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by SLAPskateboardmag • 45,624 views

Skate the Streets.

Cleanest and Meanest I have ever Seenest 
Nobody is a cunt for not liking HD footage, I don't see how you can make that judgement. But, what I do see, is when SD filmers switch over to HD, they tend to film all shaky, and the colors are bland as fuck. I love the long lens shots when they're using a DSLR, but the angles aren't too cool.
Okay dude haha, I was just giving my opinion, It's hard to tell if you being serious or not when I'm reading text over the internet. I guess that makes me a cunt.
these videos truely give off the feel of just being in the city.. when i went there all i got to do was cruise pretty much but it was still fun as fuck.
This one was waaaaay better than the last one!
@EugeneWasSeen im not sure the exact spot, but its near/ around japan town. google maps that shit brah
This series totally makes up for OIAM.
shut the fuck up tre flips are beautiful
as for me these vids are much better than tapes of nyjah and mike mo
wheres that first spot at 0:07?
the guy that disliked this video is bisexual
fuck yea!!!!!!!!! ryan flowers is the shit
damn that tailslide was insane
holy fuck that tailslide at 0:33
watching these vids makes me wanna go to san fran, despite all the gays that live there
@gnarvin i hate flamers dudes taking in the butt are meant to be in prison. mirite?
How could some clown dislike this? Every trick was fucking bolts!
@shmalts1 no, a lot of people who can't 360 flip say that
buttery 360 flips all over the place in this video
What mic was used on that dslr?
@yeahdudeitsperry hey Perry, Yeah Dude Its gay. HD gay is. Gay as hell. And so are you.
Did anyone see that switch Ollie over the handrail?!!!!?!?!?!?!?
@drawingmaster Can't think like that, you'll never make new tricks that way. Go out there and start throwing shit down. Do what you love and everything else will fall together. The creativity will come of it's own accord but first you have to put in the work and learn the foundation.
did anyone else notice that the feeble at :22 was switch?
these videos are awesome!!! and 1:42 is the best fs tail flip iv'e ever seen!!
0:31 to me thats a wall but i guess to him its a ledge
@pckldickweed20 couldn't have said it better myself. I just hit 25 and I'm 6'3. It's about doing what you love and giving zero fucks about the rest.
I dont understand where OIAM is.
@shmalts1 dont worry about other peoples tricks...
that tailslide flip out was a gift from god
a few EUGENE killas! SO sick. makes me want to bomb a fucking hill!!!
@rollbrett4fun haha dude, try Norway. -20 celsuis, no in-door skate parks cept 1 or 2 in the capitol
@rollbrett4fun literally hot outside over here in florida hahah.
this song takes me back to 59' oh the memories
0:58 = best line ever.. That's exactly the line I would've gone for!
@shmalts1 They're just a cool trick, and feel super sick to do.
steve perdue is a fucking beast
that areas they were skating look like the one on the video game Skate.
@shmalts1 nah dude people make them out to be, SF skateboarding is pure.
@jaypayan ok. yeah your right on this. i kind of regret the top comment because i makes it seem like im hating. im not. im a skater. and a piece of shit one at that so i have no reason to hate. it was that the guy did tres like every 2 seconds. i wish i could tre. i cant so i feel like a douchbag. but cut me some slack. i really dont want to be a part of that group of people everyone hates :(
does anyone know where the spot at 0:59 is?
@efrwar I'm simply expressing my opinion. I don't think HD should be used to film skateboarding.
thumbs up if watching skate videos in the morning is part of getting ready for school! XD
Super sick. But am I the only person who thinks that 360 flips are overrated?
@Platano0587 Fucking exactly man. I've been skating for almost 10 years now, I just turned fucking 27, and I STILL don't land everything and anything. Never got Tre's down, startin' to grind shit. It sucks growing up with a group of kids that skate, then all of them stop for whatever lame reasons. It's life though. Skateboarding will always be there, and always be fucking amazing.
@shmalts1 what is there a set number of 360 flips aloud to be done in the skating world until every douchebag alive starts hating on tre flips too??? hah guess soo
Always great music in these SF Treats..
@rollbrett4fun It's raining here in san francisco, if it makes you feel any better
@shmalts1 they are not overrated they are overdone. 360 flip is an amazing trick and feels good to land
Wish I was more into skating. Id love to invent new tricks. Seems like everything is already mastered
SF: home of tre bombs and hill bombs.
what a pop!!!! i like this vid!!
I miss San Francisco so much. :(
these videos are the only good thing slap has now.
@skatefever14 Blah blah blah skateboarding moves on.
Josh is so underrated, show up to a spot with him, so good nd fun to skate with.
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