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MOAB Mondays - #2 SMG (Modern Warfare 3) by Whiteboy7thst

by whiteboy7thst • 1,039,610 views

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So is that why u dont have the gamertag Whiteboy7thst
Hey whiteboy i want to become a youtube how would i go about doing that?
Fuck those pieces of shits who stole your tv and ps3.
Go to soclosetotoast the stole his things to
Wow this brings back memories some good some I wiah didbt exist its been atheist a yr and a half since I watched this
We could give u some donations if it would help?
get a moad with no killsteaks selected
Whiteboy you have inspired us to make a sick Channel. We upload MOABS and etc.. Maybe you can check us out.. We have uploaded a MOAB.. If you like it Plz like comment and sub us :P
i feel bad that you live in the geto
hopefully you can get the money back and dont feel bad about the urn
Could u add me on ps3. My name is: mahal14ever plz
you should get a moab with a m16
Love ya whiteboy from Australia :)
i would love a shirt how do i get it.
Fuck all those quers who broke into your house yea like u sed guy i hope there in jail....u should get a moab with a usas12
hey whiteboy, could u make a moab with only secondary?
Whiteboy wazzup!!!!!!!!!!! Hey u need to get a MOAB with MSR and Extended Mags!!!!!
I feel soo bad I hope that person who robbed u realizes who he is messing with not just u but his subscribers
this video was amazing gwt a moab with a m4a1
he can if he his team mate kill them selfs and pick up there guns
u should definetly make an attempt to get a moab with a pm-9
White boy do a Moab Monday with scar lor mp7
Get a moab by using atachments like grenade launcher or shotgun :-)
Tsiom no that is only in mw2 in this u can only get moabs with ur gun and no kill steaks
get a moab with rsas sniper any atachment ;D i havent seen a moab monday in forever .-. PLEASE
youre just playing with noobs i mean like youve prestiged and the rest of the people in the lobby didnt even reach lvl 80 yet this is a easy moab
its fuckin easy, just use pavelow, chopper gunner or ac130 and nuke
You should do a MOAB with a mp7 with acog
they're just no life son's of bitches
Was this uploaded live? Like how you livestream to youtube? Or did he edit it then upload it??
the hardest moab i could think of is a g18 moab with a supressor
I know this is a super old video so ther might have been a patch but why does your pp90 have no kick?
double m . o . a . b with mp-7 suprressor rapid fire on tdm
Use only throwing knife and Barrett
Sorry to hear that man... Your should get a MSR MOAB
I swear he hipdired throughout this entire video
try getting a moab wit a sniper
Get a moab. With the fmg9 of fmg9s don't matter
get a moab with the usp45 no atachments
I dare u 2 to pistol and knife only
Get back on mw2 get a nuke with throwing knife ( oma )
I once went 44-0 mith MSR no moab I was mad
It looks like a hoagie from subway not a water gun lol
Dude it would be sweet if you could do some battlefield 3 game play since battlefield 4 is coming out soon
I really feel bad for you man sorry about that
try with a fmg i did so hard.........
im always going to be a goat dont woory if i could i would buy every thing u have for the stuff u sell so you can recover ur life it get me stressed because you are my inspiration
get a moab with a rsass on teamdeath match
hey sorry for what happen to u im like one of your favorite fan can you please add me please its ornelasfam thanks :)
Get a swarm with the mp7 with EXT mags and reflex sight :)
You should use the scar-l or the g36c for the next MOAB MONDAY thanks
he onle got it becuze he was versing ranked ppl and that ;(
get a moab with a P99 or desert eagle
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