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Calling Wii - Part 1 - Lets Play Calling Walkthrough Playthrough

by PewDiePie • 1,515,431 views

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I miss these times, sitting late at night watching Pewd's horror playthroughs, who had just about 70 thousand subscribers at the time. This was even the playthrough that catched my eye when I first subscribed to the man himself. The old PewDiePie reminds me also of the music I used to listen to back then, songs like: "Avicii's levels" & "Alesso's Calling". It brings a tear to my eye now that I'm back to revisit these good old times.
Nothing better then watching pewds old vids ~2014
Right his weird old jokes haha there so cute
haha indeed they are! i miss dat pewds! xDDD
Watching video, Pewds is just talking, then all the sudden he screams "BARRELS!!"
Wow, so Pewds already have "Save Station" motto back then?
+Jordan Michael No, the first time he used save station was in dead space
+Xishy What I thought it was in.... ah, nevermind ._.
Stop dwelling on the past shit happens people grow up, shut up and don't watch his new shit if you don't like it as much.
Pewds time is already he came and went fast. Not even a south park cameo can save him now. When the moneys gone hes out of a job lol.. I can picture him huddled on the cold street, pants filled with rancid crusty poop waving a dirty paper cup with 2 pennies in it randomly yelling "barrels!!" And "rape time!" To passers by. Of course thatll never happen right?
But a funny one right?
Ahh Nostalgia :') Remember Pewds when he had 60k subs and I watched this when it came out I miss this Pewds ;(
I think everybody except few million does man ... whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy did he change whyyyyyyyyyyyyy ???
took you long enough to notice the body
Fun facts: Kuro means black and neko means cat, thus the screen name Kuroneko means black cat
omg sorry but I must say this thing in here, I'm just play first time this game today and after playing this game I have a part in scholl when I end battle with three ghost and my wii remote habe a call in game and in this same time my real phone start to ringing, and when I answer it i here the same voice like in the game... does game have some blutooth features and calling to my phone? I asking becouse this situation freaking me out! this happen 10 minuts ago 
This is why i hate dolls especially the glass ones shivering its like they are looking at you in every single move....
as soon as one of us'll get to Japan, we'll take care of the Japanese Dolls. Let's just hope that the locals and the tourists know what to do whilethey're waiting for us. Otherwise, DOLLS WILL RULE THE WORLD!!!!! AND THAT'S BAD ON SOOOOOOO MANY LEVELS!!!!`
Going oldschool PewDie ._. Thank you money, You made a piece of thrash out of a great guy... ;-; -2015
I maybe can never play any kind of horror games so I am glad that I can wtach you do it for me and still make progress while It scares the s*** out of me. I hold my hands before my eyes everytime I smell a jumpscare but then nothing happens. And always when I least expect it boom xD and almost fall of my chair xD
oh no not dolls again. >.< Last part scared me. I dislike dolls to stare..
lol, the doll part reminded me of a story my dad told me. back when he had a different job, he went into this persons house and the guy led him down to his basement to a doll collection. my dad was obviously socked because there were like 15 dolls sitting around a table with teacups. then the man looked at him and asked my dad if he would insure his dolls.. like.. what
This was the video that made me sub, god damn its been a long journey for you Felix
How did he miss the face in the window in the bathroom?
I'm getting a bit of a Corpse Party feel as well as some other horror type games.
I miss this intro so much, favorite one out of them all
 I just bought the game and I'm stuck on the part where she's at the school... I had no idea Pewdiepie made a video for it... xD
I got the real game on my Wii. I love it.
This isn't even a real horror, it's a parody of horror films and games ._.
When the creepy music was in the bathroom it was a face like in the window 0-0 I have the game, Finished it over 30 times!
