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USA Rejoices: OSAMA BIN LADEN IS DEAD DEAD DEAD! Fred Phelps Pees On Our Parade

by nNoon19 • 32,764 views

BOO, Fred Phelps! Him and his cult, Westboro Baptist "Church," gets to thank God and dance at our brave soldier's funerals, but he's slamming 309 million Americans for celebrating this MURDERER's...

Have any of you read the bible yourself?
First he said Osama is in hell and then he said the Americans are wrong for celebrating his death because 9/11 was a good lesson to sinful America. I don't get it, but it is crap like this that makes me proud to be Canadian.
Plus, The Westboro Baptist Church says "Thank God for 9/11". They're saying that 9/11 was a good thing. And everybody knows that Osama Bin Laden was the one who caused it, and they say he's in hell? Shouldn't the Westboro Baptist Church call Osama Bin Laden a hero for doing that? These people are hypocrites. Good thing that Fred Phelps is now in Hell with Osama, Hitler, and Judas. Let Satan continuously devour his soul from the inside-out. Have fun in Hell Fred. I thank God that you're dead. Amen.
  Hey Fred - I just got an emil from your friend God. I have been informed that you did not make it through the pearly gates. Reason being - for the hate and suffering you and family imposed on so many innocent people. Adolf and his friends await your arrival. The good news is that you will be seeing Shirley soon.
If u look at he's face his face look like a skull
I am not in favour of dancing on this man's grave or petitioning his funeral. We, the rational thinkers, have to act better to be better than that. However, the man gave no respect, so he'll get none. The world is a better place with his hate-filled carcass under the ground. The Bible does indeed say god doesn't approve of homosexuals. It also tells us how to buy slaves and how to treat them. So, fuck the bible, god, all religions and anyone who uses this made up bullshit to try and make hatred, bigotry and xenophobia somehow acceptable. The world is indeed a better place without Phelps. It will be even better when that hate filled sack of shit, Pat Robertson, is under the ground with him. 
It's interesting that I came across this clip because the only times I have ever smiled after hearing about someone's death were when bin Laden died and more recently, when Fred Phelps died. They have a lot in common. bin Laden was the terrorist who claimed to represent Islam, and Phelps was a terrorist who claimed to represent Christianity. 
Shut up you old prick. And go suck a dick and die you waste of sperm
At the beginning of the video, I got to say he makes a good point about how everyone denies hell until it suits them then all of a sudden when someone they don't like is dead they chant the person is in hell. You can't have it both ways, either there is no hell and nobody goes there or there is and you risk going there. Choose.
He sounds like he is on drugs... 
 i hope this mother fucker don't act like my son did and come back to life..... stay dead you mother fucker, the world has had enough of you. SHIRLEY !!!!!, you're next.  die you bitch and.go look for your daddy's sorry ass . and anybody that don't like it can kiss my rusty ass.  signed  GOD   
Phelps sounds like a character out of "Children of  the corn"
i am at 0:32 and am already scream thats what you do!
How in the fucking hell could anyone actually listen to and believe this delusional motherfucker, it just sickens me! Thank God that this evil bastard is dead!
Give god the glory, or bake in hell.
+Mick Burke I was talking to Weesher5 you idiot.
i am violent? i am not threatening to kill you. and i dont need to because i have a chance of going to heaven. you have already ruined yours. I am done talking to you now. God Bless You and i hope you can find peace within you. Goodbye
To Jennifer Pruitt, Don't confuse Masons with this crazy old fucker. We have nothing to do with those Westborough hate mongers. Liberty, Equality and Brotherhood are our watchwords
Can anyone tell me this clown's address? I have a gun that has too many bullets in it. God wants me to unburden my poor, overworked firearm.
Boze cuvaj Hrvatsku, moj dragi dom... At least My Catholic God doesn't want me to spend my life with homosexual pornography pouring through my head. He doesn't mind if the pornography that pours through my head involves me and my white wife though. I'll leave the gay porn to you. Personally, I think a naked man is the ugliest thing on the planet. I'm stuffed if I know why my wife likes it when I fuck her. If I were her, I'd vomit. Cheers.
