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The Minecraft Files - #231 - Taming a Monkey! (HD)

by ChimneySwift11 • 289,192 views

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I don't like hearing bad words
Give the monkey a tree
you are a retard he made this episode 2 YEARS AGO!! 
+carson hogan so he can put comments if he wants god some people
random thing chimney I am from calafornia
You have many pineapples in the storage basement thing
Are you done with this mod?! I took your seed and was building my own, coming back to see your progress and as far as i can go is when you tame the monkey :(
Can you guys get off his back if you watched the whole video you'll see he's joking about the koala thing.
replace the stairs to the second floor with palm stairs not bamboo
There not called koala bears you idiot
when isleep it transport me to the other dimension
bad idea 1 making a monkey live by a fish tank ( the monkey will destroy the fish tank)
12:04 FInally i was frikin trirsty.... OW!
Yes but he should be making tropical stuff. Not a bank
that monkey looks a lot like the one that climbed on me.
can you billed a treehouse and my mincraft name is jpwrite
When I saw the title I almost flipped. I LOVE THE MONKEYS!!!
Who is Melvin? I'm sorry for being a noob but i literally JUST subscribed
Which episode did you tame tropicat? Just wondering
when koala bear is bad do think chim spanks the monkey? ROFL
NOOO!!! Right when he almost accidentally let the monkey loose: An Error Has Occured! NO FRIGGIN JOKE OMFG I EFFIN HATE YOUTUBE
i am not 1000 % sure he likes you just your food, your rich with it!!!!!!
he should of put a trap door on the top and a door in the cage
haha the monkey hit him and took his pinacolada hah
what r u goin to do with da ashen tree
You name the monkey kowala bear and later make him a food despencer
he shouldve put the monkey in the tower
you should call the place where the monkey lives "the monkey house," and put a sign that says "welcome to the monkey house"
Make a ZOO!!Out of different mobs
Try to get a frog For A Pet And You Are Going to be A pet MASTER
you should called peniscolatta
u have to kill sea turtles (which they have high defence and lots of health) you will get a turtle shell after u kill one
me too!!!! im watching it on 2013
make a water slide on the water of any beach
It was funny when the monkey knocked it out of his hand and turned away and drank it.
koaaaaaalllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \OoO/
Mabey you can make a pineapple farm s
i like the monkey! you should name him markis the monkey! :D
you dont have a little bit of bamboo u have alot of bamboo
pretty interesting idea of TAMING
I WANT A MONKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
er im pissed im a monkey and im pissed
Watching in 2000000 years from the future
make the monkey place bigger for him
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