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LET'S PLAY: Minecraft Multiplayer Part 9

by Kwantonium • 77,462 views

Welcome to this co-op multiplayer LP of Minecraft. The famous indie-game made by Mojang. If you haven't tried this yet, go try it. It's awesome! You can buy it at or try...

hey it says 1.2.0 thats a radio station
your house looks like a giant wooden dumbell
@Kwantonium lmao, i should play minecraft without making any tools.... i can see myself punching diamonds in a game XD
No redstone stuff though or wolves
to get clean slates of stone u need to cook the cobblestone in a furnace wierd huh?
can i have the ip address for this place
@Kwantonium You taking it down with your bare fists is not what's the problem, but you wasting precious tools not made for taking down trees!
@alcarle95 its a smaller version of the basic animal of person.....and its very cute
The ingame audio and themic audio are just great. Subscribed.
your house looks like an hour glass
how come you guys havent ran into any monsters yet?
i wanted to see the burning forest :(
survival test made no sence because the pigs dropped mushrooms. WTF SENCE WHEN IS A PIG'S INSIDES MUSHROOMS?
The other guy did but he has it. This dude likes using his nub anyway
that house almost looks like a wooden moogle who has a big ball antena...thingy...thingy...whatever. even bigger on top of his head.
I only just started watching your "Let's play" today, but I have to admit that I do like the way you have done your house and the way you have mined. Can't wait to watch the rest of this and see where you ended up with it all :)
@EmmisaurusRexx95 Some compliments never get's old!
@morganandrews1 Eggs currently have no use other then being an egg.
for a fireplace put stone next to it NOT ANYTHING FLAMMABLE example: people
I like How your commenting on there 2 year old Video :P
11:50 Only YOU can prevent wild fires..
You are addicted to sofas lol. Cant u just not make an sofa?
your house looks like a giant shake wieght :3
@goldvince he did make a axe in the video
Yahh I know but I aint talking about the video I am talking about the comment
it looks like a weight love your vidoes. i will sub you guys alot.
I Pikachu in the shower, i will riachu an apology letter later. owo
@TheLargeToast no, in alpha version, there was no fall damage, mobs, drowning, or lava death. therefore, there is no possible damage taken
You guy's should do a RuneScape let's play woot woot
it looks like a evil base??? no no no, it looks like a penus
u should make a jack o lantern and put it next to the couch :D
Can you dye the wood? Because it looks quite plain and boring in just one colour.
@ZzevoxevolutionzZ :) And for fyi, there is 5 more hours of Minecraft coming up over the next week or so!
Why dosent he make a diamond axe
You know, you should make a barn near the greenhouse and catch sheep, pigs, and chickens!
idk how you cant get wood without an axe im to impaticiant to use my hand or anything else except on my first day i alwasy has an iron axe and if i find enough diamond like alot a diamond axe and than get so much wood about 2 large chest ful cause i like making tree houses in minecraft =]
u might as well put it on creative mode
i tjink you may built a bigger house, because this one is little know......
it was hilarious when lordpitt set trees on fire!!!
if u wish to get rid of the fire, all u have to do is use flint and iron and burn them...TOO DEATH!!!!!
the house looks like an hourglass to meh
Your house looks like an egg timer
if they put it on fire there house would burn to DEATH.
what are eggs for and lov your vids
@GreatSphinxi there is no difficulty on multiplayer
@goldvince Because all manly men punch trees.
before and after pictures of ep 200 and pictures of now...Holy crap...
@goldvince You're doomed to watch us take down trees with our bear fists forever, and ever!!! TO ALL ETERNITY!
ok first i thought you were going to have a glass wall well to tear down the wall to do it you have to have a axe
@Kwantonium at least he is not force to play qwop for all eternity ps he can stop watch you pss or ever worst then qwop spirt tracks(zelda) or starforce 2(megaman)
why ARE YOU ON PEACEFUL?!?!!?!?!?
Kwantonium:i hope your right... Lord:im always right im gonna light you on fire chicken......i cant light you on fire?
even theres monsters you dont fight them you only fight pigs
hey how bot you name the house the bone house.
They said that they need to make it bigger... That's what she said!!!
I like old school minecraft better
u shouled poot a wall around the ladders
pigs porkchop.chicken produce the eggs no kill chicken
Why not both have dimond axes ??
Wait... you did all of this in one... recording sesion? Nice.
This I would say would have to be the funniest episode out of your whole series
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