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I Am Me

by willowsmith • 7,175,961 views

Directed by Mike Vargas/ Nuyorktricity

I love her outfit.
I mean grow up not frown up. Oops!
Like this little bitch right here👇 don't listen to her.
She has a great voice, but who the heck writes this songs?!
i forgot how hard this was to watch
Jadens brother? Haha I'm sorry but those siblings need to grow up and try to act hip. It does not suit their or their fathers character. Jaden doesn't skate, he pops half a Ollie and makes a music video of it. It sucks, once they hit a phase they abuse it. Like when jaden dresses up like superheroes. Those kids aren't being themselves they're trying to fit in with people that dress weird. They need to grow up and not let their phases get publicity
Or maybe she just wanted to dress like that for the video stop being irrelevant and picking the bad out of things gosh
+Makaela Henry i bet u can't sing better then her
Everyone is saying she's mouthing the words. Yes she is. Because it was recorded in a studio, then the video was filmed. Which is how you make a music video. Good Lord. I think she's a gorgeous, confident young girl. Trying to find out who she wants to be. So leave her alone.
I'm sorry but I was not the only one looking at how she was mouthing the words
she singing is wtf are u sayin
omg i love her so much 
Willow i really luv this song i went threw some things in the song i'v been bullied and told that i wasn't going to be anything thank you you are my inspiration
She is so adorable and gifted. Love this little girl :)
She looks like a boy and she sounds horrible. Will and Jada should have her look more like a girl soaks doesn't get mistaken for a boy. Plus, they make a great amount of money. Ever heard of vocal lessons? She is screaming, not singing. I've been a musician longer than she's been alive and that is horrible musicianship.
maybe you've been a nusician but you are nothing now and she is giving concerts worldwide. don't be jealous
Most of yall say, she was mothing the words, she can't sing, but yet she is still more famous than you....and last time I checked I never, seen you sing...and newsflash this song is about how she doesn't care about what people think about her......and so what if she didn't write that song she can sing a hell of alot better than what if she mouth those words she is still famous. Unlike some people...and she is famous because she didn't criticize people. She was like, oh they wrote their own song, I bet I can do better.
FYI the words in every music video are mouthed, they then put one audio file over it so that there's consistency even though the locations switch :)
I think that's she's a beautiful girl and she's a talented singer and she made this song for her haters like some of the negative comments below. I think its very awful for people who don't know her is attacking her about how she sing , how she look , and what she's do. she don't wake up every morning talking about how people act or how other dress. I think it very fucked up that yall talking about her maybe because yall not her or maybe yall cant have the same life as her. and it seems like yall don't have no life if yall sit around and talk about people base on your opinion , but at the end of the day she still gone be famous and she still gone make more music and more money even if its not based on what you said so I think willow is doing a very good job :) !
Что то есть в этой девчонке)))
She's only famous cause of her dad and you'll haters need to stop
Omg why did I think that she was about to pull out something other then a camera when they were walking up on her lol . She did it so real like though lol 😂😂😂😂
She looks so much like her dad,so adorable
Yummy E, Yummy E, Yummy E
Nice voice but Why DoD she have to shave her hair I mean it's her choice but like the video and her voice love you girl:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
I am in love with this song
So people just grow up really writing all of these nasty comments she is great and her voice is amazing leave her alone God keep following your dreams willow smith
Just luv ur son so much...take good care N a happy joyful X-Mas time 2 u N ur family in advance ;)
Willow can not sing she is just using her daddy money to make trash like what is this she might as well become a boy like im me girl stop
seems like someones jealous 
I love you outfit and your awesome Willow
I hate that song it was the worst I heard
Your grammar it hurts
She has figured it out so young. I love Willow. Do you girl and don't listen to the haters. <3 :)
My sister was dead asleep an I was playing this song an she woke up out her sleep an went crazy she said dam it she can not sing she was very irritated by this song an her voice lol
U again. No one cares bitch
Willow Smith look just like her dad.
She look just like her dad
You cant judge people by the way they look btw i love everything about willow smith KK?😜
I love this song much. It has good meaning
I love this girl and I love this song< but I dont like her dress. sorry Im from Europe maybe I dont understand :(
Why she cut off her hair
I feel like the people commenting hateful/negative things on this video, didn't listen to the lyrics or didn't actually understand them.
I am me and a lot of peolpe are to that is what you should be that will pertect you in a lot of proloms so much that is what love and what i hate is that people try to act like someone that they are not why not be you and i will be me
Yall need to stop talken bad to williow because if she was in yall face yall will not so shut the fuck up like dam if i talken rigth like this
How is that going for you? There is just a plethora of irony here.
Not trying to be a bitch -- just warning you not to make yourself a target of assholes like me. Asking if you're talking right in a broken and misspelled sentence is the stuff of an English teacher nightmare. DO YOU AGREE would work better.
wow she is really a singer regardless of her parents help or the way she dress and everything... she is awesome and a reall great singer period
SHE is the way she is ! ya willow!
i love you willow smith and commit! Love Maliyah and mariyah and Jahliyah.
She look just like her dad in this video love u willow
Ew. She looks exactly like her dad
She is my favorite person ninth judge her by her looks judge her how her heart is please not that favor for me I appreciate it thank you people😊😊😊😃😃😃
She look just like her dad doee
Why is the boy sounds like a girl?
Can believe she had a hair cut
love your outfit. Willow you rock
I probably wont listen to this again but I still love  you. you keep being you baby girl.
I love your video and you are my cousine😘💜
I love you willow smith come to see me I live on 3705 BONVEW
I Love you willow. This song is amazing!!!! & you have inspired me so much!!!!!!
she really look like jadden now
Priscilla Torres Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Vanessa this is you and me. Be real and be free :)
I guess she can't whip her hair anymore
Lol I want to know why the fuck she shaved her hawd and bysexual uder the age of 21
will smith prodigy
Do you want to be a boy?
sup willow i found who i really was i am me
omg I think I'm crying :')
It makes me happy 😘😘
That video wants me to be me
igual a su padreeeeee xD¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
I think she is great so the girls and boys That are not nice thing to her you are a great girl willow smith .
What she's saying is she free and she don't care what people think about her.and they talk about her shes saying she grower up her days pass she's not little any more
This seems very agenda pushing.
Wat happen to jadens hair
Ill become Christian the day everyone in the world stops taking selfies I'll hate this girl the day THAT happens too Oh and haters We don't care whether it's real or not Just as long as it sounds good to US not YOU
i love this song it touched my heart..
willow i love what you have done with ur life. i look up to you cause ur so young and u know what you want in life.(ps. dont be a hater
So Sia wrote this song for her and willow sounds exactly like Sia.
I Love Willow Beautiful Song :,D
cause aint no body has time for that
U one of a kind, keep it that way
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