arts are crossing over to make up for their box office failures. You are completely correct though as to it is the players fault for buying into the FPS, EA Sports, and fitness games. But rather then take a risk to make fun and memorable games, it's about turnover and initial profit. I love my games, but I like originality and I don't want to see it turn to Hollywood
Fuck those purple slime monsters!
I don't hate fragger or anything... But i don't think he is funny at all.
Do Ninja Baseball Bat Man! (no it has nothing to do with batman it means a man with a bat)
My girlfriend and I still play this game all the time. It's just damn near impossible.
You're very easily entertained. "Be interested; not entertained."
I always loved zombies ate my neighbors
I played this everyday with my brother when I was a kid !!
What about santa,the tooth fairy, and the easter bunny
holy shit I had this game of mega drive and played it with my sister like back in 1994 when I was 8 years old...kinda wish I didn't because it was kinda scary back then..BACK THEN
Ah man. I made it to level 56 as a kid. This game is awesome. Im a genesis Kid
OOOOOOOH my god I remember this game
nice i so want to play this agen hehe
This was a good game, Is a good game.
try something new. im not being mean but COD and minecraft, and if you say happy wheels. those are extremly un original. try something people dont always play. then maybe you can introduce that stuff later.
This game had one of the best sound tracks.
i played this a lot.... luv it
Kinda wish it was more of a review, that would make the video better. Just saying its like this and that and showing off the weapons isn't much.
This would be an awesome rage quit for Michael! Make it happen Fragger.
Megaman X is in the intro screen -3
I played this all the time as a kid. Finally neat it when I was 7. Thanks for reminding me of it.
Thumbs up if you already have it on your wii
Why get it on the wii when i can just turn my super nintendo on and pop it in?
he said its a girls console, you said thats why he plays it, i said you "burnt" him as in you "owned" him
i lost my genesis cartridge when we moved years ago :(
I fucking loved this game. Played it all the time.
MY CHILDHOOD!!! Still have it too, haha
Retro active: legend of the dragoon
What are you going on about the have only made two games one in 2006 and one in 2010 and nobody plays it for the story you play it to put servebot helmets on zombies if anyhting you just described call of duty.
But not the remake! The N64 version was way better :) However, the remake's multiplayer was pretty fun...
Does Fragger work at RT HQ or is does he just submit his videos remotely? I always hope to see him in one of the RT Life videos but I can't say I ever have. Someone needs to get him in on one of the lets plays even if he doesn't work at the HQ.
I remember Being off school and playing this with my mum. The fucking sandworms everytime. First time I heard my mum swear. Memories :)
They're making a movie of this game, started production in 2011, still waiting for a Trailer or something lol
Omg this game....... So much torment this game brought to me in my childhood. Why fragger why?????
ahaha "Dick Punchingly Difficult"
@CommanderOfTheSun: He mentioned monster madness. Just fyi.
still of this game....on the Nintendo
Your username makes this all the stupider...
Blaster Master: Blasting Again (for PS1)
This game is also on android for free!
that's meant to get rid of a demon that has possed someone so good for us bad for the demon
I heard they're doing a movie adaptation of this game. Hope it doesn't suck.
Holy crap Fragger was right about this game being dick punchingly hard. I remember playing this as a kid and having such a hard time with that game, I never made it past stage 8. Let alone the giant ants you find later on.
oh man. Kicking it old school. I remember this back on the super nintendo haha
my favorite game when i was a little kid was really hard though
Oh, the memories! I remember sitting with my neighbor playing this around 8pm (That was late back then... Lol) Then we would go outside, and would be freaked out by every single noise that we heard, or every dark corner. Such good memories.
i think its called Dead Rising.
LOL Wii I still have this on for my genesis
so, it is prytty much the prorotype of dead rising, just with other enimies.
i still have a snes with this original game and megaman o .o
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