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Quick Tips: Foundation Application

by Michelle Phan • 1,536,410 views

Quick Tips is a new series of videos I will be making where the tutorials will focus on a particular beauty problem. What future Quick Tips tutorials would you like to see? Follow, like, share and...

I almost cried when I found out I wasn't going to learn to apply foundation with a lemon. Like I thought that was what the video was going to be about;(
Yes, yes I did . Although I may be over exaggerating a little bit :)
I'm going to get so much hate for this comment but I really don't care. This is completely wrong. If you were to use your hands to apply foundation you don't just rub it into your skin, you're suppose to pat it in. And you actually gt better coverage using your fingers. The same goes for a sponge, you don't rub it in you lightly pat it so you get an airbrushed look. 
That's not mean it's true! I was thinking the same thing! Fingers are actually better than most brushed you can buy. Any proper makeup Guruu should know that :P
Doesn't she say it's best to use your fingers now ?
OMG she looks sooooo different now
Yea apparently she had a nose job and few other things
Thanks for the noob tip
i don't know, whenever i use a brush, my face always looks unnatural and feels heavy. thats why i just use a wet sponge lol
i think u  have to use that sponge wet
Really great explanation! Thank you so much!
I Love Lemons!!! <3 "hehe"  xD
Sophie Jones Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Quick Tips: Foundation Application:
That's just a personal experience, though, really. That foundation seemed rather heavy, so a brush is slightly better, though a dampened sponge would also work. For a light foundation or a BB cream, your fingers work perfectly fine.
I thought you were gonna apply foundation with a LEMON lol
idk why but that makes me laugh ahaha
makes me laugh too still trying to do the high five tho
What about using your fingers first and then a sponge? Would that work?
It is weird. I use a mac brush to apply it.but u are a good makeup artise.can i meet u i am your fan
U look like ur brother in this video
You looked like Steve in this video (in a good way)
she actually kinda does :)
i miss the old michelle phan's videos like this video but i still love she!! I'm Phanatic
Id love to see a Quick Tip for girls with deep blackheads and whiteheads. particularly in the forehead and chin area.
Leah Raji Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
Just slightly dampen your sponge before hand in order for it to hold water instead of foundation in the space of the sponge that wont reach your skin and wash out your sponges with your facial soap to prevent bacteria from getting into them and to be able to reuse them
Thank u so much cassandra its really a huge help... :)
Short, sweet and to the point.
It's better if the sponge is damp because then it won't soak in the foundation :)
Except for the fact that a good brush can cost almost fifty bucks.
First she applies it with fingers/brush, then she blends out any streak marks with the sponge. She's said it herself in one of her videos.
A tip for using sponges: dampen the sponge or spray water onto the sponge to stop it from absorbing the product!
well, in this video she simply shows why brush is overall best, as it applies "just enough" product, sponges may be used for a more natural effect and fingers for higher coverage, personally I can see no contradiction whatsoever. I like her videos, some of them are a bit silly, whereas others are realy creative, like halloween ones, and what's more, she's funny and has some distance, unlike many online make up artits
I understand she's moving up, and it's not that she's a 'Sell Out' which I only say this, because she used to use a wide variety of products, then she made a deal with lancome, and used only their products, which were always too expensive for me to buy...But the fact, she used to be so nice, and real, that's why I liked watching her, now she seems really 'High and mighty' and everything she does now seems so forced and fake... I miss her genuine smiles.
either you're saying 1) we all have lemon skin or 2) we should use a sponge. Probably the first one
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS! I just bought $40 Lancome foundation because I thought my foundation was too cheap to work for my face... Turns out the problem was the sponge! I'm so glad I saw this before I wasted this expensive bottle of foundation inside a sponge!
i have seen your comment on loads of Michelle's videos, why?
What about a wet makeup sponge?
Changing a physical feature doesn't change your morals.
I had the same problem..Try dotting the foundation on your face then blend it with the brush instead of picking the foundation with your brush
