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TAG!!! Things You Didn't Know About Me (Shhhh, Secrets!!!) Cassandra Bankson Secrets :)

by Cassandra Bankson, DiamondsAndHeels14 • 83,757 views

Look FLawless Everyday: Model Everyday Makeup Foundation Routine: Sephora Haul! What Time Of Day Is Best To...

I love her but her voice annoys me
i used to play runescape back when this video was new!
u actually kinda look like taylor swift... i think it's your eye shape and ur nose shape... maybe even ur eye color i dont know since... yea...
This is crazy how much we are alike :,) love you
I don't think 5'11 or 6'0 is awkwardly tall. Yes, it's tall for a girl, but not huge. I know quite a few girls who are 5'9-6'1.
i have heard about girls with 2 vaginas!! holy shit that is cool and weard... so you will loose your virginness 2 times ? :P
I can't believe you were emo/goth/scene! You're so chirpy and bright!
I hate twilight and pink and cear
OMFG I play runescape! hell yes
And barbecue sauce!!! I ask for everything barbecued without it :)
i clean tht wayy2!!! ooh and u look like tswift and maybe megan fox
Okay, please don't freak out about the 'Two Vaginas' thing because it's not profanity; it's actually a Medical Term and people think it's a 'Bad Word'. c: So, yeah
I don't really think you look like Taylor Swift, but the way you act is a lot like her... and i mean that as a compliment because you're both really nice and such :)
I play guitar :) teehee :P but my fingers don't bleed ...hmph....
I practically live off of cereal!
ok you explained you're condition very oddly to people who are not familiar with it. I bet most of them are thinking you have two holes and so on which is not right ofcorse. x)
I just started watched this ur ds
Omg!! I used to play runescape too!!! Have you played puzzle pirates??
I was/did like everything that you mentioned! omg we we are so similar!:)
She has 2 vaginas,it's an inside problem, not 2 vulvas.
I can't stand pink 2... Oh and u look very pretty in all of ur videos and I love them :)
U and me are so alike,,I personally really hate cereal and I dont like twilight or pink
You totally look like Taylor Swift! You also act/talk like her too!
i think it's like the shape of your face and your eyes that make you look like taylor your bone structure and your cheekbones
I'm the same with the water thing! I LOVE water!!!! I used to pretend I was a mermaid when I was little XD
You look like Jessie from Saved By The Bell
green sash means your a junior and brown is a brownie. I was a girl scout too!
& with certain hair color and foundation she looks like jennifer love hewitt
the camera keeps going blurry and its killing me haahha
Oh my god I hate pink I can't stand it and not even in some cases like you nope not for me if I buy something or gonna buy something if it's pink I just shove it back where I got it from, and the Twilight saga hate it I have never watched the movies or read the books I just can't stand it
Your the same height as Taylor Swift and look like her
you sorta look like taylor swift!
Dont u like cheerios for example?!Anyway I hate barbecue sause too and I was sooo excited with the idea with the fish tank as a wall!!My boyfriend and I are dreaming of having one when we have our own house!
You do look a bit like taylor swift as a brunettel
your personality always makes my day :')
WTF i'm playing runescape and watching your videos right now hahaha ! ADD MEEE please i'm Derpina! ;D
But.... I'm wondering how you DIDN'T previously know... That you had 2 vaginas? Like, wouldn't that be obvious?
I remember making 20 accounts on runescape I used to play it in kindergarten while my brother played it too but he was like a master at it but he barley plays it now like he used too :/
It sounded like you said "liberry" instead of "library." I'm not hatin' or anything. Just thought you said it kinda funny.
Omg you´re soooo funny! :-D "I think I look like Cassandra" - hahahahhaa
Um...I don't like cereal.... Hahahah you are so funny
She reminds me of Taylor Swift!
I think you look like Taylor Swift though!
I WANT A MOTE IN MY HOUSE TOO! Also u should read the Maximum Ride seires
i too prefer magic in books and are not a fan of Twilight, but am in fact obsessed with The Vampire Diaries - it seems to be more realistic e.g. they don't glow in the sun and cannot pro-create on the basis that they are dead (even though it is all fiction)! AND I'M IN LOVE WITH IAN SOMERHALDER!!!!!!!!!
I was about 5'11 when I was 12..I got picked on too all through school for being tall and thin..I am now 22 and around 6'1 1/2 or 6'2.. So I totally get people staring at me too. lol I used to not like my height but now I love it. :)
Lol i feel exactly the same way about pink!
You're on of the bravest youtubers I've ever seen ! You really should be proud of your channel! :)
can you do a hair video on how you do your hair! I have natural curly hair but I want a heatless way to make it look like big ringlets or like I used a wand but without heat, I have seen and tried everything and it doesn't work. I hope you have something that would work:)
I get the Taylor Swift comparison all the time. Honestly, it's just because I have blonde curly hair and a young-looking face. Otherwise, I look nothing like her. I wish I did, she's very pretty, but I don't whatsoever.
I think people mean that you look like a mix of taylor swift, megan fox and elizabeth taylor. I think your face shape in general and eyes are like taylor swifts, but your nose is like megan fox's.
I can't even get over how adorable you are <3<3
I don't want to sound like an ass, but I'm quite curious. If you have two vaginas, do you use 2 tampons?
Contact AMC if you want some crazy tanks. :) (Aka from the show tanked) love that show. And you are a very interesting person Cassandra. :)
u look like all the best bits of them put together
I hate cereal as well! Now I know I'm not the only one! LOL!
You DO look like Taylor Swift! Your eyes and your nose are just THE SAME as hers. And you're very pretty..I wish I looked like you :(( auhauaha luv u xo.
I dont like pink too. I kinda hate it. ;D
your face is like megan fox with taylor swifts styled hair x
You look a little bit like Taylor Swift and Megan Fox. ;)
You should look up the show "Tanked" it's these two guys that make awesome aquariums out of like buses and skating ramps and stuff :)
i luv ur eyemakeup, im new to watching ur videos so if u didnt do a tutorial on ur makeup in this video plz do one for me XD
You actually really look like taylor swift...
I thought i was the only one that used SPIFFY! like u do! i thought i was fforever alone ='( and i think u look like a jessica xD
I laughed so hard at the taylor, megan and elizabeth part.I could see how she can look ilke taylor A BIT.. but Elizabeth?
You wear your hair like Taylor Swift does, and you are tall and thin like she is so that's why everyone says you look like her xP
Thank you i don't like cereal either
That cat coming down the stairs scared the crap outta me!! Gosh!
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