+Mick Burke No, actually, after 7 orgasms she tends to just nod off. 
Fred you'd make a cute santa claus. :)
Christians hate this guy for exposing the real bible. And this shit is not the worst of that vile book. 
+Mick Burke The Christian loves just keeps flowing. As do the homosexual fantasies of its followers. I guess your a big Ted Haggard fan too ? Or maybe a Catholic and prefer raping little boys ? Which is it for you ?
+Mick Burke If this isn't a troll, then this is certainly a great example of Christian love, fellowship and forgiveness, isn't it?
Its only a matter of time all cults crumble at some point. Waco and Jonestown are just a couple of examples of  cults blood being spilled in recent history. The heavens gate cult is another its plain to see whats happening here. Very basic psycholgy suggests that phelps himself is a closet homosexual. You will find this to be true in most cases as in Jim Jones he preached boldly against it yet his only arrest was being caught giving a man a blow job in public. Fred Phelps hates what he cant publicly be, so he has outbursts and demostrations trying to get satisfaction from his own frustration. He know homosexuality is against everything that he had been taught from day one.
Btw irony befell ol' fred as he lay on his deathbed, excommunicated from the church of hate he created. I won't say where he'll end up in heaven or hell but I know that death has a comedic ending such as this.
Hey everybody good news to report he's almost close to death!
And now you joined bin Laden Phelps.
Such hatred, such pure hatred for everything that god has created. Where in your Bible is the golden rule to treat thy neighbor as you would want to be treated? (Rhetorical question as I know a snake's tongue is forked)
He's got no love for god in his heart.  :P
Im pretty sure a bullet to the head was what killed the man but whatever...
Brave soldiers my brain, soldiers are the human cattle burned on the fires of corporate profit. Even if they are well intentioned, they are ignorant, they are simply pawns used for corporate profit. It would be much more productive if these soldiers were serving the interests of their families instead of killing innocent people for the profit of the billionaires who profit from war. A soldier dies, God laughs. The United Slaves of America are a Doomed Nation.
Yeah, gods not real, sorry.
+Rob Nation I hope some veteran comes along after he dies and pisses on his headstone.
He's trying to save our souls! He has no soul.
Quit being such a crybaby and repent of your wickedness already.
Look at his dead empty eyes. It's like there is nothing going on behind them. Like he is a soulless automaton reciting something it read once.
"your only hope is..... to obay the commandments of god" well that's you screwed then isn't it mr phelps.
Let me know when Fred dies... im going to picket his funeral!
-_- "Hypocrite you cannot serve yourself and God"
It seems far more likely that Fred Phelps and his Gang are confirmed Atheists, committed to making the Christian Faith and America look bad! Since they clearly do not represent Real Americans or real Christians!!
Come on God, I dare you to kill me! I will defeat you :-p haha
cognitive dissonance...i wan't to click "like" because this video was uploaded to display and ridicule his ignorance, and i also want to click "dislike" because looking at, or hearing this demoniac drives me to disgust...why am i fucking here again anyway?
Or maybe that Osama was god? Osama's work - God's work?
Was he dropped on his head as a baby? George Vreeland Hill
Mishy is either Kelly himself, or some fat, lonely, mail order bride from the Philippines who is so desperate she has to settle for a child abuser/thief.
Continuation of first comment. Some people would cite their beliefs that you should never rejoice in another's death but honestly, what would you expect people to do, especially if they were family members? So, in the bizarely off chance that fred phelps does see this comment and to bring up my point: Where was your "human mercy" when you and your godforsaken "church" were protesting at a dead serviceman's funeral you sick inbred, heartless, vain, cruel, twisted peice of bastard shit?! Huh?
I can only imagine if there was a God how pissed he'd be at having a convicted diddler speaking on his behalf.