every time i use a brush it distributes the foundation unevenly on my face. I look unnaturally orange.
We do all have lemon skin!!! What she's trying to show is that lemons have pores, and we have pores!! She's showing us the best way to hide pores!!!
It's also okay to learn how to use contractions and apostrophes.
Inner beauty is the most important but there's nothing wrong with making yourself more confident by doing what you feel would make you look better. BTW, it was a jaw correction.
Can you do a vide on specifically on how to use the brush to apply? I've tried with a brush and can't seem to get it right! I feel like it's uneven and streaky. I must be doing something wrong!
Brushes DO leave streaks, but only when you drag it across the skin instead of patting/tapping it.
I always use brushes, and yes, to me it's the best way (and I have some areas of my face with big pores I totally hate. But she didn't even try to apply the foundation with her fingers right, and s
Hi! What can you do to make single eyelid girls's eyes to pop out? Applying makeup to these eyes comes out wrong everytime I try it. X'(
How can u tell which foundation is right for u?
maybe she just got tired of the pain! its exactly the same as people who have small nasal passages which restricts breathing and then it looks like they've got a nose job!
That was a good example you used with a lemon. I always use my fingers, but I'm gonna start using a brush and compare results. Thanks Michelle!
Oops! And it was so obvious! .S it's all about technique, because you can also do an awful job applying make up with brushes. ;)
could you plz make a video introduce type of make up brushes and how to use them?
I am loving this 'Quick tip' tutorial. Very clever idea using the Lemon, I have now invested in a foundation brush ;)
The reply button is to *gasp* reply to any comment regardless of the conversation... youtube also functions as a discussion board. Gee don't get defensive or anything, I stated my opinion and I'm entitled to it as well. And my opinion stands that regardless of how you feel about her morals (which since noone really knows her we can't really say what they are) what she does to her face is her business. There's plenty other gurus who do whatever their subscribers want them to do. :)
Everyone has pores -_- @Nelly Bui
I feel sorry for the lemon.. RIP
I use all 3, mostly my wedge or SOMETIMES my brush, but I only use my fingers when I'm in a rush.
You could always dampen the sponge so it doesn't absorb as much of the foundation.
thanks Michelle. you just changed my life ♥
hmmmmm... well, everyone has a blowdryer but not everyone has makeup brushes :)
I love her cute facial expressions in this vid xD
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Wait... Not trying to be a hater or anything, but doesn't she apply foundation using her fingers in some of her videos?
Use a stipple brush, then blend it out w the foundation brush
I apply foundation with my fingers but then i dab it with a sponge and turns out great without needing to waste foundation :)
That may be the case but it doesn't look like she has large pores to "exaggerate" by using her fingers.
If youre just using face brushes, i would recommend real techniques. Professional quality at a fraction of the cost compared to mac, bobbi brown etc... Hope that helped!
Michelle, I'm wanting to buy a beauty blender but I wanted to get your take on it first:) what do you think?
I dunno...some foundations I prefer using my fingers and some demand a brush and others come out nicer with.a wet sponge
Im glad someone gets it, I've watched her video's almost since the beginning, but shes changed so much, and all her fans are like: She hasn't changed shes just successful. But she has changed, things like getting her chin fixed when she always used to preach being comfortable in your own skin and blah blah has made her lose support from old fans like me
I love how you are so awesome in doing make up. You have an incredible talent. AND you give good advice's. :D love youuu
Dont get involved in a comment that was in reply to someone else, mkay. I'm entitled to my own opinion, so as 'subtle' as you think the change was or was not, I wasnt even speaking to you in the first place, dont get your knickers in a twist
well, to be fair, she was on a budget and i dont think brushes are her main priority...
ya but some people dont have enough money to buy all of those mac brushes
i would use a brush, but their sooo expensive :( i can't afford it hahah
Thanks I tried your tip...I used to use a sponge and I tried using a brush and it worked woonders!
so are you trying to say that our skin is like a lemon?
it's just really annoying when people want attention and they can't even use basic grammar
lol why did she sed our skin is like lemon?
Well lemon skin has pores almost similar to human skin..
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