Btw, love the ringtones :)
Ethan Killeen Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
its 2014 and im watching this now lol such a bro XD
He walked by that stupid flashlight on the floor like 30 times. XD
i swear pewds... this is where i found you.. thanks to this playthrough xD i didnt have to play the game myself.... bro fist seriously... dem intros and outros manly tears PLEASE NOTICE ME SEMPAI :D
When I subscribed to pewds it was 2012 and he is an amazing youtubers I think that he is positive and I really like his playthroughs I watched this playthrough ove 2 times because it was so funny and yes I know we all miss the old pewds and his old playthrough so but in our life we change and I think pewds has gotten better at his vids and no matter what happens I will always be part of the bro army and I hope true bros agree to this with me love u pewds and stay awesome BROFIST
Pewdiepie is never like this now :(
watching in 2015....."""LOL"""
can we all stop and realize how fucking HORRIBLE HE HIS AT HORROR GAMES!? I SWEAR HE MISSED EVER SINGLE HIDDEN SCARY ASPECT OF THE GAME, im only 13 minutes in but he just fucking missed a ghosts face in the mirror even when he was looking in its direction for at least 5 seconds. check at 13:00 to see what im talking about
No one seems to care
I ain't afraid of no ghosts
Intro music <3 gotta know :'(
Kuroneko = Black Cat
when it was talking about mrs whateversomethingorothers husband like... having dolls and MAKING HIS OWN i thought of mad father imediently
+Ben Brooks Station* Sorry, i'm a grammar Nazi.
heh its ok im 11 so .... yeaaah
Save station gotta love my save staion.
Oh but I love that episode on the bloodbath thing when that kid was moving everywhere in the house 😆 we have to find the remote control 😆 I fell I better about the future of pewdiepie.
Aw I just realized how old this video is. Oh the fond memories...
also, at 12:00 there is something scary as fuck in the closet but he is too busy talking to a chair like a fucking retard to have the common sense to look in the FucKING CLOSET
In the closet while he was looking through the crack one of the dolls look like laughing jack
i was such a chicken to play this X3
I swear this is exactly why I hate dolls those things will sneak up on you if your not careful.
omg pewds really! You missed the fucking flashlight! It was right fucking there!!!!
I love this game so much, I played through it twice, once to beat it, the 2nd time to get all the items, which I did :D
First I thought to put lights out in my room, but then nope.
get the falshlight!!!!!!
Am I the only one that saw the man in closet with the doll collection:-)
stop screaming PDD ur balls is getting small..
3:31 isnt that ringtone dragonforce-cry thunder :D
Can someone tell me where I could find a wii emulator and other ones like ps3 and xbox 360????
I'm Emily and I'm just ten and I'm such a freak your the most coolest person ever I tried to look up ur number but all it came up was u naked! I had nightmares after
The cat kind of reminds me of Sachiko's cat...
He passed the flashlight like 20 times
I love watching pewds play and when I feel down I watch him and he always makes me smile and he is cute.
It's annoying how he didn't pay attention at the beginning when the dude said "a black out?" And then pewds is all like "why won't the lights turn on?" Like really? If you'd payed attention you would know!
8:25 scared my cat.... i have absolutely no idea why.
the game froze cause the computer got too scared
that first jump scare with the ghost was pretty meh for me, but that the second one with dolls was just  creepy as hell.
It was the opposite to me haha :)
That intro was the best!
Am I the only one watching these in 2015?
My aunt plays this me and my cousin watch at jump scares we jump over the couch
When u scream barrels u scare me XDD
Lol means laugh out loud
he knows, he is trying to be funny.
This is back when Pewdiepie used to be good.
+Anna love Not anymore, in my opinion.
+dedley01 ok that is your opinion... i think he is still great!!!!♥
As he walks through yhe hallway pewdie hears a noise and then looks behind him to see the monster from amnesia jumping at him and yelling "Hey there sugar tits
Are you Spanish? Is he Spanish???
I loved playing this game! :D
damn u were fucked up in 2011 to 2013 talking like a baby lol
Oh my god how much did I miss that old intro :P
how do you play wii games on ur pc like that
You talk like a retard. 
wow, I miss that intro ;-; -2014
What's the song in the intro?
I miss this I know pewds had to change the way he made his vids because when he got more popular people judged everything he did but I wish just for a week at least pewdiepie could make his vids like this again
Suzu  or  susu means BOOBS in Phillippines!!!!!
thumbs up if you watchin this in 2014 and still loving it :)
You screamed like a baby couple of times hahaha LOL(you love when someone type LOL!!!) ahahah ;) your awesome man 
the doll looks a bit like Aya from Mad Father. It's kinda creepy actually, seeing as what Mad Father's plot is..
My phone ringed when everyone else's did I was freaken out 😰😱😰😢 This is scary......but I refuse to stop watching LOL!!!!!
Omg.....I have a black cat (checkpoint) I named him Neko (the one who joined the chatroom) and I'm watching this with my Samsung.........and there's a pretty disturbing face in the window in 13:00 O_O the worst part phone didn't ring! XD
Only just seen the face.  Paused the video and just stared at it for about 5 minutes before saying "huh".
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