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by OfficialTwilightFilm • 11,827,125 views

Become a fan on Facebook - Follow on Twitter - The astonishing conclusion to the series, THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN -- PART 2,...

Omg I can't wait to see it my friend showed me this and Jacob is so cute it gives me the chills to keep looking at it
Oh god, no matter how many times I watch it, always gives me the chills <3
+Trailer Music Information Trailer music is X-Ray Dog "Three Levels Down"
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November 16th! ....why the f*ck so long?!
The guy below me has issues and needs to shut the fuck up. If you hate it, why watch it you fucking troll? Go piss other people off.
Just cause it was in the book, doesnt mean its going to be in the movie..
Oh you mean how Sookie chose to go with the fairies and left jason without telling him anything. Also Bella is 18 and when she got back from italy she apologized and was willing to be grounded. also she was saving Edward's life. Yeah sookie is a slut because you can enjoy sex WITH THE SAME MAN but she just jumps from man to man from episode to episode. And you know nothing about twilight. Her kid is half human how is she some kind of monster and Charlie loves that little girl. Dont even talk.
Haha no, yo sólo soy un fan. Nunca puede ser obsesiva de a seguir lo que te gusta
Loved part 1 but part 2 ... *whistles* that's going to be a whole differed story, Breaking Dawn's 2nd book from Bella was the best part of the books and it will be the best of the Twilight movies too. I can't wait, this movie has been on my watch list for a few years now !
why Deer why? is that all they eat? So can't wait for this movie <3
Why can't November 16 be tomorrow? I can't wait!! When is the trailer coming out?
omge cant wait till this out <3.
This strange film... My gripes with it.. Y did Jacob hav to show his wolf form to Charlie... And Jacob couldn't get with bells so he gets with her daughter... Weird film.. And it moves so slow... U can tell it was made for girls.. I'm a guy... I bought whole saga for £12 good deal but dunno off its worth watching again.... Though i do love Alice... As a character in the film.... And as a girl... She's so pretty and beautiful and u gotta love her British.. Did irana die at end??
LMAO omfg fangirling so hard now, i'm going crazy omg i'm pissing LOL omg
This movie looks like a bad soap opera. And yes, i have read the books and seen all the movies.
bitch killed bambi, still love her though
The "We're the same temperature now." line just makes me want to vomit. I'm very excited for this movie (this was my least favorite book out of the series). it looks like it will be amazing... aside from that one line lol.
:O ohhh my effing gosh cant actually wait XD
The other fucking movies SUCKED. What are we supposed to do? The saga's other movies weren't good, don't you think that it's natural to have some caution with the last one? And you girls out there, you don't like Twilight because it has a good story, but because it has Robert Pattinson.
Twilight: The best thing in the world when you're reading it, but when you're done, you look back and it's like your ex-boyfriend who cheated on you and told you it was your fault your relationship fell apart.
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-.- you're kidding right? what's sad here is commenting to someone who made a comment months ago, plus did you even read the entire comments?
I can't wait for part 2. Idk who is going with me it's either gonna be my mom, my best friend it my boyfriend. They all wanna go with me.
How is she gonna explain this to her parents?
is her ring on the wrong finger???
Thumps up if you can see the contact lanes at 00:35
No. And please don't judge me for it [laughs]... How does she explain it or should i just go and read alllllll the books and watch alllllll the movies?
S&M:الفديو يجنننننننن اتمنى لكل من هو مولع بتوايلايت يشاهدة احب اكول اني من اكبر معجبات تيلر لاتنور
I'm not referring to those who have given the series a chance, only those who haven't. If you have at least read the books or seen the movies and still don't like it, then more power to you. But for those who just see a commercial or a trailer and claim to hate the series, they need to think before they speak.
well, it's a better reason to see it for Pattinson than for that cheating slut Kristen Stewart.
Why the hell are they out in the sunlight!!!...oh yeah....
ermagerd Bambi's mother has been eaten by bella !
Maybe when you're older you'll learn how to spell and can tell other people what good literature is. You don't have the right to bash any writer. Also Bella was never comfortable with a man taking care of her and she even saved Edwards life once or twice. She is a strong independent woman. And i'm sure a woman would wish all that if she was in love and loved her unborn child. And if you don't think so that says more about the kind of person you are than the people who come here to watch this.
3231 people are average hipsters that hate on twilight for being gay even though they have never read the books or seen the movies.
I will never understand why all of these loser haters continue to come to Twilight videos just to post stupid comments about why it's "gay." Firstly, these videos aren't homosexual, so that doesn't make sense. Secondly, why the hell would you waste your time watching these videos and then posting a hateful comment when you could be doing something you actually like? Does not compute.
damn it! about the temperature part, it was supposed to be in the floor, in the cottage!! I hate they change the good parts
So thats how Bambi's mom died? Not sure what they're going for scary or rediculous.
I'm sorry but taylor lautner sucks ass. I mean I like twilight but that boy cannot act. Idk its the overly whiny persona he portrays. It's like boohoo... you poor pussy! get a LIFE!
if you pause at 0:35 bellas pupils are two different sizes...the left eye (her right) is bigger then the right eye (her left)
Edwards bday tomorrow happy 111 Edward ❤
robert pattinson looks sexy as always!
The book was awful this looks like a HUGE improvement!
have you guys seen the sneak peek of the new trailer? we see a bit of renesmee
Yeah, just put it out already so this bullshit will be over, and i don't have to look at it
I love kristen but despite her being a gorgeous vampire with no flaws, her finger nails could have done with some work haha :D xxx
Ahaha sweet heart Im jst some1 who enjoys vamp fiction. "Sex b4 marraige" does not make some1 a slut. Shows how small minded u r to tink that a woman who enjoys sex is a slut. HAHA u twihards make me laugh so much! B good to ur parents? Ye Im sure runnin off to go off to god knows where 2 chase dwn the boy who dumpd u is bein good to ur parents. Then making them deal wit the fact their kid is som kind of monstr. Yeh good lessons there. At least in the Harris books family comes above everythin.
video no me equivoke una linda pelicula la vi en hd buenisima
Hey. Bella isn't going to eat the dear!!! In the book it says that see finds a deer, but she decides to suck the blood of a mounting lion instead! :) OMG, I can't wait for this movie to come-out!!!!!! People who went to comic con this year were so lucky because they saw the first 7 minutes of the movie!!!
Мне кажется что каждый фильм становится все хуже и хуже! Мои любимые части это: Новолуние, Затмение и Рассвет. Часть 2.
I can't wait for the movie even though I can't stand it but it's addictive
I can´t wait! The new pictures was awesome! Mackenzie is so perfect ewkj eg JUST 152 DAYS MORE!
Watch the second brand new full trailer at my Channel: HorriblyAWSM
Dude.....are they gonna kill bambi? @0:40
omg....... jab tak hai jaan,,,,shahrukh khan upcoming movie got more likes
Wonderfull love you twinlight ...
Seriously? I watch Twilight because I read the books and they were exciting and climactic. I've never heard of the two BITCHES before Twilight, okay?
Bella : After 18 years of utterly being normal , i could finally find a way to shine. Me: duh , if you are a vampire you can shine and the sunlight LOL
I've written better stories in my toilet bowl as I sat on it.
I`ve seen the movies, and i think it`s just very boring, it`s not very vampiric to stay out in the sun, go to school, and say i love you..
i cant wate until part 2 comes out XD i love twilight. the books are amazing. for me anyway. XD when will it come out :D
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