Is it true Mr. Phelps is a 32 degree Freemason? That throws up a huge red flag right there!
YEESH!!! Who's side are you on, Mr. Phelps!?!?
God is iiiiiiiiiin.... his hooooly teeeeeeeeemple... {Henry Kane/Fred Phelps, Poltergeist}
The same god who killed the soldiers of damned America, is the same god who sends new born babies to burn for eternity if they don't have water rubbed on their heads by a pedophile in a dress.
God is still fake and you still can't prove otherwise. And you will never be able to prove otherwise. God is a fictional character that no one has ever seen or heard and no one ever will. Man made God in his own image to control weak minded, gullible men with a sheep like mentality. If you believe in God you'll believe in any made up story, no matter how stupid it sounds. Belief in God is the human mind giving up on seeking the truth.
Kelly David Medley is a registered sex offender if you look him up. Don't take his retarded comments too seriously.
Kelly Medley can suck my cock and ironically, Fred Phelps has first dibs on hell before any other known human being in history, except Hitler.
Fuck yourself and die you stupid cunt. God is still fake and there is nothing you can do about it so shove your bible up your bitchy ass!
This man is the hateful bird the bible talks about
i think its pity that there isn't a hell for him to go to
The only reason WBC even is still in this country is because they know they are protected by our constitution! If they did this in Jerusalem, Israel, they would be arrested.
1:56 - "Zero control" - Fred, you're a moron. You can't say "zero control" as zero is a number. Just as you can't say "You have fifteen control over ... ".
"The United States of America is merciless, cruel nation" a quote by Mr. Phelps himself......yet he hides behind, and shoves down everyone's throat his (church's) right to do what they do.....who is the hypocrite????
all the phelps cult are so filled with anger... so much HATE
hitler wasn't but his past was thats why he was angry and mad and stalin was just lieing
I see nothing of God in this man's eyes and all of Satan in them. Only Satan could preach hatred of the greatest nation God ever gave mankind.
Phelps also claim that he is the true prophet sent by God, and only the people who are in their church will go to heaven, this old faggot also makes christians like me look retarded. .........can't we just burn this "church" already, god
FRED!!! I am furious with that whole family and church!!! No wonder they are the most hated family in America!
If America is truly the whore of Babylon, then why are you still here? Because you're enjoying the same freedoms & lifestyle that the rest of us are. I guess that either makes you a liar, or a hypocrite. Or both? How does it now feel to know that you'll be joining us for that ride? You, Fred, & the rest are lucky to still be alive. If you were a smart person, you'd worry about saving "yourself". The rest of the world will do fine without your nonsense. Kelly Medley, the whore of the Phelps.
Live with the facts Misshy. The world hates the Westboro Cult, and the world hates Westboro Cult Wannbe Zombies like you and your pedo "husband". It's sad that you take pleasure in the latest tornado and the death of innocent children. Not surprising, seeing that you adore a child predator. Get a life you useless cunt. Oh, and have a nice day.
i cant wait to picket freds funeral
cant wait for this old cunt to die ill pay for a ticket to america and cover his gravestone with black dildos be worth every penny
he dead now! he dead! if there is a hell, he is there! if there is a god, god will be personally taking deoderant cans and lighters, lighting the deoderant as it sprays and holding the flame to fred phelps face!
I have nothing to say to sodomite trolls such as you. The thumbnail pic of your "Aspie Quiz P1" looks like you enjoy sodomy.
I have one thing to say to the Westboro Baptist Church..... "Get thee behind me,Satan!"
It amazes me that this douche bag is still alive.
Please just shut up...already!!!! You speak such evil hatefulness....God does not hate...God loves and doesn't want us to end up in hell. As Christians we are to show love and live by example. Fred Phelps you are a false prophet and you disgust me when you call people FAGS. If anyone should fear God's wrath it should be you, Fred Phelps. You and your family.
