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Minecraft - 2D Minecraft Mod Spotlight!

by YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon • 6,665,352 views

The guys take a look at a new mod for minecraft.. but things look a bit different when they log in! 2D Minecraft Download:...

I hate how people are like "TERRARIA!" even though this is nothing like terraria. Terraria has something called "content"
2d minecraft is like terria only its not crappy
Obvious troll is obvious
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Why would you play 2d minecraft when there's terreria? Then again, why would you play terreria when there's Starbound?
Cause Starbound has very lil going for it so far besides "spaceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"
Because of a thing called "ease"... It makes a game not fun
Lewis and Simon, you guys should start a series on Terraria.
Yea, I watched it, but they played Terraria alpha, and I want them to play 1.3 Terraria
Minecraft just really doesnt have that much going on anymore. Sure the building stuff is fine but the world needs a few changes.
Thanks anyway! Best anime ever. Like my most favorite. I cried at the end...I'm such a baby. 😂
2D Minecraft? You mean Terraria?
fucking british accent, i fucking kill myself after watching this brit-shit
anyone who thinks terraria is like Minecraft hasn't played Terraria. Terraria has nearly nothing to do with survival. its about exploring and getting better gear and progressing the game by killing bosses. Minecraft is just survival
lol im a dwarf digging a hole is dat where you got da idea for diggy diggy hole?or did you get dat idea from diggy diggy hole?
LOL diggy iggy, Bo banananan
+Alexander Foli no it isnt, the animation is, but the song is 100% legit made by them.
ive plays terraria before you cant change the difficulty 
I love how British people call the TV a teli. :D *Telly
Not all of the British call it a * Telly. I call it a Telly and a T.V.
Im british i call ir tv
Everyone f*** of,it is not Terraria!
Terraria= 2-D minecraft
+alceushunterx Just one correction: Terraria IS moddable, but there aren't many mods (the base game is too vast, I say).
2d minecraft eh? wheres 3d terraria?
+KoroAkame 2.0 You obviously never played minecraft. Minecraft Dosen't need mods to be enjoyable or challenging nor does terarria. Im getting to that Minecraft is more Open-Sourced and community based, whilst terraria is more closed source and not (that) community based.
+Jay Birdd ok I have played minecraft before and what I am saying is if you want more building go to minecraft if you want quests or adventure try terraria I'm not saying minecraft is stupid and terraria is better I'm just saying what I think is there purpose, btw I'm not being mean
I think that all of you that are saying terriara is 2D minecraft don't know why minecraft was made so let me teach you Minecraft was made for building.Now no one gives two shits about minecraft expect 12 year olds and die hard fans Terriara ( god i hope that is how you spell it) was made to be an RPG.Ask any RPG fan what makes an RPG a good RPG they will must likely say lots of items, cool bosses and fights, and some sort of leveling system.MINECRAFT HAS NONE OF THESE NEITHER SHOULD IT.Terriara has all of these and in it own way.I am not saying one game is better i am just saying that comparing them is like comparing call of duty and GTA. Just because the both have guns and realistic themes does not mean one copied the other.
Can people stop fighting about Minecraft and Terraria. They are similar but not the same. They are not clones. Each has interesting factors in it that is unique to each. For instance, Minecraft has a better exploration system as you cannot see things like ores, but you must find them. However, Terraria has some more biomes to combat this, such as the underworld, sky islands, beach's,hallowed and corruption. Please just stop fighting, it makes the internet look worse :/
16:05 is when the vid actually starts, your welcome :p
O I love the old yogscast they had fan art and good music. sigh
Simon forgot the background walls like how you do it in terraria
I for inventory? Simon you madman?!
+AFKGaming - Gaming 24/7 Why did you call him a dumbass? You don't know him. There's no reason to call him a dumbass. You're just a troll that no one likes
Everyone is saying Terraria..... What about uncraft me?
Michael of Rooster Teeth played it for Rage Quit.
or blockheads for ios
This is cool! I could probably make some kind of 2-D dungeon of some type. Depending on how many layers there are.
Damm This Mod Sucks Terraria World Is Bigger And Larger
+Derp Kakes Nope stop protecting a mod that sucks 
Even though this is meant to be 2D, its still 3D in reality xd
How did u Get terraria?
guys you can make a mod pack with 2D Mod And Mario Mod It Will Be Great
best part. make your house are home ...... OMG!!!! PERFECT TIMEING
the block is 3d and so is the sky and the guy.
2d minecraft where's 3d tearria it's pretty much the same thing.
I wish this was in default minecraft. I mean just think about it! You get bord of your old seed, so you try out 2d minecraft! Please mojang please!
This looks the app blockheads
this is not terraria this is minecraft with a twist to make it a bit more challenging terraria was made and always will be 2D minecraft is meant to be 3D but this is an amazing mod.
is STARBAOUND wait no... is TERRARIA
Simon digs really big stairs
+MrQuackerson does he mean white night or white Knight?
these guys remind me sooooo much of game grumps
omg that voice sounded exactly like mickey mouse......
Heh, this is when they were actually good
why not just download blockheads for the phone
Terraria = harder than minecrap
It looks like terreria but less 8-bit... Oh wait... never mind.
and by dragons dogma you mean dark arisen!?
I love it how simon was like just love the house as it is then he got blown up by a creeper
2d minecraft is still 3 dimensional
Yogscast youv inspired me to make my own channel:-) So Abigail thankyou from me!:-)
the phone game blockheads looks pretty similar to this
More like The blockhead lol
U suk children watch this
lol that game the blockheads is so much like this 
yep buts its even more 2d
How do you make that mickey mouse voice?
Freddy but you game is too easy the only night I struggled on was night 8
This reminds me of terrarium
wow that mario theme simon was singing was really old,
fucking noob gaycunt cant even make a house
I love minecraft but why in 2D
I could have made that house more secure so that creeper wouldn't have come in with 2 less redstone.
thats actually 3d......
Minecraft by itself's already a shit, but this... is even worst
+Joseph Binette In response to : it doesn't take a master chef to know when the food tastes like crap. That said, I enjoy Minecraft for what it's worth.
this is SO old you only get up to version 1.0 to 1.4.1! I WANT 1.6.4! AAARRRGGGGHHHHH!
That would be the perfect smartphone game
I'd watch a series of this if you guys can get multiplayer working
why did you not put a back wall.......
not funny + timewasting
The time you put into that comment was wasted as well as the time it took to reply
I wonder what does terraria looks like in 3D probobly awesome
2D the graphics on this sick broth never seen any better than this
It's really astonishing
hello im a big fan of yogscast  and i was wondring if i could do a vid with the cast it wold mean the world to me if so just msg me pls
They don't do videos with the cast. Hell, they don't even check the comments for God's sake
Could just play Terraria....
That's only 2D. This Minecraft is 2D 1/2
+Fancy Man D: Mojang has entered the half dimensions!
14:53 the creeper went around the door because ur house isnt secured.
its still 3d! its going up and down, to the left and right, and in and out!!!!!!
We must inform the press about this.
This made me feel sick
Next time? Is there a follow-up?
It's a little like little big planet man, there's a much more famous 2d platformer called super mario bros. have you heard of it?
This is basically the mother of Terraria. (The father is Super Mario Bros. X.)
can you check out my cannel plz and maby subscribe
Your crap at minecraft
And your SOOOOOOOO goooood
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