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Movie: The Movie

by Jimmy Kimmel Live • 27,524,175 views

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If they include Leonardo DiCaprio in this movie, he will definitely get an Oscar. 
Funny thing is this is actually better than twilight or divergent.  Or Michael Bay films.  
but this movie will be directed by Bay too
It was actually produced by Michael Bay and directed by JJ Abrams and Martin Scorsese.
this is not funny.... it's just a name dropper video....
This movie and much more you can to watch here AllMoviesWatch . com
What's good about this is that it has a little something for every genre lover and also such an all-star cast that you're bound to be a fan of one or two.  The only thing is they have to be careful not to go too far and rely on the same old movie cliches or it could get corny.
4:14 I'd like to see more of Kate Beckingsale getting fucked by Chewbacca
charlize theron man, its just hard to believe someone is that good looking.. She's like popcorn and butter AND the perfect amount of salt. Just butter running down her back like hot sweat, just would want to lick it, because that's salty too.. And a little bit of fish added in there, and maybe some shrimp in melted butter, get some lemon juice in there too to spice it up, maybe fry an egg on her cuz she's just that hot!
+erthaa Seems the drunk you is horny for some Charlize Theron, or was really hungry for some hot buttered popcorn with a bunch of add-ins. You might have been high as well it seems.  Have you seen the Road? She was hot in that too, but I don't recommend watching The Road to see her in it. Unless you like really, really slow and depressing movies. 
Why can't they just raise billions of dollars to pay these a-list actors to really make this film!?! The sequel would be Black Hilter Strikes Black: A Hobbit's Tale! 
+Runningouttaroom2rit they made another one called "movie: the movie: 2V" :P
+Jack Howitzer that is the best comment I have ever seen
This has to be a REAL Movie. If it isn't, HollyWood is lost.
Daniel Day-Lewis as Tyler Perry...perhaps the only thing that could get me to watch one of his movies.
Tyler Perry's movies, to clarify. That'd be a great Madea.
How is this funny? People lost their sense of humor.
Yeah, I'm confused too. The script is horrible. This has nothing to do with anything.
This is better than all the Anchorman cameos combined
Daniel Day Lewis as you've never seen him before... As Tyler Perry! God that's hilarious!
3 minutes in was laughing ,. 5 minutes got bored,. saw that Precious chick, vomited...
10 out of 10 would watch again
Yeah chewbacca tap that! Tap Kate beckinsale
THIS. IS. FREAKING. GENIUS. This is one of the funniest videos I've ever seen. How in the hell did Jimmy Kimmel get all of these famous actors to do this?
this was really bad and unfunny.
The hell did I just watch?!
The casting seemed kind of lazy
i would like to take the place of chewbacca beside kate beckinsale
They could've got more actors in it. 
10/10 has potential... Would fund. 
is it bad i really want to see this
John krasinski and emily blunt scene 😂😂😂
Buuuuuuuuuuuu basura puyra basura pervertido de mierda puto jodete a ti mismo masturvate,mamatela,lame culos de mierda puto desgrasiado :3
what did I just watch? o.o I'm lost again in the net
bob joe Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Christoph Waltz😍
Is this GAY ewwwwwwww
I wanna see this, that way I never have to watch any of the new movies ever again.
okrajoe Shared on Google+ · 10 months ago
I would love to see this movie.
на 5:14 подумал что мой телефон звонит , не ожидал что это в ролике =)
easy parodies that is?
Eh it was something to watch out of boredom I suppose.
Is this really 8 minutes long...? Okay, comedy landed, I don't need to watch any more.
This is a real movie. Movie 43. And it sucked!
i just wasted 8:35 minutes of my life
why was kimmel useing a floor sripper like a buffer?
I would pay money to see that
1.) Click video 2.) Keep on pressing 1 Shared on Google+ · 6 days ago
the one thing that distracted me was that when geroge clooney got up he could've just moved the trophy out of the way and sat down
Would someone please make that movie already!!!
How the hell did he get all those celebrities together to make that?
How do you like that banana 
I´d love to see that movie
what the serious fuck is happening with 'murica ?!
Best movie trailer evah!
The the ultimate movie, I wanna see it
What a waste of talent!
Man, why must they always blow up Bryan Cranstons weiner stand
I wanna watch THIS MOVIE
so basically its Movie 43
Call the movie ** my life it's better.... And I didn't say the real word
best video on youtube 
"Please do not cry" Kills me everytime
The end is near... but not yet  me : so true
It's not a movie without Sean Bean dying.
Where is the dancing croc bottle?
As p . !Mmm g"r V x s were xxx as
I really want to see this now !
What's funny is I'd actually pay to see a movie like this haha
I feel like I just watched the whole movie
This so reinforces why I never watch Kimmel
The last one:Ladie says:Jimmy kimmel told me too do it. Boy on the couch:Well tell him to suck my balls. on the bad present thing
Is it bad that i want too see this?
Banti Barde Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
... lol.. can't believe those stars played along...
They forgot the "Chosen One".
am i the only one who didnt find this funny
Nope, I laughed until he made a blind joke & a wheelchair joke, he can't seem to restrain himself from insulting people who don't need that shit.
susiehu1 Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
Meryl Streep with a mustache - still classy.
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