I have one thing to say about Kelly Medley. If Kelly Medley likes the Westboro Baptist "Church" so much, why not join it? Oh that's right, they don't take any new parishioners (members). This "church" bashes gays, Jews, Muslims, Catholics, Protestants, Hindus, and any and all military from any country. What is interesting is that even the Leaders of the Baptist Church have come forward and said that Westboro Baptist Church is not a recognized Baptist Church. Hmmmmmm go figure........
Is he not pouring.out his hatred on the gays along with the rest of his cult?
If this guy hates America so much, he needs to leave it. Let him and his "church" go to another country and see how much bullshit picketing they can do. Oh wait, they've been banned from Canada and the U.K. Maybe they should go to a country that supports their ideals. Oh wait if they go to those, the Muslims would kill them too.
the Lords name is Jehovah!!! lol why don't you start using his name properly Fred XD
Praise the Lord for being the greatest mass murderer of all time ! Is that the message here ? That music at the beginning is killing me !
Bullshit. Fred Phelps is alive! America is doomed. Amen.
Drink the Kool Aid already Fred ...
I kinda feel sorry for you. Step outside yourself and watch yourself behaving the way you do. It doesn't really matter who's right here. What matters is that you cannot be reasoned with. That is what makes you so pathetically ignorant. When the smoke clears from your YouTube crusade, you'll be remembered as a mad, little boy who pretends to be America's savior. Why not just save yourself, and spare the rest of us of your hypocritical banter. Don't you think you've embarrassed yourself enough?
God is still fake and you still can't prove otherwise. And you will never be able to prove otherwise. God is a fictional character that no one has ever seen or heard and no one ever will. Man made God in his own image to control weak minded, gullible men with a sheep like mentality. If you believe in God you'll believe in any made up story, no matter how stupid it sounds. Belief in God is the human mind giving up on seeking the truth.
Im gay I rather bee living in hell then never live with nothing to tell
Obama did a SLOPPY job dealing with Bin Laden. Bin Laden didn't deserve to be dumped into the ocean. He deserved a proper burial like Hussain & Ghaddaffi had. Bin Laden was a VERY EVIL PERSON but he still deserved to be buried. Doesn't anybody know that Obama has Bin Laden's 14 year old daughter in our goverment's custody? She had NOTHING to do with what happened on 9/11. SHE WAS ONLY 3 YEARS OLD FOR GOODNESS SAKE! PRESIDENT OBAMA, let her go home IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!
I was born here.My family history goes back 5 generations in this great country.You on the other hand look like an inbred,self righteous judgmental hypocrite.Like it says on the Statue of Liberty "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses, yearning to breath free,The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,Send these, the homeless, tempest tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door."And that pertains to you, "sodomite".But since you like these people that do nothing but hate GTFO!
why hasn't any psychopath killed him yet, i really want to see how the rest of the wbc reacts, they will probably picket his own funeral
Explain to me... how do dead people's souls feel pain? As far as I know pain is a figment of reality that applies to living things that have nerves in their body to be able to sense pain. If there was a hell what makes you think it would mean anything that there was eternal hellfire and suffering if pain can't be felt by the dead? I don't care what you believe in that's your choice, just know that the only abominations in this world are people like you who take the words from a book seriously.
The bible is bullshit you fucking retard. Shove the bible up your retarded ass you broke back mountain wannabe, cowboy motherfucker! You're jealous of gays because they're actually getting laid while you have to fuck a helpless goat. God is still fake and you still can't prove otherwise. And you will never be able to prove otherwise. God is a fictional character that no one has ever seen or heard and no one every will.
So you were here first, eh? I did not know that you are an American Indian. Or are you saying that you were "here first" in an evolutionary sense. I do mean a microbial bacteria by the way. Because that's how small minded you really are.
Quit being such a bitch you retarded motherfucker! You're jealous of gays because they're actually getting laid while you have to fuck a helpless goat. God is still fake and you still can't prove otherwise. And you will never be able to prove otherwise. God is a fictional character that no one has ever seen or heard and no one every will. You are a victim of your own ignorance and a pathetic waste of a life.
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